We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Fall Y'ALL!! Come HOP with us!!

Hi Peeps!  I hope you arrived from Christine's Blog!  Aren't her cards beautiful?
If not you might want to start at the top at the {ippity Blog} so you don't miss a thing!
How great is this release?  Do you love it?!!
 I used Oh My Darling, I can't pass up a dress form!!
*snort*  This set might be my favorite!  I can not wait to get in the Christmas mood and ink it up!
is Joan!  Get ready to be inspired she makes beautiful stuff!!
Thank you so much for hopping with us!!
Here is some BIG news!!

I am sorry if that is hard to read.  Pretty soon {ippity} will be blended right in with Unity!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

A VERY Special Friends With Flair!

It's a HELP Thing
That's it. 
A VERY big part of Unity needs help.
You can read about it HERE
I have heard Robert's name but not ever had any interaction with him.  I have heard Monica's name but have only interacted with her once and honestly it was indirectly.  That word sounds cold to me.  It was not cold, it was amazing. 
Unity is a HUGE part of my life.  Last night I told my sister of 44 years "They are like Sisters with another Mother"
That sums it up.
Being an {ippity} chick is such a small part of the big picture, truth be told. {not that my {ippity} chicks are not important.  Mors aka Nora Anne, Carisa, Angie Reece are my soul sisters]
A while ago I won Friends With Flair.  It was my first win and it was SOME-THING!!  If you know me or have read my blog, on almost every post you might get that I am a  BIG Unity FAN! 
My Sister with the same Mother [Father too LOL] told me YEARS ago you can not beat Unity's deal ANYWHERE you have to sign up for their Kit of the Month.
I resisted?  *GASP*  WHAT????
I saw the Unity light. 
I joined.
I fell on very hard times.
I quit.
I was rude to Sweet Eryn. 
{Please forgive me.}
I joined KOM again when things got better.
Andrea, I love you all day long!  YOU my friend are the peanut butter to my jelly!
OK, back to the FWF win.  That morning that my 25 random stamps arrived my DH who I love to the moon and back made me MAD!! M-A-D sort of mad! 
He found the bulging envelope on the porch.
He raced into the house, ripped it open and poured it on the kitchen table.  He said Maybe THIS will make you happy!!  I had my neighbors baby on one hip and Carlee on the other.  I quickly set Carlee down and texted Andrea how much I loved them.  They were HUGE!  Who is their right mind does not love a huge Unity stamps??
I scooped Carlee up and took both Crabby Patty's to my bed to rub their backs to slumber and a moment of peace.  It finally happened.  They both slept at the same time!  *GASP*  I jumped from bed and ran to the kitchen to check out the stamps. 
I had a missed text.
It was Andrea.
She said it was a JOKE.
Unity stamps are not jokes, I told her!  
I started to sort the awesome pile of stamps!
I said WOW  There are  lot of camels. And trees.
Those Unity Peeps sent me a JOKE prize. 
They all signed a card that I keep above my computer monitor so I can see it all day long while I work and think about them and how funny the whole thing was/is. LOL
I LOVED it!  I laughed until I cried. 
It was WAY before that GAG gift that I loved them.  
I made all of them cards that they deserved! 

They are Turkey's!  
I put that in every card!! *snicker*
PLEASE, I beg you, go order the best red rubber on the planet!  Every stamp set you get will help Robert and Monica!  NOW is the perfect time to get the sets you have been wanting!  
12% of every order goes into their pockets as a random act of kindness, because that is how The Magnuson's aka Unity roll!
There are SALES too!  Big shocker right?
Picture of Tiny Flutters
This beautiful butterfly is only $1.20 you get the stamp Monica and Robert get the $1.20 
Don't forget to head on over to Friends With Flair and join us!
What if *YOU* won a bunch of camels?  LOL  Actually I think that was a one time deal and they knew only I would love camel stamps!  LOL
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Unity and all of the Peeps!
Robert and Monica are in my prayers!
I hope they get so many orders we have to wait months to get our stamps!
If you don't need any stamps right now you could even send a check.  I can't even imagine the money they are spending on gas being 45 minutes away from each other.
Monica makes these stamps we all adore and Robert ships them.  They might be my favorite couple sending me all these stamps for all these years.  *SWOON*
Get well Robert!  Hurry home!

Friday, August 17, 2012

WOW! What a Friday!

