We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

WCMD along with Unity Challenge of the Month

Happy Saturday Peeps!  Today is the last day for all the World Card Making Day Challenges!  Did you get them all in? 
I finished my last two last night I just have the blog posts to do and I am finished!  10 more cards ready to sell at the craft fair!  OK it is fixin' to be 11 more on that in the next blog post!
Shellye challenged us ALL ABOUT PUMPKINS
I am going to keep coloring until I no longer suck!!  How is that for a long term goal?  *snicker*
I worry that Phyllis Harris is going to beg me to quit making her stamps ugly LMAO  I used her darling Happy Fall Baby here is what it looks like before I scribbled all over it.
Happy Fall Baby 1
Super cute right??
The twine is available HERE in 7 colors/ply, $2.00 for 25 yards and free shipping this weekend!! 
Hero image
How about a $20.00 coupon??  Spend $50. at Unity, enter LOVE in the coupon spot and it takes $20.00 off!  How great is that??  I am taking my $20.00 across the street to the Mexican restaurant tonight and eating yummy food and drinking yummy beer with BFF and my family!  *SO excited*
Thanks for stopping by, have a beautiful day!!


angie said...

cute card. why don't i have this stamp??? enjoy a cold one for me!!

Jessica S said...

I think that you did a wonderful job coloring..."what you talkin' bout Willis?" Seriously, I am sure Phyllis would admire it. I sure do. I love that you added a rolling hill to make it appear as an entire scene...fabby job girlie!