We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

OH EM GEEE P!NK was post phoned in Denver for tonight!

So I have time to play in Friends with Flair!  WHOOP!!  There might be beer involved too  LOL
I made this card for a lady I work out with at Curves.  She gave me a bag of their breakfast drink powder and saved me $20.00 how nice was that?? 
The scalloped oval is from Spellbinders.  I love their dies almost as much as I love Unity stamps!
That darling table scene is from Spirit of Summertime.  Being a member of KOM is my birthday present every year.  BEST GIFT EVER!!  My DH LOVES it too because he never has any pressure!  LOL  Our anniversary is 3 days before my birthday so SMAK covers that too!  LOL  The clouds are from No Matter what the Weather.

Inside I used one of my all time favorite Thanks sentiments.  Look at the POLKA DOTS!  Is that not the cutest font ever?  I use it every chance I get.  It is from Delight in Beauty!
PS  I did not tell her I love you  LOL  I said I love the shakes!  They are really YUMMY!  Maybe next time I will remember to take a picture before I scribble all over it LOL
Thanks for stopping by today!  Come join us!  There are prizes.  Unity has the best prizes EVER!
I am off to make something and have some beers since I can't be at my favorite rock stars concert!  Wednesday is coming!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Guess what? UNITY named a stamp after ME!

I am sorry to brag, but I am so honored and excited!  It makes me down right happy!
I ordered her so fast yesterday.  I could not get the order completed fast enough!
Truth be told I don't look like that *snort*  But I am working on it!
Did you see the freebies this week?  It makes absolutely zero sense to me and I worry Unity is going to put themselves right out of business with deals like this!  [I'm kidding, Angela is an above average business owner] 
Hero image
Can you believe that?  Can you believe how cute those birdies are?
Another AWESOME thing happened this week!  My girl turned 16!  Sweet 16!
 I like to put cards in her lunch!  I used Hoot of A Day such a darling owl!!  That is a Lifestyle Crafts die that came free with my Genius Platform.  The bling and the heart sticker are from KI Memories I think, I forgot to write that down.
I am so sorry I decapitated Bryan.  He took Morgan and her BFF to the Bronco/Raider game to celebrate.
Here is another bad picture of my really handsome husband.  But he was saying something funny is my guess.  Look at our girls looking at him!  They love him so much!
I was not able to take good pictures.  Apparently I was so excited about blowing my diet on that ice-cream cake!  I ate it 3 days in a row!  I am happy to report yesterday some how I managed to not have any.  I can hear the dumb thing calling my name right now though!  I am not so sure I will have the same luck today!  *snort*  Now poor Morgan is in bed sick.  Day #2.  Poor Baby!
Come join us for Friends With Flair!  you won't be sorry!  Those girls have more talent in one finger than I do!  I am so inspired and I look at all of their blogs!  Then go buy Noelle!  *SWOON*  I think I love this! 
Have a fantastic weekend!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh how I love Friday's!

Not only are they for Friends with Flair but it means we get to sleep in tomorrow!  YIPPEE!!!!
I have declared a pajama day!  I have been sick and I NEED it!
And I might do the same on Monday! 
I made 6 of these to sell at the Chocolate Shop, quick and easy makes me happy.  That is what I love about Unity.  All of their stamps fit every need I have.  I got the heart from one of my favorite SMAK kits …without YOU what would I DO?  The I love u is AWESOME I love that it isn't perfect.  I found it in Love Bug.  I think that is one of the first Unity sets I fell in love with.  Some day I am going to drive a little Bug around town!
The twine is mine, you can find it HERE 
The bling is Recollections.
The border punch is Deco Scallop by EK.
Come on over and join us for Friends With Flair!  I plan to scrap all weekend.  If you look at what the Peeps are posting you will be so inspired you too will scrap all weekend! 
Don't forget to check out unity's sale this weekend!  55% off every stamp!  An entire category of stamps over 55% off!
Two free gifts if you spend $60!
Get over there!  You won't be sorry!
Thank you for stopping by today!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Are you playing the itty bitty a day challenge on FB?

It would be just plain crazy if you weren't!  Come on!!
Head over HERE and join us!
I didn't get to play yesterday.  I was at the zoo with my darling girls.  Who refused to let me take their picture.  Truthfully Carlee refused and I wasn't going to make Morgan while Carlee was crying.  I was mad as you know what.  WHY she tortures me like that is beyond me.  Let me know if you want to see turtles, giraffes or flamingos.  Or even a cool eagle that is so polite he crosses his feet when he sits!

