We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hi Peeps!!!

It is a good thing I loaded the pics before I took Carlee to the Dr!  LOL  No time to chat I'll link later :)

 Layers of Life makes me swoon!!
 Meet LuLu, she is sweeter than sugar 

 Please hop with us :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

OH how I love a good Happy Hour!!! Especially with Unity!

How are you guys??
I will be having a Coors Light tonight.  I have earned it!  :)
I have a thing for owls.  I also have a thing for Lisa.  So you can imagine how much I love this owl!!
 Going to be OWL-right Kit. Created by Lisa Arana.
Morgan got asked to another schools homecoming and these flowers he gave her are so beautiful! 
This was for last weeks release.  I got confused and used it this week  LOL  These stamps speak to me and stopping to see if they were already released is somehow not what I do.  I have no idea why Angela keeps me around LOL
LOVE YOU FOREVER SNOWMAN Created by Tracey Malnofski
I have to apologize.  I was judgmental towards the blue and pink for Christmas.  I was not on board.  I even put wrapping paper back last year because *I* was not using that.  Well look who decided to jump on board and as usual a year later?  Next I'll be wearing Birkenstocks again.  LOL
Penguin Pals Kit. Created by Lisa Arana
 $1.00 to $10.00, that sounds awesome to me!!
 This owl is coming to me house to live forever and ever!!
 She snagged my attention at 50 :)

Please come hop with us!  

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I could not leave these darling tags out!  I will be CASE'ing these for sure  
Thank you so much for stopping by tonight!