We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What does your mess look like after making 1 simple card?

This is actually one of my neater card making sessions!  LOL  I have 4 white pens and they are all awful!  You can see I tried them all and made the inside of the card look awful!  I think every scrapper should have Tom Holtz scissors, an ATG gun, glue dots in all sizes and lines.  A Versamark pad and lots of colors of embossing powder!  And as many {ippity} and Unity stamps as you can manage!  :) 
I made this File Folder A2 Card for Andrea over at Unity.  She has helped me with a million emails and I really appreciate how helpful she has always been to me.  The stamp set is Blossom Soup.  I LOVE butterflies and all of Unity's stamps emboss PERFECTLY every. single. time.  So therefore I emboss every. single. time!  LOL  I can't help myself!
That die is called Note Card I think, it is a Quickutz.  The ribbon is Creative Impressions.  Don't you LOVE that the Thanks a Bunch is 2 different fonts?  That makes me happy.  Chestnut Roan ink by ColorBox and American Crafts Zing EP in Chestnut.
Thanks for stopping by today!  Let me see your mess after a simple card!  :)  

Saturday, March 26, 2011

October Afternoon and the best boss on earth!

It's all my sister's fault!  She decided she wanted to try this company out.  Well for the last 42 years if she does it, I am doing it too!  It's how we roll  :)
This collection is called Homemaker.  So cute I can not even stand it!
We got the 8 x 8 paper pad and the stamps.  I used six of the 12 stamps in this set!  I embossed and paper pieced everything on here.  I normally don't spend hours on a card but I did this time.  This is a thank you card for my boss who I LOVE.  That's not rear-end kissing either.  I really love her and she knows it!  We are going out of business after 14 years.  I've been with her for 8 years and it has honestly been the best job I have ever been lucky enough to have!  If you want some SCREAMIN' deals head on over to The Cropping Corner EVERYTHING is on sale!  If you find something we missed please let us know and we will get it on sale ASAP!  :) 
Here is a close up of the card.  My boss gives me stuff every time I show up practically.  She is the most generous person I have ever met.  She is my go to person.  She may or may not have know I was pregnant with Carlee before my husband!  It's not my fault he didn't answer!  I may or may not have shouted it at her.  You know because it was all her fault my Mom just passed away and now I was pregnant!  LOL  She took it like a champ!  She settled me down and totally covered me for all my Dr's appointments,  fed me root beer floats, let me cry all over her when my mean doctor yelled at me for losing weight one week even  LOL
She is the greatest person on earth and I am one of the luckiest people on earth to have crossed paths with her.  She is in for a shock though.  Now instead of just calling her for this or that and work stuff I'll have to call about what color I'm painting my nails, what new project I should work on like cleaning the fridge or the baby's room  LMAO!  
I'll miss every single thing about the Cropping Corner, but mostly just Pat.  She will be awful busy having lunch with me every day and coffee every morning!  LOL

Friday, March 25, 2011

A few more layouts!

With the great stamp cataloging project of 2011, there has been very little scrappin'/card makin' going on in my little piece of Heaven scrap room!  But I did get a few layouts done while I was still just talking about doing it!  In fact.  The ice creams on the layout below took me about 4 hours.  My BFF whipped out 3 or 4 pages while I gabbed and gabbed about how long it would take, how would I do it?  Where would I start?  LOL
I used my Sweet Life stamps from Unity.   Morgan took these pictures :)  We all love that our sweet cat Sassafras loves the baby so much.  Now at 3 Carlee doesn't get knocked over as often  LOL  We think Sassy is a Main Coon.  She is HUGE and she must hug you, right around the neck!  So she stands up on her hind paws and hugs Carlee.  Sometimes they get carried away and fall over LOL  She might out-weigh Carlee by a pound or two as well  LOL  The gems are from my stash.  the cupcake is a QK die, and I used my Label one Spellbinders die that I am pretty sure I could not live without LOL
I made the background paper on this one with Bella Doilies by Unity.  These stamps are HUGE!  I LOVE them!  The crown stamp is by Sizzix!  I used lots of stickles and cell phone bling stickers.  I broke my final CuttleBug plate cutting these tags.  I have bought EIFGT new plates!  I could have bought a new CuttleBug already!  I am finished throwing my money away on those dang things!  I am now on the hunt for a new machine and would love any suggestions.  I am leaning towards the Grand Calibur but my sister things that will lead to lots of $50.00 grand die sets.  She knows me so well!  LOL  The font is Fancy Pants by CuttleBug, the tags are Sizzix and I embossed them with the Seeing Spots CuttleBug folder!  I'm not going to talk about the pictures.  The bruise from that mean old nurse poking her makes me want to well up and cry all over again  LOL  That baby of mine is tough as nails! 
This one is just plain cute!  LOL  Morgan painted this pumpkin for her favorite little 'punkin' :)  I used an {ippity} stamp set called That's Creepy.  I have 2 of these sets in stock and they are on sale for 20% off!  :)
Thanks for stopping by today! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The cataloging of the stamps cont. LOL

