Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So many stamps, such little time!!!!

The Unity Peeps have been BUSY!!  There are so many amazing new stamps!!  Can you believe it??  Do you love each and every one of them??  I know I do!  
Carlee had two birthday parties on Saturday so I had to make 2 boy cards.
I think I messed up on these so consider it a sneak peak.  LOL
That fantastic bold Happy Birthday is from a sentiment kit I can't find LOL  So I think I jumped the gun on it.  Shhhh  The darling embossed robot is from HUBBA HUBBA! 
The same thing on this sentiment.  I am typing this 30 minutes before it goes live so I will come back and link later LOL  The Jeep is from Having Fun 
This one I knew what I was doing LOL  I have a thing for owls.  I adore them so much!!
Hoot Hoot Hooray Kit. Created by Tifany DeGough 
This one I misted with some Glimmer Mist and didn't put anything heavy on it while it dried.  I looked over and saw the curled edges and LOVED it!  I really love a happy mess up :)
Jolly Wishes Kit. Created by Graciellie Designs. 
Kinda fun curled like that don't you think?  I wish I could capture that shimmer with my camera too.  Goodness I love it so much!! 
The Bazzil Bling is sure doing its job on this picture!!
Jingly, Jolly Joys Kit. Created by Graciellie Designs
I have 6 other cards started and not finished.  I will post those soon.  This release is AMAZING!!!
 I NEED every single one of these sets!!
 I think these will be itty bitty's, even though they are not itty bitty!!  So cute and fun to color!  
Please be sure to comment on all of our blogs today!  These two awesome sets are the prize!!

I hope you have enjoyed the hop and are inspired by these awesome Unity Peeps!!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

OM MY WORD!!! Can you stand it? So many new releases!!

Hi Unity Peeps!!
How do you like Tuesday night hopping??
I have seen some beautiful work!!
I am surrounded by such amazing and creative Peeps!!
I can't even wait to see what this is!!!!

I am having camera issues.  I used black Bazzil bling on both of the top two cards.  On the first you can't see it at all, on the second it totally shows up.  LOL  I am clearly not a photographer LOL
Funny story about the straw on the card below.  I found that on the garage floor.  I don't know if some hunter tied it, I don't know if it was trash, I just do not know but I spied it and I liked it.  I do that all the time!! Reuse, re-purpose, recycle, dumpster diver call it what you want LOL
New Day Rooster Itty Bitty. Created by Lisa Arana.  Paired up with the sentiment from Struggle and Strength Itty Bitty. Created by Angie Blom.  I didn't mean to mix up the sentiments.  That was an accident that worked out really well for me LOL 
Party Girls {fashionista} kit. Created by Tracey Malnofski.
Someone might want to take away my wink of stella pens for blog hops.  They do not photograph well for me.  But oh man are they so shimmery and beautiful.  I will continue risking blinding you with the bling, I love it that much!! 
My Cupcake Very Small Stamp. Created by Joslyn Nielson.
This is a dollar stamp!  *GASP* Oh how I love the dollar stamps.  They are so CUTE you just want to squeeze them :)

OK, now this was a first try that did not work out well.  But it was so fun I am sharing it anyway!!  I bought some water color crayons.  WHEW!  Those babies add a lot of color! I LOVE them!!  What I didn't take into consideration was how much water they would need.  I think my photography skills improved tremendously for this picture.  You can hardly tell unless you look under her feet.  LOL  The whole page is SUPER warped.  I slid it under a note book to see if it would dry flatter and you can see the cape was the last thing I colored, the red just pushed right off the bottom of the cape.  So learn from my mistake don't do that LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Today we are all hopping together!!
So much inspiration!!  

Please be sure to leave comments a long the way.  There will be two winners and you will receive these awesome sets!!
I can't wait to see what is on clearance!  I ADORE shopping the clearance isles :)  Come shop with me!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another super fun release!! Please hop with us!!

