We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

WCMD Challenge #1

Lisa started off the fun day with a SHAPE CARD challenge, hurry come and join us!  We have until Saturday the 20th at midnight CST! [That is Minnesota time, 11 PM Colorado time if you ever get confused on occasion like me LOL]
I used a Standing Pop-Up Card from Creative Cuts and More.

The awesome banners are from MLS Banner Moment, oh how I love a good banner!!  I embossed the You're So Fun from  the 10/12 SMAK kit – {…track this, graph that}
The balloons are from Whimsical Birthday sadly it is retired.
I pester poor Ang and Andrea all the time to bring back the oldies.  There are some hunting sets and some beach sets I REALLY want and can't find them anywhere!!  I hope one day [when my checking account is full unlike today 1 day before payday LOL] they do an oldie release.  I might need to take a second mortgage out on the house!  LOL  I'm kidding, sorta LOL
OK I have 4 of the 8 done! I best get to scrappin'!  Bryan comes home from his hunting trip today, so no more single Mom for this Mama!  I will get some serious scrapping time!  YAHOOOOO!!
Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!! 


angie said...

love it!!!

Jessica S said...

Love your card...great idea for a shaped card :)
Keep pestering and maybe I will join you. I think that is a wonderful idea. And 2nd mortgages are common amongst Unity enthusiasts. It ranks right up there with searching couch cushions and quite possibly, taking the washer apart for possible loose change and bills...just sayin'..not that I would know or anything. he he he