We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

The new {ippity} is in the house!!

Thanks For All Things $18.00 on sale for $16.20
Time For...Friends & Wine $6.00 on sale for $5.40

So. Stinkin'. CUTE!!!

These will ship on Wednesday morning!
Please let me know if you would like to order a set. 
Free Shipping and Free Twine!
Thanks for allowing me to be your Unity endorsed {ippity} chick!
noellereese@q.com or call me 720-217-3086 to place your orders

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's SNEAK PEEK Time!!

I just placed my order!  I am so excited!  Here are the 2 newest {ippity} sets!
So very CUTE!!!!!
Thanks for all things only $6.00!  It is on sale for $5.40 and free shipping!

We have this AWESOME set Time for...Friends & Wine!  It is only $18.00 and on sale for $16.20!
Remember free shipping and free twine!
I would love to be your {ippity} chick!
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Do any of you have any MagPie QuicKutz tins you want to part with?

I am wanting to reorganize all my QK dies.  I am over the zipper books.  I want to put them in numerical order.  I have 9 for my alphabets, they are pink.  I really want more pink for my dies.  I keep bidding $12. on Ebay, but not in the right colors.  There is always silver or tan.  I might just go against everything and use a ton of colors LOL.  Maybe one of you knows a different tin that fits into the Magpie case?  I think $4. a tin plus shipping is a little pricey, do any of you remember what they were when they came out?
Oh, how I love to reorganize!  If I scrapped as much as I re-do everything I might not be so far behind LOL
Let me know if you have any to sell or trade please!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Michael's Haul!

It has been decided, I will have another garage sale  LOL  I only spent about $30 more than I made LOL
I have a Flip, but I have no desire to learn how to get a video on my blog LOL  So pictures will have to do!  Are you ready?  This was BIG fun!  Carlee and I had to run to the post office for work and she wanted to go somewhere else.  So I picked Michael's.  We had not been in there for a very long time.  Like 5 or 6 months!  The last time I went I got so many screaming deals I decided I better not go back for a long while LOL  That may or may not have been decided again.  LOL!!
Here we go:
I am not actually thrilled with this set of Studio G and I wouldn't let her get the alphabets.  That girl of mine pulled all of these out herself!  Everyone was cracking up.  She had them stacked into her tiny hands and kept saying let's straighten these out and she would tap them on the floor.  She had everyone in there admiring her sorting skills LOL  She let me put the duplicates back and happily carried these around in both hands tapping everything in sight!  They were only $0.85 each so I got them for her LOL 
I need to leave Carlee at home LOL  She talked me into the princess page kit too.  I have no idea what I will do with it, but Carlee does have some princess outfits so I think I can make it work LOL  They were on sale for $5.94 pretty good deal!  That darling Sizzix flower die on sale for $6.79 SCORE! 
3 DCWV stacks for $7.99!  SCORE! 
Morgan's birthday is Friday and she is OBSESSED with duct/DUCK tape.  The gems on the left and the big ones on the right 28 cents each!  Carlee suckered me into the fairy stickers too.  She will stick them on the wall the second I turn my head LOL  More volleyball and peace sign stuff for Morgan. 
The buttons, a ton of them!  28 cents!  The M pad, 34 cents!  The glitter in darling glass jars, 28 cents!  Who in their right mind could pass these great deals up? 
The butterfly stamps were also 28 cents!  The darling vintage ones went up.  They are $1.50 now instead of a dollar.  I didn't realize that but with my coupon I got them for $1.27. 
OK, for those of you that know my flower wall, you HUSH!  Or I won't  share so well any more LOL  I guess Recollections teamed up with Prima!  Only these have GLITTER!!!  Can you believe it?  On sale for $2.97 each!  If Bryan comes home and says I got a $100. cash spiff today I will snatch it out of his hand and run back as fast as I can and buy the rest of the colors!  I'll shout over my shoulder and ask if he could hang just one more shelf on the flower wall while I am gone!  LOL  I LOVE these flowers!  I love the jars, I love the size and now I love the sparkles! 
How funny are these?  LOL  The coasters were $0.68 One says Make yourself at home!  CLEAN my kitchen.  LOL  The other one says Let's talk about How Fabulous you think I am!  I love funny coaster to scatter around the living room or where ever my peeps set their drinks.  I love making recipe albums and these recipe cards are so funny.  Another  Make yourself at home!  CLEAN my kitchen, plain with a colander, It's another day in Paradise minus the paradise.  LMAO  Anyone who knows me, knows I hate to cook!  LOL  But I do it because Bryan gets so happy about it and I like making that man happy LOL and the last one is another Let's talk about How Fabulous you think I am!  All the recipe cards were only $0.34! 
The butterfly charms were only $0.34.  The flowers were $1.99. 
Are you still with me?  LOL  These darling little things are for ATC art.  Really fun glass jars full of beads and bling.  Each one only $2.49.  They had a TON of them.  Some just glitter, some just micro beads.  I wanted all of them they are all so pretty but I have a ton of glitter already.
I also got a value pack of the cutest rub-ons EVER!  Here is 1
I forgot to take pictures.  It was only 4.24  There are 6 different ones in the package.  I can't wait to make some cards with these.  Anyone getting married?  LOL
Thanks for reading through my haul!  I love a day when everything is a screamin' deal!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Friday, and that means Friends With Flair!