This is a terrible picture and I am so sorry!  I am in a huge hurry and behind at work so I quickly just snapped it.
I have become a Glimmer Mist junkie.  I cannot get enough of that shimmery goodness!  It is pretty hard to tell in the picture but I spayed the bottom doily with 2 coats to make it darker.  I learned a new thing too!  When I sprayed the pink azalea the chestnut brown color from the paper towel in the box from the previous sprays soaked up into the pink.  Can you see it?   Look on the dark pink bottom layer to the left.  Coolest thing ever!!  Tonight I am going to use oyster on it and see what happens.
Oh wait we are here for the itty bitty!!  One of my favorite things Unity does is mix up fonts on most of their kits.  When they mix it up in a saying you can bet your last dollar it will be one of my favorites!  This one is from Good Times and you should own it!  It also comes with flowers that are super fun to paper piece!
Speaking of flowers. 
Dear GOD,
Thank you for giving me my Sister, Carla!
Love, Noelle
This pile of flowers is what happened when I had to work and she said I need some dictionary paper and those vintage buttons we bought and some twine.
Goodness!  It is a pile of shimmery awesome lovely flowers! 
[I think if you click on it, it will get bigger and you can see the shimmer]When I run out I am jumping in my car and making more with her all day long.  I saw her little crumbled up balls of 'trash'.  I handed her what she requested but DANG I didn't know she would have a pile this this in just an hour while I worked!  I honestly don't know what dies she even used.  I could search my stash and figure it out if you want me to!
Come join us!  You could win this itty bitty!!  ANY itty bitty!  SCORE!!
Thanks for stopping by today!
Here is your bonus!
 That little white ball of fluff is a baby flamingo *swoon*
This is an eagle that sitting cross legged *so cute*

Monday, July 29, 2013

More Unity FaceBook Fun!

It is so simple!!
Good Gravy an itty bitty a day?  How perfect!!
I used a Webster's itty bitty called Celebrate I love the sailboat, but the sentiment screams Birthday to me so I paired it with a Sizzix cupcake.
Come play with us!  I am not sure how long it will last but for now it is a daily thing.  Check it out HERE.
Thanks for stopping by today!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friends With Flair on a Saturday! SCORE!!!

I have been making or trying to 10 minute cards to sell in my girlfriend's chocolate shop!
My fabulous sister helped me come up with idea while I worked during her last visit.
I LOVE her!
Carla made the top card I adore that shade of brown but it is too thin.  The red on the hearts bled through to the other side.  She didn't like that my brown pad was too dry.  I actually love how faint the wine bottle is I think it looks really great.  But I threw the pad out it was completely trashed.  Those chestnut roan ColorBox pads tear up beyond repair when you use them on every single card LOL 
 I made 6 of these in about 2 hours.  But I have a super chatty 5 year old so nothing gets done in a reasonable amount of time.  She likes to be looked at when she speaks and she only stops speaking to take a breath.  *snort*  When she starts school in August I might be able to make a 10 minute card.  HA!
The Shall We UnWINEd itty bitty is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it and I don't even like wine!  It is also on sale for $3.79!  You better go grab it!
The bling is from KI Memories and the Twine is my own, let me know if you need any!  Always free shipping!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Have you joined Unity's CHA party?

You sure should!
The stamp is free even!  *GASP*
Who does that?  UNITY does That's who!
You can pick it up HERE
Then once you make something with it run over to FaceBook HERE and Like their page then add your picture. Then guess what?  You could win a guest spot on their DESIGN TEAM!  I can't even say it.  I have to shout it and maybe jump up and down.  And guess what else?  100 random stamps!  If you know me at all. Even a tiny bit.  You know that alone is enough to practically stop my heart.  If you win you have to throw them on the floor and roll around in them!  *snort*
Here is the problem It is a color challenge LOL  I don't color well.  Or at all really  LOL
I got out my Radiant Pearls and painted it.  I thought with colors *THAT* beautiful I might have a shot *snort*
You can't really tell, but I cut out the flowers and then popped them up.  I also popped up the card base. 
Then I covered everything in Glimmer Mist.  The shimmer is unreal.  My pictures don't do it justice!
Thanks for stopping by today!
Come play with us!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Growing in Unity Winner! :)

There were so many comments there was no way I could put them all in a box and have Carlee draw one.  So I had Carlee pick Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and she picked Friday!!
Then I had Morgan pick a number from 1 thru 26 and she picked 24!
I have enjoyed your week of post... even if I read them all in one day. You both have given us some great inspiration.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 5 of Growing in Unity!

