Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another awesome hop with Owls AND Feathers!!!

Hi Peeps!
How are you all?
Are you ready for more of these DARLING owls from Angie Blom?  I can't get enough of them.  They are my FAVE!!

 Clearly my printer and paper are not mixing well on the digital stamps :(  It goes from bad to worse on the water color paper. So please bear with me and use your imagination because we all know Unity stamps stamp PERFECTLY every single time.  I am just SUPER digital challenged!!  :)
These shimmery water colors with this gorgeous Give Me Strength feather makes me swoon!  Created by New Unity Artista, Tierra Jackson!  Boy am I glad she joined unity!  I adore feathers!
 I don't know what I was thinking.  I already ordered today.  It might be a 2 order in one day sort of day!  LOL  Go check out this killer sale WHOOP WHOOP!!
Only $8. for this darling duo!!
 A gorgeous stamp set from our gorgeous girl herself *heart*
Thank you so much for hopping with us today!
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Have a great day!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


So much to party and Hop about!
Have you seen the LIVE release over on FaceBook?  
Angie and Whitney are the cutest Girls in the world.  I LOVE their videos!!
 100 ANGIE GIRLS????
Good Gravy our girl Angie Blom is a ROCK STAR!!!
I have never met an Angie Girl I didn't LOVE!!  
 I also LOVE this whale of hers in Other Side of Fear!!  It made me swoon when I saw it.  I MUST own it.  It is AMAZING!!!  That paper is also pretty amazing it is from The Paper Studio.
One Little Latte by Lisa Arana is also AMAZING!!!
Yesterday I went coffee free because I ran out of time.  SO dumb!  LOL 
All new releases under $10.00 WHOOP WHOOP!!!
That Ang makes sales too darn good to pass up right??
Please hop with us and leave comments along the way.  As usual there will be 2 winners randomly picked *heart*
Thanks so much for stopping by today!  

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Are you ready to HOP?

You know how much I love a Unity hop!  My DT Sisters inspire me so much!!
Hi Peeps!!
I think my inner self has decided I am going to water color until I finally get it LOLOLOLOLOLOL  It is so fun and I have such a long way to go!  LOL

 Steps of Courage feels a little Fall like to me.  Or maybe because Denver is so blazing hot I think I might be hoping for Fall : ) 
Then I went straight for Eve Girl for a little fun with SNOW  LOL  My Wink of Stella is running out.   I was dotting the snowflakes and I decided to dip it into the water and flick it over the stamped imagine.  Holy Smokes it is so shimmery!  It looks amazing in real life!  I will be doing that on every card now LOL  If a dot is too big, rub it with your fingers it spreads right out for even more shimmer!!  
We are having the BEST sale LOL  I always say that but this time I men it!  FIFTY of our best sellers are on sale!  WHOOP WHOOP!!  
All of the July releases are on sale too
There is also a Donna Downey sale!  
Please be sure to hop with us and leave some comments along the way!!
As usual, there will be two winners!
 Glittering Eyes is one of my favorite kits of the month so far!  
 I could not move on to a different kit.
I am not complaining though LOL

Thank you so much for hopping with us!  We sure appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'n so excited for another hop!!!

 Hi Peeps!!!
How have you been?
So many awesome releases this month!
 I am a sentiment kit JUNKIE!!  I can't skip a single one.  Lisa does an amazing job every month!!  I have HUGE love for succulents so this one is calling my name!!  Succulent Salutations and it is on sale for $14!!  That is such a screaming deal!!
 Your Own Rainbow *swoon* best water coloring stamp EVER LOL
 I have said this hundreds of times but I ADORE Phyllis Harris.  I have never met a PH stamp set I didn't love!!  Good For You and it is on sale for $11.44 AWESOME!!
 Succulent Salutations again, I can't get enough!!
 Love One Another, enough said : ) 
 PMS Peggy makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD It is also on same for $11.44!!
 Stinkin' Cute Add On, this is HILARIOUS!  A must have in my opinion : )  It's on sale for $7.44!!
 You Prick *SNORT*  Hey, if the shoe fits, they just might need a card too  LOL It's on sale for $9.44
I wanted to throw in a SOTW, I ADORE this membership!!  A Chance Every Day
 24 New releases Peeps!!
 It is a great time to pick up and kits you missed!!
 $4.44 for Unity?  Good gravy such a great deal!!  

Please come hop with us!  The new DT members are jumping in today too  : ) 

As usual we will have 2 winners, so much fun!!!

Thanks so much for hopping with us!!
Happy Stamping and Happy Shopping!! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blog Hop Thursday's are my FAVE!!!