Ready to be inspired?  The Unity Peeps that play in Friends with Flair are some VERY talented, creative and inspiring peeps so head on over and hop along!  There are prizes even!
I also wanted to send some serious LOVE to my embossing gun!  I can not tell you how much I love that thing.  I like to think I use it more than my dishwasher!  *snicker*
I embossed the flower from Flowers + Friends = Priceless 6 times in clear EP.  I love watching the powder melt!  Then I sloppily cut them all out, scrunched them up, punched random holes in each of them and stuck a brad through all of them and I like it almost as much as when my sister showed me this fantastic trick!  The heart is from Loads of Love!  The banner and saying are from The Best!  The embossing folder is Retro Kitchen by CuttleBug.    The DP is Basic Grey.  ALL of the {ippity} stamps are on sale for 10% off.  Free shipping on all of them and free twine as well!  Please email me if you need any {ippity} sets! noellereese@q.com
Be sure to leave comments on all the blogs to win a prize and play along too!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

My Unity Place Challenge

I love Unity and I love a good sketch! 
I used 2 new sets from Unity.  The Time is Now for the clock and This is the Time for the sentiment.  The paper is MME which I also love!  LOL
Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, how I love my pregnant peeps!

I still have 2 more cards to make I hope to get them done before the babies are born LOL
The stamps are by Hampton Art Oh Baby and American Crafts Baby.  The paper is DCWV.  The buttons are from my stash and the ribbon is velvet and fabulous it Lush by MME!  
Thanks for stopping by today!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I remember 9*11*01 like it was yesterday.  It was the worst and continues to be the worst for everyone involved. 

Today I just so happened to do two totally random acts of kindness.  They didn't cost me a cent.  Truth be told if I am going to be totally honest which I always try to be, they made my life easier.  Less to take to the Good Will after the sale ended.

  Today involved 2 customers from yesterday's garage sales.  One was 7.  She wanted a particular movie and I thought Morgan might have it.  I got her Mom's number [only I got it wrong] and when Morgan found the much wanted movie I guess I decided I was on a mission.  I tracked down 2 other peeps from my Cookie Mom days 3 years ago.  They made the magic happen.  I collected all the books and all the movies and gave them all to that girl.

Then another random lady came yesterday and was up to amazing good causes.  She even called in her sister-in-law.  Today she came back with a different cause.  A new Mom decided to not give her baby up for adoption and she had nothing!  I gave her everything I was taking to the Good Will.  This lady was a Littleton Public School teacher.  We had totally discussed Carlee being a Little Person and how I should address her not being able to get on a toilet by herself.  So when she said "Can I ask you something"?  I said SURE!  assuming it was about Carlee being an LP.  She said May I just hug you?
I was so gross!  About 8 hours of sweat and bruises and dirt and water and diet coke and cupcakes [a whole other story]  This woman hugged my neck like I was a famous person.

And without sounding full of conceit and being self absorbed, that my friends is what we need to do every day.  If we could just help out in the tiniest bit every day, imagine the hugs and happiness we could create!  I did not plan ANY of it.  It just simply happened and it was PERFECT.
BTW, I made $16.00 in cash today.  A MILLION in my heart & totally worth every second!
So tomorrow, hardly even try to help just one person.  If we ALL do this things will be so much better!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Bo Peep

I try not to toot my own horn.  It's rude right?
But, I make really darling babies!  I also buy really darling hats to keep their sweet heads warm when it snows.  A cute little face, in a cute little hat, makes me very happy!
I Have kissed these darling lips millions of times.  
I can't wait to kiss them a million more times.
I LOVE this baby.
Thanks for stopping by!
Everything is by American Crafts

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My First Toy!