Hi Peeps!
Whoa!!  You ever have those days when it feels like a big pile on??  I am surviving that LOL  My cute daughter had her wisdom teeth extracted on Tuesday and her ride has not been fair!  The silver lining in even with a trashed lip, and swollen face she is still super beautiful and I can make her laugh!  :)
Speaking of silver linings, I had to line these clouds with my silver wink of stella.  I could not skip it.  I needed to see our silver lining :)
The way to go is much less shiny in real life as well as the lining on the clouds.  Now that I see this here on the blog I am seeing Way To Go!!  You let go of the balloon.  That is not what I saw when I made it. LOL  I thought the heart on the balloon was just cute and added to the clouds :)  The girls are cheering one another on!! 
 and Little Lads are darling right?  Tifany DeGough added the perfect sentiments too!  
 OK, Did you see this??  55% off??  GASP!  Oh how I adore a Unity sale!!
HUNDREDS of stamps $10. and under???  *SWOON*
Please be sure to do the entire hop and leave comments along the way!!
I hope the fabulous Kelli Picks YOU!  
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
and if you need a laugh, look how Morgan's sweet friend visiting her fixed my stuck sprayer today so I could clean the kitchen.  *SNORT* 
I can call it Redneck, because we ARE rednecks :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hi Peeps!!!
I am sure you have seen the sale but I must start with that.
Order 3 not a typo, THREE stamp kits and you get 60% off your ENTIRE order???  This makes me gasp out loud and cover my mouth!  Right before I did the happy dance.  Bryan LOVES it when I save him so much money.  He totally appreciates the Unity sales LOL  :) 
I am very clever, here I am distracting you with my new baby fish.
I attempted blending colored pencils with odorless turpenoid.  I blended until I thought my hand might fall off!  I think I love water coloring too much to love this type of blending LOL Luckily Angie Blom does not get offended too easily.  Willow Girl still looks beautiful. :)
Please be sure to leave a comment on all the blogs in the hop today.
We will have two winner and you will get these awesome kits!!  I bought all 3 of these.  I love them and you will too!  Good Luck!  

 Here is a closer shot of the babies.  Do you have fish?  I think purring cats and swimming fish have fixed dang near every single thing that has ever broken me.  I love them.  I spend an insane amount of time watching them and a lot of the time while holding my purring cat.  Double the therapy.  :)
Guess what I did yesterday?  At 47 I got my first two tattoos!!
I have lost both of my parents and the fish and cats have not been able to ease that heartbreak.  The jury is still out if these have helped or not.  I cried about oh, 15 times yesterday admiring these.  :)  Only twice so far today :)
think pretty Darling!  I love you, Dad in my Dad's handwriting. 
Love, Mom in my Mom's handwriting.
I had stacks of books with the ippity butterfly picked out for my Mom and an awareness ribbon in purple for Alzheimer's for my Dad and I backed out of all of it.  Just their writing was enough for me.  And not just because of the pain.  I just love how perfect they are without anything else.
I LOVE them so much I wanted to hug the artist, his name is Matt Sager!
I did tell him this was my first one day stand, I was breaking up with him.  My foot hurt so bad I wanted to back out of my wrist.  He didn't even skip a beat he responded with Oh No you aren't!  You'll be back just like the rest of them!  LOL
My third and final tattoo will be my Girls thumb prints making a heart with their names in their handwriting.  In like 10 years when I have forgotten how damn bad my foot hurt!  LOL
Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope you all have perfect days!
Take some time to tell your parents how much you love them, or pet a cat until they purr and watch some fish swim and remember how fantastic they were and how you hope you can be half as good as they were!  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How are you today??
Thank you for hopping with us today!!
I hope you arrived from Natalie's Blog!  It is nearly embarrassing to follow her!  :)
I can hardly wait to get home so I can do the hop myself!!
$1.44 shipping!!  Don't you just love that?  Shopping in your pajamas and next to nothing shipping... My fave way to shop!! 
I have a BIG LOVE for Phyllis Harris.  I think I own every stamp she has made.  Well guess what??  I went to go visit my Sister for a few nights.  While she wasn't making me sweat like a pack mule with hundreds of biting bugs getting our steps in, she was teaching me how to water color!!  I did 2 card faces with her and they are not finished yet, because well I needed to color more I could not be slowed down for details LOLOLOL  So, below is my 3rd attempt!!  Don't gasp and run away!!  :)  Seriously, it's not so bad right??  :)  You get some water color pencils.  Carla the world's BEST Sister gave me her SU! set.  I think she said they are 10 years old!  They still work GREAT!  You scribble them on lightly, grab a cup of water and a paint brush and get to water coloring!!  It is total therapy!!  Do you have a Hobby Lobby?  Their water color pads are on sale this week!  I got 2!  One 90 lb for printing on like below and one 140 lb for heat embossing on.  I have not tried that yet but I will and I will let you know!  I got 10 paint brushes for like $5??  I know everything was under $15!! SCORE!!!  I also got mineral spirits or something for colored pencils on regular card stock!!
Back to Phyllis Harris and her stamps.  My love kicked up a notch to HUGE LOVE!! I used The Unknown Path.
I need a new Wink of Stella pen.  I gave it  little squeeze because no glitter was coming out to bling up the surfboard.  Good gravy a puddle about 2 inches long came pouring out.  Don't squeeze your Wink's my friends!!  So it is MUCH more shimmery then I had planned but I can't complain!  Bring on the shimmer!  I love that stuff!!