Hi Peeps!!
Before we get started would you please say a prayer, send positive thoughts, we will take anything you have :)  My brother, Mike had a stroke yesterday.  The next 2 days are crucial for his brain to rest and not to swell from the blood clot removal surgery.  They had to strap him down because he keeps flopping around.  He is such a fighter and he never ever stands still.  He is always fixing something.  I am sure his body is busy fixing his brain and he already has a to do list a mile long for when he gets released.  He is the best Brother, Husband and Dad EVER *heart*
OK On to the cards!
I have been stamping my heart out. I LOVE SUMMER!!  I love having my girls home.  I love pajama days.  I love not keeping an eye on the clock!

 Beary Best Dad, seriously could they be any cuter?
See The Light See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.  That is stellar advice *heart*

Jar of Hope  You can't see it but I put Glossy Accents on the water and with the Bazzil Bling OH MY GOSH this is my fave card!

Keep Going Anyway  Boy, does this hit me in the feels today!  I wanted to drop out of the hop and just cry over Mike.  He doesn't want me crying.  He wants me happy and we all know my passion for Unity makes me VERY happy *heart*

 Meow Meow Meow People like to call me the crazy cat lady.  Whatever : ) I may or may not have ran into PetSmart on Tuesday for cat litter and stayed and petted a darling cat for over an hour.  I am still considering going back and bringing her home!  The purr of a sweet cat can seriously fix what hurts you *heart*  The glasses crack me up LOL I put Glossy Accents on them too LOL
 I needed a ton of graduation cards.  I always head for Kit Of The Months because they cover everything you could ever need or want!
Nice Hat makes me laugh every time I use it!  It is from Totally & Utterly Amazing 5/13
This is a horrible picture the white is embossed with the CuttleBug Congrats folder but it didn't show up very well  LOL

Both of these cards are from 3/12 KOM From Head To Soul 

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Have fun hopping and shopping.  The sale is AWESOME!  My cart is going to be HUGE!
Thank you in advance for the prayers and positive thoughts for my brother *HEART*

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I've been lovin' Unity for almost EIGHT years!!!

Goodness, that is a whole lot of years of love and a whole lot of STAMPS!!
I can't wait to stamp away another 8 years with them!!
Welcome to our hop!
Get ready for a sneak peak!!
 The darling stamp in in the May Kit of the Month!  OH MY it is begging to be embossed and then filled with glossy accents on the gorgeous Ball jars!
 Look how darling and not itty bitty this itty bitty Everyday Celebration is!!  Guess what?  It is FREE with a $20. purchase!  How nice is that??  Free stamps make me want to hug my mailman : ) 
$8.88 or less for 8 new releases to celebrate Unity turning 8 SCORE!!!!
I think Angie Blom made these Angie girls after me!  I've got some serious curves.  No stick figure over here dangit all  LOL
I will be adding them to my collection for sure!!
Be sure to hop with us and leave a comment along the way!  There will be prizes for 2 lucky winners!!

Thank you so much for hopping with us!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I ADORE Inventory sales!!! Let's HOP!!!

Hi Unity Peeps!!
 Under $12. Inventory Sale WHOOP WHOOP!!!
You should run and check it out before everything sells!  We will wait!  
But come back LOL
I know this card is crooked.  But everything else like the stars aligned because looks how dang good the yellow Bazzil Bling photographed!!
That is the best picture I have ever taken of the bling!  The paper makes my cards shimmer.  I love shimmer so much I swear I can't NOT use it but the pictures are so awful it is embarrassing!  Well tilt your head to the right so the picture is straight and admire that Bling Peeps! LOL
The flower and the sentiments are from Spring Time Sweetness Grab Bag and good gravy there is a ton of sweetness.  I must order this kit!  I need the red rubber to emboss :) 

 *SNORT*  Just Stinkin' Cute is all about crap LOLOLOL
Such a cute set and only $8.
Every card I have seen makes me LOL
I took this book in front of my Mom's collection of Janet Evanovich Books.  Speaking of laughing if you have not read them get on it!  They are hilarious!  One through Ten are a must!
 OK, you know even when I screw up a card I m posting it.  I am a busy girl and I spent a lot of time making this card.  Then I threw it in my card board box lined with messy paper towels and sprayed on some glimmer mist to make it shimmer because the green card is Bazzil Bling and I walked away.  I was making cards with this cutie.
Well the red bled and the card was tilted and now it looks like something the cat drug in.  I wish I knew how to water color without totally trashing a card.  If I did I might be able to make all the balloons smear and it would look planned.  LOL
I ADORE this stamp though.  Goodness!!  Evelyn Girl! Such a darling Angie Girl!
 I am also totally loving Addison Girl too!!  I used a chalk pallet to color her.  I'll bet it is 15 years old.  I forgot all about it and found it in my old room.  It was like playing with eye shadow.  I LOVED it.  Chalk is making a comeback in my stamp room!
Here are the details on the sale.  HURRY!!  Quanities are limited and it ends the 4th :)

Don't forget to comment to win!

Thank you so much for hopping with us!!
Have a great night!!