We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Unity's Birthday SALE!!! YIPPEE!!!

You MUST get to Unity's Blog as fast as you can!
This is a today only deal!!  Unity is CST, HURRY!!

the apron, the pear, the bingo card *SWOON*

The jornaling block, the butterfly, the lamp *SWOON*
I have a funny story about this kit!  When I bought it I was using the butterfly and I said finally a dress form that looks like me!  When I put the butterfly back in the stufftainer I read the sentiment and realized it was a lamp!  LOL  Not that I have worn a skirt that short in 20 years or anything LOL

I adore this kit  I think I have used every stamp it it!

Another to-die-for journaling block!  I am loving those hearts hanging from the branch!  I am going to make Bryan a card when this set arrives!  That snowman is going to emboss beautifully!!

Another bingo card!  I love all the sentiments  I love all of these sets.  Who am I kidding trying to pick out my favorites??  LOL

All of these kits are only $18.00 each!  And only $2.95 shipping.  A full sheet of 8.5 x 11 deeply etched red rubber, pre cut, smells fantastic, DYING to be embossed for $20.95!!
Get over there and buy them!  You will not be sorry!  This does not even have a thing to do with being an {ippity} chick,.  This is just being a good person and not letting you miss out of the best deal EVER!  I may have said that last time but the sales keep getting better!!  GO!  Click HERE!
LOL  Thanks for stopping by today!!
Thanks for 4 phenomenal years of the world's best stamps!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Come join me in the Chick Challenge #27

Hi Peeps!
I hope your weekend was AWESOME!
Do you love this sketch or what?
I was instantly inspired when I saw it.
If you are as well head on over to our Chick Challenge Blog and join us!  My friend Angie Reece is sponsoring this week.  Her card is so beautiful you won't want to miss it. 

Angie bought some muslin and dyed it to make flowers and I thought that sounded so easy.  Well my flower looked like something the cat drug in!  LOL  So I put a My Minds Eye brad in it to distract you guys!  LOL  The giant dangling pom pom's totally crack me up.  Mailing this card is going to take a padded envelope for sure!  LOL

I used the AMAZING Let Your Heart Take Flight {ippity} set.  I absolutely LOVE the 3 different fonts!  Unity makes me happy always mixing up the fonts.
The paper is more from Christy Tomlinson a free gift from Unity!
Please come join us, Angie will send you a prize if you win!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friends with Flair Friday!!

WOAH!  Blogger has a new look and change takes some gettin' used to for this chick!  LOL

I was so excited that I finally made the time to play.  I whipped my card out and then noticed I used my brand spankin' new Kit of the Month Follow Your Own instead of {ippity}!  I am the WORST at challenges LOL  When I am scrapping or making cards I get in this zone and I just reach for what appeals to me at that second I guess.  LOL  Normally I am of average intelligence and can follow a simple rule.  LOL

The paper was a free gift from Unity.  Christy Tomlinson She Art!  I totally LOVE them!  They are always giving free gifts out.
Now, as soon as you have linked up with Friends With Flair, jump in your car and head for Target.  Go straight to their office section and below the sticky notes you will find their Washi tape!

$4.00 for 4 rolls!  You can't beat that!  Mine only had 3 colors and a ton of it!  If you can't find these colors I am happy to pick some up for you!  If your Target has other colors, please pick it up for me!  LOL

