Thursday, January 28, 2016

We are mixing it up at Unity!!

Change is good, right Peeps!!
We are not going to hop every Thursday any more.  We are mixing it up!
Surprises are coming!
AND I have another photo bombing Beta 
I love fish almost as much as I love Unity.  We have 4 tanks with lots of fish and 3 Beta's in their own tanks.  I want to put them in the big tanks like other people do.  But I worry so much they will fight and I just can't have a fish fight.  NOT TODAY! LOL
 I am head over heels in love, OBSESSED with START AGAIN, this months Kit of the Month.  I have used so many stamps in this kit.  They all speak to me.  NONE will be left behind.  They emboss so beautifully.  Wait until you see tomorrow's post.  I embossed that butterfly heart in silver on black *GASP*  I am NOT tooting my own own.  I am simply stating if you emboss Unity stamps AMAZING things happen every single time.    That sentiment above is embossed on textured Bazzil and it is clear as can be.
Best. Month. EVER *heart*
 If I had to pick 5 things Unity does that I just go crazy for they would be:
sentiments that make me LMAO
You should know I can't just pick 5.
 Please hop with us and leave comments along the way.  We will have two winners this week!
 Something for Everyone!  I adore this sale! 
Are you a part of our UNITY {Show & Tell} page?
You should be.  Goodness the inspiration over there is AWESOME!!!
I also adore Beth's card!   The green, the banners, the bows, the stamps, ALL OF IT.  I love it all!!   Beth is our Growing In Unity Gal this week.  Go check out her amazing blog and leave her some love there are prizes over there too!!!
And I love Amy's card.  I could not decide between the two so I picked both.  I am a rebel like that with a huge passion for gorgeous Unity *heart*
Here is the list of who is hopping tonight!
Thank you so much for swinging by!!
Happy Hopping!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The stamps in this release are AWESOME!!

Hi Peeps!!
Thanks so much for hoping with us today!  
This release is AMAZING!  The Unity artists out did themselves :)
 I went upstairs to take some pictures in the sunshine and my dog, Abby was up so no way was I putting the card where she could eat it while I took pics pf the other card.  LOL  As soon as I set the card down Carlee's new Beta, Rainbow swam right over to check it out.  I thought it made the cutest photo bomb ever.  Try to look at the stamps on my card instead of her pretty Rainbow fish LOL
 Lookin' Foxy by the amazing Lisa Arana
I squealed over this fox and the owl below.
An owl that wants a hug?  *SWOON*
Lisa also made this one Love You This Much!  Her owls ALWAYS make me swoon.
 This beautiful girl turned 43 yesterday! To celebrate she is giving us 60% off  So sweet!! 
 If you spend $15.00 you get this stamp free.  Angie Blom posted this on FaceBook this morning and when I saw it I said out loud THAT BETTER BE A STAMP IN MY LIFE!!  
 Please hop with us and leave comments along the way.  There will be two winners WHOOP WHOOP

It was so hard to not stay up all night and ditch work today to make a card with every set being released.   I am going to need them all.
I am hopping with these amazing girls today.

Thamks so much for stopping by today!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hopping with Unity for the final time in 2015!!

See YA 2015!!
You were not kind to me.  Too much cancer, too much sadness.
BRING ON 2016!!
Happy New Years Peeps!!!
I hope you all are having a great time.  When this post goes live I will be playing games and drinking beer with the Besties!!
Check out Lisa's new sentiment kit!  Good gravy she rocks these.  I have to own every single one.  I will not be passing this one up either!!
 HAPPY is my word for 2016.  I want happy back in my life.  Unity Peeps and the stamps make me VERY happy so clearly this is perfect for me :)  I am well on my way back to happy :)
 A Guy and His Truck.  Is this not the cutest??  Angie filled the bed with hearts to make me swoon I am just sure of it! :)
 Come play in our theme challenge!
Pink and Red
I am so in love with LOVE
And this sale is killer!  I just got distracted and started shopping.  
Please come hop with us!

I very much hope 2016 is happy and healthy for you and yours!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Shout out to Layers of Life!

Hi Peeps!  Thank you so much for hopping with us!!