Edited to add: I have been telling you all the wrong name of these containers they are the 'thin' [there are lots of widths] STUFtainers!  I am so sorry for any confusion.  Google Thin Stuftainers by Stampendous and a ton of stores that carry them will pop up!

First the FUN part of it.  Remember this:
Unity on the FLOOR???  In a SHOE BOX?  GASP!  That's just not right. 
No longer!  Not at my house!  :)  The Thintainers by Stampendous arrived and I ADORE them.  They are the perfect ippity/Unity solution for me!  :) 
All of those sets fit in this small of a place!Sorry about that glare, it couldn't be helped.  I put the scissors there so you could see it's only like maybe 4 inches high.  LOTS of stamps can fit in these fantastic containers!
Here they are spread out.  I know!  It pains me too, I hate cutting the darling packaging but I have to.  I attach them on the inside with removable glue dots ['cause I change my mind all. the. time.]  LOL  The KOTM, you can see that on the bottom, I put the whole sheet that comes with it inside!  When I got the naked sets.  I was printing all the pictures from the website and it works great!  The retired sets from 2008 didn't come with the printouts and I almost lost my mind LOL  I was emailing and bugging poor Andrea for the print outs!  But them lucky for me I had the brilliant idea of printing the example picture from the site!  You save a ton of money when Angela puts them on sale and sells them without packaging!
Now tell me, wouldn't you love to sit in my chair and scrap every night!  I get inspired just looking at the organization  LOL  My next plan is to number the containers and stamp every single stamp into a catalog like below!  That will have to wait!  I can't have 2 enormous projects at once.  LOL 

OK, here is what I have done so far!  It doesn't look like much, but it is quite the stack and I am LOVING it!  I know I will use all my stamps so much more once I am done!
I spread them out a little so you can see.
All of these have been finished.  They are in alphabetical order by brand then stamp set name.  I'll make little dividers with the brand on them soon.  I think I will be able to fit all of my stamps in one 3 drawer container on wheels!  How great will that be?  I am so excited!  It will take me a year and my fingernails are permanently black  LOL
Here is a close up.  Under each stamp I wrote the brand then the stamp name.  Stampabilities and Stampendous are very long names LOL
I wrote the categories so far in alphabetical order so I can just glance at it and see where each stamp should go.  So far I have had issues with a chandelier.  We decided house would be a fine category LOL  Umm, a phone I decided Things and Kim suggested Objects.  I like both.  I don't have to totally make up my mind until they are in the page protector and I make a tab divider.  Owls and Birds have to be separated.  I collect those and they will need their own spot!  Food is seeming to vague so I might make a drink page too.  I haven't decided.  Please feel free to throw out any suggestions you have.  Oh and bugs include snails.  LOL  Are snails a bug?  They are at my house LOL
Thanks for stopping by today!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Have you cataloged your stamps?