OK, I have been meaning to talk about Unity's KOM for a long time now.  This seems like the perfect time.  I totally love it so much I can't follow one simple rule and use {ippity} stamps!
It is all. over. the. place. every single month!  Below there are 41 stamps for $31.00!  Under a dollar, 75 cents a stamp!
Picture of Kit of the Month SUBSCRIPTION {Follow your Own- April 2012}
Just off the top of my head I see  foxy cards for my so much fun to look at husband and all my foxy girlfriends!  Birthday, sympathy, anniversary, promotion, baptism, encouragement, baby,  recipe page, journaling sun on a scrapbook page, I could go on for another hour.  Stamps for everything in one kit!  Perfect for cards and pages!  If that isn't enough, Unity sends out free gifts because they love us.  Hello??  Who else thanks you for buying stuff like that?  Every month you get a coupon code.  25% off, a lot of times it even works on items on sale!  *GASP*  Still not enough incentive to go sign up?  You get a free kit every month if you spend $35.00.  I am pretty sure I have never placed an order under $35.00 in my entire life.  These stamps emboss beautifully.  Every single time!  They are deeply etched red rubber and dirt cheap!
I'll save my swooning over S.M.A.K for another post.
Thanks for stopping by this Unity addicts blog today!  LOL
Happy Friday!
Oh, and if you need some {ippity}, i would love to be your chick.  You can see I have an addiction to support!  HA!  LOL
Have a Beautiful weekend!

There is an amazing sale going on!  I shopped until I nearly dropped and it was BIG Fun!
Then on FaceBook Angela posted the bigger the order the better the FREE GIFT!  I didn't even know that and my order was BIG!  Let the stalking of the mailman begin!
PS  I love that the picture I just stole from her email turned my typing green! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hurry on over to Unity! It's happy hour!! YIPPEE!!!!!

$2.00 shipping!!!    YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Happy Hour Specials good

 $2 shipping

Starting NOW!

4 p.m. to MIDNIGHT - Central Time.

February 2012 & March 2012  Kit of the Months 
ON SALE for only $26
regular $45

limited quantities.
                                             HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!!

How do you feel about plaid?

I actually dislike it VERY much!  LOL  But this darling golf cart screamed plaid paper to me.

It's not so bad after all!  LOL  I might not wear it any time soon but I do like scrapping with it LOL

Thanks for stopping by today!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi Peeps!

Are you all recovered from the release party? We had so much fun! I love laughing until my cheeks hurt!
Here is the full card from one of my sneak peeks!
I totally love this set!
As usual it embosses beautifully!
If you need to own this set LOL  Please pick me as your chick!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome to our It's Raining Happy {ippity} Blog hop!!

Please head on over to Split Coast Stampers and join our PARTY!
I hope you arrived here from Jen's blog.  She is amazing isn't she?  If you didn't please start at the {ippity} Blog!  So you don't miss anything.
I used  Bloom and Simplify, and I LOVE it!
Can you see how beautifully this embossed?  PERFECT!!!
Angie Girl: Dream with Your Heart
Bloom and Simplify
Let Your Heart Take Flight
There is even a BUNDLE!  I love the bundle prices!!
$40.00 for all 3 sets!  SCORE
Now it is time to head on over to Heather's Blog!
Please come chat with us on Split Coast and on FaceBook!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am SO excited about April's {ippity} release!

You are going to LOVE it!!!
Seriously, this is a good one!!

Angie Blom ROCKS! 
We are also having a blog hop, so be sure to come back tomorrow night at 7!  We will also be having a party at Split Coast and on Facebook!!  So rest your fingers!  There is also so much typing it is CRAZY!  So MUCH Fun!
See you tomorrow!! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happiness is a direction,

not a place!

I got my order from the sale and I LOVE all the itty bitty's!  Direction of Happy has a bird and butterfly's!  *swoon*

The frame is from Ornate Artisan Stackers.  I am going to do an entire post on how much I love the Samantha Walker sets! 

Do you love that pink flower print background?
OH MY GOSH!  It's not paper!  That is another SNEAK PEEK of what is coming on THURSDAY!  You are going to LOVE it!
Thanks for swinging by today!  We sure to come back on Thursday so you can see everything.  It is a STELLAR release!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Sneak Peek for the April {ippity} release!

I made this one the same night I made the other one, where did all the time go?  LOL

Are you excited yet??  It's a good one!
Did you order for the 40% off sale?  What did you get?
Thanks for stopping by today!