Build the life you love.....
How much do you love that??  That is such a huge statement!  I love it!
I also love LOL  It is only $11.99 a month and you get an amazing stamp set every month!
Please join our hop and leave comments.  There are 3 chances to win!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Have a great day!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Well HELLOOOOO Cyber Monday!! Let's HOP!!

Hello Peeps!!
How was Thanksgiving
Did you shop on Black Friday??
You are going to want to shop on Cyber Monday!!  :)
We have a new THEME Challenge!!  ANY HOLIDAY!!!!!
Please join us!!
I am a little bit passionate about these Little Frosty Friends They make the best tags!  I really am not a fan of wrapping.  I am gift bag girl so I like to tie tags on the handle and be done :)

 Can you see the clear tag?   Now that it is all done I am thinking stamping on the back of pattern paper would have been darling!!
 Love is Grand is the new Be Inspired Sentiment kit.  I love these kits with a fierce passion.  Lisa NAILED it!!
This is a window card so excuse that weird shadow LOL

 Please hope with us we will have two winners!!
 10 new releases all under $8???  and 55% off WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Thank you so much for hopping with us today!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Peeps :)

I had big plans to make a ton of cards.  
Then something happened.
I started cleaning my scrap/stamp/sew/office after months of neglect.  
 So many of these thin stufftainers filled with Unity were all over the place.  Most of them are back in order.
I made those scrap containers and put away so many piles of scraps LOL  Now I won't cut a full sheet!
Too bad the floor is already trashed with piles of fabric for quilts I hope to make soon.  LOL
If you spend $40. you get this stamp for FREE 
If you spend $60. you get this stamp for FREE  
Please hop with us while you recover from eating far too much food :)
 I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with tons of family and lots of love.  Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Happy Hopping!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Happy Brown Thursday Peeps!!!

I am so happy to be back!!
My life got a little crazy over the last two months!
This is my Best Girl Carlee last year at Christmas :)
That candy bar was as big as she is!!  Her Grandma broke it all up and sent it home with everyone!  
Angie Blom does such DARLING work!!  I LOVE this set.  Even before I learned her name :) Remember back in the day when you would scrapbook and have a sticker sneeze and scatter them all over your page??  I think it is happening again with the sequins.  I started and could not stop and then it is just too much.  Only I used glue dots so it is either leave them or tear the card LOLOLOL
 I love this owl.  Owl Bundle Up OHMYGOSH he is the CUTEST!!!!!  Lisa Arana makes me gasp outloud when I see owls!!  
The snowflake sequin sneeze.....
Phyllis Harris speaks my language.  I have never met a stamp of hers that I did not fall head over heels in love with.  This is A Sky With No Limit.  My Mom made my sister and I matching Easter dresses on year and they were mint green.  On all of the above cards today I used my pearlescent Yasutomo water colors.  In fact I have an extra pallet.  Let's do  give away!!  Leave me your email address in the comments or email it to me and I'll have Carlee pick a winner in the next few days!! :)
Would someone please teach me how to use my Faber Castell Gelato crayons??  I seem to make a hot mess with these!  They seems so 'globby'.  Yesterday I decided to post all my cards.  Even if they look like a mess because what if one of you has a tip for me??!!  Maybe you guys know how to use them :)  Old Traditions is so cute I can't stand it!  The ornament on the front of the truck is awesome!!  The bow is so cute!!!  Angie Blom nailed this one too!!

 Can you even believe the freebies???
Can we just talk about this?
I always explain to Bryan just how much money he just saved.
If you spend $60.00 on stamps that are 60% YES sixty percent off!
You will get a free itty bitty, a free kit, and a $10.00 gift certificate.
Has Ang bumped her head??  :)   No, she just loves giving us the best deal ever on the world's BEST stamps!!  Makes me want to hug her pretty neck *heart*
60THANKS takes 60% off your qualifying order. 
Every order, $1.00 goes to Rice Bowls to help fight hunger!! 

Please hop with us and leave comments along the way.  There is always a fantastic prize for the winners :)

 Link up your Unity projects through FRIDAY night (linky closes at Midnight CST) —
There will be THREE $25 GIFT CERTIFICATES given away by random selection
Winners picked from comments left on the blogs linked up below and to someone who links up a project to HOP with Unity


Thank you so much for stopping by today!!