I almost missed Friends With Flair!!
Head on over and play with us you have until midnight!  There are PRIZES!!!
My boss needed a Sweet 16 card for his granddaughter and all I had to go on was her new cell phone cover which was a rhinestone zebra print. Bazzil Bling, a boatload of stickles some chipboard numbers and most importantly Cuppy Cakes and Party Hat Wishes!
Happy Weekend Peeps!  Thank for stopping by today!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday means it is time for another Fabulous Feature!

It is so easy making things with our favorite {ippity} sets!!
Today it is Alphabetically Adorable the name says it all  LOL
Please head over to our blog to be inspired by my fellow super talented Chicks!! 
 Sweet As Sugar *swoon*
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Friends With Flair makes me happy and inspires me, come play with us!  Unity stamps as the prize?  Count me in every time LOL

I used several stamps for this card.  The flowers, frame and inside sentiment are all from Beach Cottage.  The Aloha is an itty bitty.  It's Time to Celebrate is from Luau Luau by Hampton Art *gasp*  I used a stamp other than Unity?  It happens on a very rare occasion  LOL

Carlee got a new swing set.  We think she really likes it. LOL In the 8 years we have lived in this house we have never spent so much time in the backyard.  LOL
Thanks for stopping by today!
Don't forget there is a new Phyllis Harris release you can see those HERE and good gravy Ang put 150 itty bitty's on sale for 50% off!  Bryan loves it when I take advantage of a good sale!  Wait until he hears we get a free gift even!  LOL  I LOVE Unity and Ang for all the great deals and for making Bryan so happy and rich!  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Have a perfect weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are you in the mood for a sketch?

I think you should come join the chicks in the Chick Challenge!  I am sponsoring this week and I think I have some itty bitty's with YOUR name on them!  :)
Here is the sketch.
Our FAB Jenny Johns whips these sketches out so fast it is amazing!

I used Live Half Full which I LOVE  I wish I drank pink lemonade all day with a fun striped straw!  The 'lemons' are from Coconut Lime Soup!  HA!!!  They are too lemons they are yellow!!  LOL
Not to toot my own horn or anything but this card has a TON of Glossy Accents and Stickles and I love it!  I love the way it shines and feels, not to mention the sparkle!!
Please join us in the sketch challenge!  I can't wait to see what you make!
Thanks for stopping by today!
PS Carlee picked me a whole vase of wild flowers as a surprise, isn't that one beautiful?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Fabulous Feature Wednesday!!

Today we are featuring Quotes a'la Happy

That link might seem odd, you will need to pick a chick before you can see the stamps.
 I also used the heart from Because of You
Here is the whole set.  To see lots of FANTASTIC samples my fellow super talented {ippity} chicks made please head over to our blog HERE.  You will not be sorry.  We always seem to make such different cards using the same stamps!  So much inspiration!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bath Time!!

Morning Peeps!  It is only going to be 70 in Denver today, yesterday it was 100!
Seriously, I could kiss that sweet face all day long!!
These Polaroids are from Insta-Cute, it is on sale for $16.25 SCORE!!  This sale is so AWESOME!!

This Polaroid frame is from LOVE in an INSTANT {KOM 5/12} and it is on sale for $24.99  Ang is giving them away!!  The i love you is from favorite things {KOM 3/12}, sadly it is retired but she will bring it back soon and you can get it then.  Here it is, LOVE this one!
Thanks for stopping by today!  If you are ordering any {ippity} from the BIG YOUR WISHES SALE, I would love to be your chick!  The sale is HUGE so many awesome sets for so cheap!  Plus 2 free itty bitty's if you spend $40.!  I LOVE these deals.  Bryan is so excited that I am making him so rich buying from all these sales!  :)

Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi!! Happy Friday!  You all know what that means right??  Friends With Flair and PRIZES!!  Come join us for your chance to win!
On Wednesday's we have a Fabulous Feature and I didn't finish my card in time so I was ready for FWF with little effort :)
I used Dream to Be and paper pieced it.  I do not like the leaves even a little.  Life is too short to be redoing things so I left them.  LOL  The background is Wood Grain Script.  The ribbon is from Hobby Lobby and the pattern paper I stamped the bird on is from Prima's Botanical 6 x 6 pad.
Ready for another amazing sale??

See that 50?  That didn't seem to work for Ang.  There are actually 78!  SCORE!  A ton of them jumped right in my cart!!  They ALL want to live at my house!  LOL
For my free itty bitties I picked:
Cake Wishes IB-BB-368
Celebrate in Style IB-BB-366
What are you picking?? 
Have a beautiful weekend!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!