I need to be reminded to breathe when I see that water mark.  I really don't mean to brag, I am just so in love with this entire gig I can't stop talking about it.  Not going to lie.  I blurted out to Carla HEY!  I am on the Unity DT, FYI!  LOL She loves it as much as I do.  No one in the world knows my love for Unity better than she who started this GINORMOUS LOVE!   
How are YOU celebrating the 4th?  I am watching my God Daughter and her darling twin.  Then when her parents bring their big Sister home from Wicked we will have a BBQ and eat until we an eat no more! 
10 brand new stamps for $6.00.  Do you ever wonder if our best girl Angela has slipped and whacked her head when she has these killer sales? 200 stamps up to 70% off??  Really??  YIPPEE!!!!  Never question a good thing, just run with it.  That is how I lead my life :)
OK, please do the whole hop and leave a comment along the way!  This week there are two winners and take a look at this prize!!
That heart stamped bag makes me smile HUGE!  Aren't you dying to know which Unity Peep stamped that?  I think I would keep my new water color pencils and paint brushes in it!  Along with the blender pens :)
Good Luck!!
Today I am hopping with these super talented girls!!
I warned you last time you would want to run away and stamp.  Did you?  :)
Next please hop over to Shermaine's blog!

Thank you so much for stopping by and all of your awesome comments.  If you have a question please email me noellereese@q.com I feel bad when your profile is private and I can't answer you!
Have a safe and fantastic 4th!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unity {be inspired} challenge

Hi Peeps!!

 I made this card for my best girl's birthday and the Unity {be inspired} challenge!  Have you entered yet??  You really should!!  I used Butterfly Birthday Cupcake paired with a sentiment from Smile, It’s Your Day {july 2015 sentiment kit}  I adore both kits!  OK, so I have yet to meet a Unity stamp set I didn't fall in love with!  I just picked these two for my card :)
We have one rule!  
You need to use Unity stamps!  :)
Run and make something, link it up and enter to win!!
Check out the prize!!!
Winner gets the FOLLOWING!!!

3 Kits of Your CHOICE
(each kit valued at $29 or under)
{no KOM, SMAK, LOL, or Stamp of the Week, please}
10 Itty Bitty Stamps of YOUR CHOICE

That is a VALUE of $150!

PLUS you get to HOP with the Unity Design Team for 

the NEXT {be inspired} challenge hop if you would like!!!!
So hurry!  Come hop with us!  It is so fun you will LOVE it!!
Thank for stopping by tonight!  See you tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

My First Blog Hop as a Unity DT Member *GASP* I am SO EXCITED!!!!

Hello Peeps!!
I might need to be pinched to see if this is really happening!!!
I know it is because I just applied my very first watermark in my whole life and I didn't even say a bad word!  It was easy!!  Maybe because of what it says *GASP* it just went right on the picture like it belonged there!! :) 
OK back to the hop, I am easily sidetracked!!
I hope you arrived here from Natalie's blog and have not missed anything from the start of the hop!  

I am a HUGE fan of anything recipe related!!  I make all of my recipes into scrapbook pages.  I really dislike to cook so if I can at least look at a fun page while cooking it makes it doable!!  LOL  I am going to a wedding on Saturday so this came just in time for a fun card.  I'll make a sappy one too.  
I picked Secret Ingredient an Itty Bitty, created by that rock star Joslyn Nielson!!  I LOVE it!!

 Look at the new stamps!  I love them all.  I already started a card with the grapes but quickly learned AGAIN, I can't color.  LOL  That owl is next.  I have a thing for owls.  I used to have thing for cows!  My entire kitchen was done in Holsteins.  I sort of miss it!  LOL  The cow will be right after the owl :)

3, 6, 10 and 12 dollars??  300 items marked down!!!
Sometimes don't you just shake your head and wonder if Unity survives on PB&J alone to keep up these killer prices?? :)

We have TWO amazing Unity filled prize packages to giveaway. Leave a comment on EACH blog in the hop (including the Unity blog) for your chance to win. The winners will be announced Monday night on the Unity blog!!  Good Luck!!

Unity prizes in the mail make a FANTASTIC day!!!

Today I am lucky enough to be hoping with these beautiful and talented girls!!

Get ready to be inspired because these girls and their amazing work will make you ditch the computer and run for your stamp desk!!
Next please head over to Robyn's blog to see her amazing work!
Thank you so much for stopping by!  Please be sure to go shop and save a ton on this weeks sale!!
Have a great day!!