It wasn't even a toy.  It was a handle to a box that was made of this fun crinkle type material and Morgan thought Carlee would really love it.  I think she was right.
This is all Echo Park except for the rhinestones, those are from my stash.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

{ippity}'s September Release!

This month's release is super cute!    I have them in stock and will ship them tomorrow!
ALL things are POSSIBLE $6.00 on sale for $5.40
 I LOVE the awareness butterfly.  I love the seeing hope and love too.

Gingham Christmas Greetings $18.00 on sale for $16.20

 As usual, free shipping and free twine!
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The blanket says it all.

I could watch this baby fall asleep all day long.
Every thing on this layout is from a really old Pebbles kit.  I think I spent all of 10 minutes on this.
Man I love scrapping!
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Unity Stamp help! Plus lots to trade!

My fellow {ippity} chick Jen,
offered to help me identify my random stamps!  Only I am not smart enough to get the above picture in the SCS thread LOL  So here it is.  The moon with the spider and the alien I don't even recognize.  I am 99.9% sure I do not own these sets.  The months, all 12 of them I am pretty sure I own.  What set it goes to, I have no idea.  Same with LUCKY and the lawn chair but I can't find them.  I have 2 Unity catalogs and I print off all the KOM's and have those to look through too.  I can't find them  LOL  The circle says other things change us but we start and end with family and I can't find it anywhere

OK, What I have to trade is:

 The Paper Crafts magazine with the winter wishes stamp.  New still sealed

A star and a celebr8 in a circle from Spotted Owl Soup

The dress form and the row of 9 flowers from KOM Wonderful You 10/09

The rabbit with swirls from KOM 01/10

Let it Snow and I {heart} Santa from Mitten Weather

Little Things Make Me Happy from KOM 08/10

Tomorrow is a new day from KOM 4/10 Together We Bloom

fall from KOM 07/10

You make my heart flutter from KOTM 08/09

 So please let me know if you want to trade or if you know where the random stamps belong LOL

Saturday, September 3, 2011

How about flowers BETTER than Prima's!

Perfectly acceptable flower abuse!
This is the last card Carla made for me during her last visit.   I will be demanding that she return shortly!  I was working and she was sitting behind me cutting some random  circle/oval shapes in pattern paper.  Then she roughed up all the edges, and crumpled them all up.  Abuse right?  Then she layered them all up, punched a hole in the middle of them and stuck a brad in the middle.
Aren't they beautiful?  She used Make Your Mark by {ippity} and some Brown and White Twine to finish it off!
Don't you love it?
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Friends With Flair Friday!

I made this card last night and this is the first time in 24 hours that I have had time to do a blog post LOL
I am sliding in with 13 minutes to spare LOL
Friends With Flair Friday has so much inspiration you won't even believe it!
I used the new {ippity} set Gingham Christmas Greetings and it will be available in only 3 days!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

LOVE my Girl!

That pacifier that is as big as her face, I loved that she loved it so much.
I am so happy she gave it up on her own, even before she turned a year old.  Morgan named hers Francis.  We thought she would take it to Kindergarten with her LOL
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I can be such a dork!

I finally played in the Unity KOM Sketch Challenge that Jimmi does every month.  I made this card on Thursday.  Plenty of time to enter.  Only I forgot to do a blog post!  LOL  A new challenge went up today!  LOL
Here is the sketch:
and here is my card:

Here is my confession.  I am the WORST when it comes to directions.  It is like once I hit my creative groove I have no idea what I am doing.  I loved the sketch.  I made the card and said Well I like it but I can't believe I didn't use a stamp.  HELLO!!!  This is a kit of the month challenge.  You must use a Unity KOM STAMP!  So I just added a thank you from 01/11.  I am a reasonably intelligent girl.  I just rarely show it LOL
I had fun and I have a thank you card to send out right?  LOL  Now this month I am winning the 100 random stamps!  I just know it LOL

Another Card by Carla

I love all the cards my sister makes.  She has an Etsy shop you should check it out.  CardsbyCarla.
She made this beautiful Tag Pocket Card with Tag from Creative Cuts and More
The beautiful stamps are from an {ippity} set called Make Your Mark!
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