We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi PEEPS!! WOW is May ever busy for this girl!

5th Anniversary & NSD YIPPEE
8th my birthday
10th {ippity} release AMAZING!!
11th Bryan's Birthday
12th Silent Auction for Morgan's mission trip
13th Mother's Day
14th Morgan's guitar concert
17th Morgan's Middle School Graduation HELLO HIGH SCHOOL!!
19th Lobster Party & First Day of SUMMER!!!!!
20th Initiation for Sr. High Youth Group
Don't worry, Carlee was a big part in all of it!
PHEW!!  We made it! 

I plan on having a full summer of lots of stamping.  I have been so busy that at night I can only make something LOL  I have enough stuff to post on my blog to last me a couple of weeks!  I am so sorry I have been so absent.  Something had to give, the blog lost. 

*GASP*  Now Blogger won't let me post pictures.  This happened once before and I can't remember what we did to fix it.  I didn't pay though.  I'll have to investigate tomorrow. 

Here is the dealio:
You might want to sit if your heart is weak.  You might want to jump up and do a little dance if SCREAMIN' stamp prices make you that happy!  [That is what I do I'm just sayin', if my heart goes out while buying Unity so be it!  Everyone will know I went to see my Mama HAPPY!!]

Now it is time to shop shop shop!!

31% off all {ippity}  OHMYGOSH that makes me so happy!  I would LOVE to be your chick!

coupon code SUMMER31 if it does not automatically apply.

A free itty bitty for every $25.00 you spend!  [That actually makes it only $18.25 if you have some 'splainin' to do!  You can't NOT spend several $25.'s right??  *snicker*

Please do NOT add the itty's to your order.  List up to ten in the comment section and the amazing, beautiful, funny, and well above average Unity Peeps will do their best to pick them from your list!

Why yes, there IS more!

Get up!  Do the dance!

To honor the brave, there are also THIRTY-ONE Unity stamps marked down!

Now here is the really good part.  $1.00 of every sale will be donated in stamps to the ladies making the cards for soldiers with Operation Write Home.  Please go HERE to read all about it.
Sale started today it ends Sunday night.  The average day at Unity is 92 orders.    It was one of the questions asked in the release before last.  $92. times 6 days is $552.00 of stamps sent to those awesome card makers!!  This sale should really boost that average!!
Have I ever mentioned how generous Unity is?
Please go order!
AMAZING prices on stamps too cute to be true and they emboss PERFECTLY every time!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
It's weird not posting pics, please picture all the awesome stamps I have posted in the past in your head!  LOL
PS if you can help me fix my blog I'll RAK you some stamps :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome to our May 2012 Blog Hop Release!!

Hello,  thank you so much for hopping with us today!  I hope you arrived from Jennifer's blog, isn't she a talented one?!!  If you didn't please start over at our {ippity} blog so you don't miss any of these super talented {ippity} chicks. 

I used the super darling
Live Half  Full is $6.50 and on sale for $5.85
How cute is that straw?!!  I love it!! 
I have been on a black card kick lately, I always just add a layer of white so my writing will show up!
I have a thing for Butterflies.  I LOVE them!!
Courage is my Strength is $18.00 and on sale for $16.20 
Java Friend $6.50 on sale for $5.85 
One of Those Days $6.50 on sale for $5.85 
Pain and Strength $6.50 on sale for $5.85
Do you love them??
Now, you need to head over to Unity and and see all the new Simple Stories Stamps and Websters Pages!  Both are to die for!!
I have just about reached the point where I need another job to keeps up with all of these fantastic releases!!  LOL
Now it is time to head on over to Andrea's Blog!  Get ready to be inspired!
Thank you so much for hopping with us tonight!  Please also join us at Split Coast Stampers for our release party!  We have a ton of fun over there!! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy NSD Peeps!!!

This is a pretty awful picture!  Bazzil Bling does not photograph well and those dew drops on the right top are not orange!  I used my expression to cut the vellum circle.  I used Angie Girl on the vellum part of the flowers but once I embossed them you can not see the ink hardly at all.  LOL  You will just have to trust me!  The green sun/circle/beautiful is a rub on that came with the Autumn Leaves paper.  I rarely use my Expression or rub-ons.  It as nice pulling stuff out again.    The grow is from Unity's Flirty Flowers that I just got from the warehouse sale!  YIPPEE!!  That was the best weekend ever right?  The flowers are a boss cut die cut in vellum and bling and embossed with a couple of random folders  One QK and one CB.  I don't know who made the flat backed pearls but man I love them!  In real life they look so pretty on the dark purple Bazzil Bling!
All the 'stuff' does not make the layout.  That BABY does.  OH MY GOSH I love this kiddo!
Her feet were about half the size of the kitty slippers so it was so nice putting them back on every 2 seconds.  LOL

Head on over to Split Coast and join us with this sketch!
$100. of Unity stamps and a guest DT member for July!
I was totally bummed I didn't make the DT this morning.  It lasted about 3 minutes.  I didn't even cry.  LOL  The wait was WAY worse than not making it truth be told!  LOL  The 6 girls that did make it sure made some beautiful layouts! 
You can see them HERE.
I am still in last night jammies!  YIPPEE!!!  I am going to shower and jump into clean jammies though  LOL  It's my anniversary and Bryan at least deserves me clean right?  LOL

Carlee had never been on the ATV before.  She said Daddy, I think you should give me a ride on that big bike thing.  5 seconds later they were going for a ride.  Bryan is such a great Dad.  That is one of the reasons I love him so much.
I can't wait for him to get home from work.  I think I'll invite him to scrap  LOL

Friday, May 4, 2012


2 days a year I do absolutely nothing but scrap!  National Scrapbooking Day and World Card Making Day!
Such beautiful days!  My house has never crumbled from lack of cleaning.  My children have never starved to death due to lack of cooking.  Hello Chinese delivery!!
My husband does not even gasp when he comes home and I am still in last night's pajams LOL
The first thing I am doing tomorrow is this sketch:
Please head over to SCS and join us HERE.
Guess what the prize is?  $100.00 of Unity stamps [that will include {ippity} as well I am sure] and we get to be a guest designer for the Unity Blog in JULY!!  *SWOON*

I will be VERY busy scrapping tomorrow.  So like any smart chick would do I shopped TODAY!  LOL
The S.M.A.K kits are on sale!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love my smak kits?  I did?, well I am going to do it again. LOL They are PERFECT for scrapping.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stamps.   So much it could be wrong but I will worry about that when I am questioned LOL
I'm pretty sure a few sets jumped right into my cart.  They always do.  *SNICKER*
OK Man, am I long winded or what??  Here is a Card for Friends with Flair!
This is a silly little card, to most.  I made it for one of my customers.  She doesn't scrap and she and her DH adore penguins because they mate for life isn't that sweet?

That Bazzil Bling is hard to write one so I put a white layer inside. 
Come join us!  I won 25 random stamps 2 weeks ago and I still have not found 10 of them!  The hunt is so stinkin' much fun!
The stamps are Jillibean Soup.  Hearty Barley and Christmas Eve Chowder!  Jillibean soup is to blame for today's order!!  Did you see the banner on Game Day Chili?  How did I ever miss that?  $5.00?  Seriously??  I LOVE THAT!!
Guess what else happens tomorrow??  SIX very LUCKY Unity lovers get to join the design team!
I for one will be stalking poor Unity all day long!  My feet will hit the floor running!  I have never ran down the styairs while brushing my teeth but I think I will tomottow!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Friends With Flair!
Happy National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow!
Happy Shopping!