We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So many stamps, such little time!!!!

The Unity Peeps have been BUSY!!  There are so many amazing new stamps!!  Can you believe it??  Do you love each and every one of them??  I know I do!  
Carlee had two birthday parties on Saturday so I had to make 2 boy cards.
I think I messed up on these so consider it a sneak peak.  LOL
That fantastic bold Happy Birthday is from a sentiment kit I can't find LOL  So I think I jumped the gun on it.  Shhhh  The darling embossed robot is from HUBBA HUBBA! 
The same thing on this sentiment.  I am typing this 30 minutes before it goes live so I will come back and link later LOL  The Jeep is from Having Fun 
This one I knew what I was doing LOL  I have a thing for owls.  I adore them so much!!
Hoot Hoot Hooray Kit. Created by Tifany DeGough 
This one I misted with some Glimmer Mist and didn't put anything heavy on it while it dried.  I looked over and saw the curled edges and LOVED it!  I really love a happy mess up :)
Jolly Wishes Kit. Created by Graciellie Designs. 
Kinda fun curled like that don't you think?  I wish I could capture that shimmer with my camera too.  Goodness I love it so much!! 
The Bazzil Bling is sure doing its job on this picture!!
Jingly, Jolly Joys Kit. Created by Graciellie Designs
I have 6 other cards started and not finished.  I will post those soon.  This release is AMAZING!!!
 I NEED every single one of these sets!!
 I think these will be itty bitty's, even though they are not itty bitty!!  So cute and fun to color!  
Please be sure to comment on all of our blogs today!  These two awesome sets are the prize!!

I hope you have enjoyed the hop and are inspired by these awesome Unity Peeps!!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

OM MY WORD!!! Can you stand it? So many new releases!!

Hi Unity Peeps!!
How do you like Tuesday night hopping??
I have seen some beautiful work!!
I am surrounded by such amazing and creative Peeps!!
I can't even wait to see what this is!!!!

I am having camera issues.  I used black Bazzil bling on both of the top two cards.  On the first you can't see it at all, on the second it totally shows up.  LOL  I am clearly not a photographer LOL
Funny story about the straw on the card below.  I found that on the garage floor.  I don't know if some hunter tied it, I don't know if it was trash, I just do not know but I spied it and I liked it.  I do that all the time!! Reuse, re-purpose, recycle, dumpster diver call it what you want LOL
New Day Rooster Itty Bitty. Created by Lisa Arana.  Paired up with the sentiment from Struggle and Strength Itty Bitty. Created by Angie Blom.  I didn't mean to mix up the sentiments.  That was an accident that worked out really well for me LOL 
Party Girls {fashionista} kit. Created by Tracey Malnofski.
Someone might want to take away my wink of stella pens for blog hops.  They do not photograph well for me.  But oh man are they so shimmery and beautiful.  I will continue risking blinding you with the bling, I love it that much!! 
My Cupcake Very Small Stamp. Created by Joslyn Nielson.
This is a dollar stamp!  *GASP* Oh how I love the dollar stamps.  They are so CUTE you just want to squeeze them :)

OK, now this was a first try that did not work out well.  But it was so fun I am sharing it anyway!!  I bought some water color crayons.  WHEW!  Those babies add a lot of color! I LOVE them!!  What I didn't take into consideration was how much water they would need.  I think my photography skills improved tremendously for this picture.  You can hardly tell unless you look under her feet.  LOL  The whole page is SUPER warped.  I slid it under a note book to see if it would dry flatter and you can see the cape was the last thing I colored, the red just pushed right off the bottom of the cape.  So learn from my mistake don't do that LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Today we are all hopping together!!
So much inspiration!!  

Please be sure to leave comments a long the way.  There will be two winners and you will receive these awesome sets!!
I can't wait to see what is on clearance!  I ADORE shopping the clearance isles :)  Come shop with me!!