We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lots of twine for sale :)

Do you love twine?  I know I do.  I have a lot of it for sale!  Each bundle is 25 yards and $2.50.  I'll pay the shipping for all orders within the US!  For international orders I'll need to weigh it and see what it will cost!  :)
 This is 3-ply brown and white twine.  It's thinner than the rest and perfect for making a knot in buttons!
 This is 4-ply lime green and white twine.
 This is 4-ply red and white twine.
 This is 4-ply brown and white twine.
This is 8-ply white cotton twine!  You can use ink, Glimmer Mist really just about anything to make it any color you want it to be!

 This is 3 ply-green and white twine.
 This is 3-ply blue and white twine.
This is 25 yards of all 7 colors above!  Instead of $17.50, right now it is on sale for $16.00!  That is a whole bunch of twine! 
This is exactly how you will receive it.  I thought about cute tags and things but that would bring the cost up.  A lot of us redo things to store it and throw away the packaging.  So I thought cute for this was not necessary!  :) 
My email and paypal address are noellereese@q.com You can send me an email letting me know what you would like and I'll invoice you through Paypal, or just paypal me the payment and let me know in the comment section. 

Thanks for stopping by today!


Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Sent ya an email!

Jan Garber said...

You'll be rec'g my email! Love the picture of the little girl on your side bar! Made me LOL!
Jan- Arizona

Jeannette Siciliani said...

Oh my stars!!! Love this twine, and my order!! You are the best. Already put it good use. {{Hugs}}

Phaedra Mastrocola said...

I have a question about twine. How do plys work? Is a ply the individual strands that are twisted together to make the twine? I had some bleached white cotton twine made up of 4 individual strands. I ran out and am having the hardest time trying to find it again, and don't know how to order online because I don't know what ply I'm looking for. Can you help? Maybe you even have some!

Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

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