This project will likely take me a year!  I really am leaning towards it.
Let me show you what I am dealing with here.  I am not bragging, I have been buying stamp sets for about 14 years now.  I use them nearly every day.  The problem is, take this old Inkadinkado set that happens to be on my desk right now.
I keep it in my Cookbook stuff.  So I have never used it on a Birthday card.  I have never used it on a Party Invite.  The when, Where, Who and Notes stamps would be so darling on a tag for some journaling on a scrapbook page right?  I have used the soup pot, the place setting, the ice cream and the cupcake all on recipe pages.  Now if I stamped the BIRTHDAY on a B-Day sheet and the soiree, and it's a freakin; party on a party sheet and the glass of wine and the cocktail on a Drink sheet etc wouldn't I use so many more stamps?
Let me show you the mess I am dealing with:
I did this a few years go.  It is all my dollar stamps separated and themed.  I LOVE it!  I use them way more now!  But it is a very small project compared to the big sets LOL  Plus I want to keep the big sets together I think.
See what a mess these stamps are?  Just thrown in containers.  Journaling, alphabets and borders is as good as the organization gets!
This shelf is a COMPLETE mess.  I have no clue what is in there.  NONE!  I have to dig around and see if anything strikes my fancy!
Look at how organized my SU sets are, they are THROWN in a bucket LOL
See the rest of them?  Stacked behind my paper scraps?  I use those a TON [total sarcasm].  Why yes that is Minnie Mouse's head stuck to the floor.  Carlee sticks stickers EVERYWHERE!  No surface is off limits in her opinion!
The House Mouse and Changito are in the wall because they are cute.  Do I use them?  Not so much.  If I had a bunny drinking a bottle on the baby page maybe I would don't you think?  Or a Monkey swinging on a swing on a outdoor page??
I ran out of stuftainers so my poor Unity stamps are in a shoe box on the floor?  GASP!
These are all my {ippity} and Unity sets.  They are my favorite so they are right in front of me!  I do use them a lot.  One of the things I love about Unity is their Kit's of the month are all over the place.  Such a fantastic variety of stamps on an 8.5 x 11 piece of rubber awesomeness.  BUT if I had them cataloged I would know right where to go when I was scrapping a page don't you think?
These are my recipe album stamps.  Aren't they so organized? You are with my on the sarcasm right?
These need to be unmounted and put away! 
Oh!  Look another shoebox of stamps.  These are baby!
A random tiny container of word stamps that I never use because I don't know what words are in there!  And it looks like a set of Brackets.  Those should be in the with the journaling stamps???
Here we have some randomness to beat all.  QK stamps and dies plus stamps that came in CD cases.  Sored by containers I guess???
No organization at all just a box full of random sets.
The ones not in the container are Halloween, the ones in the container?  No organization at all.  See my problem?  I am not using these because they are a mess.  I start something and just walk away it's too much.
This was my last organization of the stamps project!  I flip through them, they fall on the ground.  They rip the cellophanee covers....... 
I LOVE Owls, Birds and Butterflies!  These stamps are committed to memory but still a mess  LOL 
This is how I started 14 years ago.  Above and below are wood mounted and thrown in a drawer.  They are still there.  These must be unmounted and used!

More stamps just shoved behind my Embossing Powder! 
A clear drawer of Love themed stamps.  Those stars have a heart on the set.  Am I going to look in the love drawer for a star?  No!
This drawer here, they are small.  That is the whole organization!  These sets are small?  Who does that? 
Christmas!  Why I decided that gift should be Christmas instead of birthday I am not sure.....
Random monkey stamps with my ribbon? 
House Mouse that won't fit on the wall wasting space tiny spice rack. 
These darling Gruffies have never seen ink!  They are shoved behind my Expression!

Of you made it this far, Thank You!
Am I CRAZY for even attempting to start this?  I did start it last night.  I did 7 random sets.  They are stamped on 15 different themed sheets.  I think this just might work.  I understand that it will take me over a year to really get this in order.  Do you think it is possible?  I really think I am going to try!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Great Color Sort of 2009 [for Mors]

This is really old but I am trying to convince my pal NoraAnne to sort her loot by color LOL
Like I said on the phone Morgan did most of it and she loved it!
I got to ditch all these containers!  No more rootin' through all that stuff to find a red thing LOL
There were little cute containers of stuff EVERYWHERE!  LOL
That box lid to the far left is what I just dumped stuff into as I pulled it out.  Morgan sorted it all into the jars.
See how close they are to where I sit?  Now I dump the jar into the lid and have everything right there.  I hardly have to get up but no more rootin' around in all those containers, drawers and baskets!  It's WAY better!  Here it is today:

Excuse the mess, I can't create neatly.  I just can't LOL  The jars seem to be growing weird huh??  But they work just as well!  I'm still using the same box lid too!

Just do it LOL!  Luke will have fun and you will use your loot!:)  Win win!!
Up next the great stamp catalog project of 2011!  LOL