WOW!  What a fun week!  I could post stuff made with Unity every day if blogging was not so time consuming HA!!
Thanks for stopping by all week!  I appreciate it so much!  All of your sweet comments have been awesome!!
As you can see from the amazing card and photography skills Carla was involved on this one too.  
On this one she broke out the Spellbinders and amazed me with the mixing of the label and the frame.  AWESOME combo and again it would have never entered my mind.  We are sisters with the same Mom and the same Dad.  Why didn't I get any of that in my head??  Dang, some things are so unfair HA!!!
We used the awesome bike from the June Kit of the Month Love the Little Things.  I LOVE this kit!  Every single image is to die for!  The sentiment and heart are from a little 7 Gypsies kit we found at Hobby Lobby the button, twine and ribbon are from her stash.
Thank you so much for joining me this week.  I love Unity like they are family, being their GIU girl for a week is always an honor!
Carlee will pick a winner on Monday from all the comments this week!
Good Luck!
I am going to miss this designer signature tag :)
I am also going to add this to FWF, you should come join us HERE.  Even more prizes!  *swoon* 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 4 of Growing In Unity

Hi Peeps!!  OK I don't mean to sound conceited because I am far from it!  What I am though is my sister's BIGGEST fan!
Look at this beautiful card!!
She is so stinking amazing you can't even believe it!  Her cards are awesome even her photographic skills are amazing!  I got to spend a few nights with her in Pueblo this week and we made the last 2 cards at her house and boy can you tell I was not left on my own!  HA!!
She even uploaded them onto the blog for me!  How great is she?  LOVE her so MUCH!
We had the best time shopping and making cards!!
We used Paper Hearts the first Layers of Life {LOL} kit and man do I ever swoon over this beautiful butterfly every time I look at it!!
Carla has the ability to mix pattern paper. I cannot do that.  Look at those banners!  What a great idea!!  I am totally in love with the sequins!  So cheap and easy and darling!  We each bought 5 bags at Hobby Lobby and shared them.  Now we have enough to last for our children's grandchildren *snort*  Carla does something that I love and wanted to share with you.  She is using up old kits.  This paper is My Minds Eye Bohemia she takes whatever scraps are left and just starts whipping out cards.  I wanted a navy blue scrap while I was there. She didn't have any *GASP*  Her room is overflowing with all sorts of stuff and she just starts with whatever is left over and keeps on using it and when I left what was big 12 x 12 pieces of paper were just a few scraps and I am sure they are gone now.  My scraps are taking over my life.  I Noelle Reese solemnly swear to use up all these stinking scraps!  LOL  Plus if you use them then you don't even have to take time to put them away!  SCORE!!
Thanks so much for stopping by again today!
Please leave a comment so you have one more chance to have Carlee pick your name for 2 free itty bitty's!!!
*swoon*  I love this even more every time I get to add it!  :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 3 of Growing In UNITY!

I am having SO much fun, thank you for stopping by today!
This card makes me happy just looking at it.  It always seems like later I think I wish I would have used a kraft card instead of cream or inked the edges or whatever but I love this card!  Even though I didn't emboss *GASP*  I always emboss!  It is my favorite.  But I really wanted to make the paper look like I tore it out of a kraft colored spiral and I didn't want to embossing to crack and pop off in places.  Sometimes I like that to happen.  I guess this time I didn't LOL  I cut in between each hole so they are really separated.  I have never done that before I will definitely do it again.  The paper stamp is from A Love Beyond Measure, one of my fave sets!  That half doily was a free gift from Unity!  Are you guys loving the free gifts with every order as much as I am?  They are so fun and almost as exciting as the stamps!  I love tearing through the box and finding them!  It was white.  I glimmer misted it and it is so sparkly and beautiful!  All the ribbons are from my stash.  This is such a perfect way to use up tiny pieces of leftover ribbon. 

I am scheduling these blog posts in case I go visit my sister so it could be sold out now, but the Photos box is still available!  I LOVE this box!  I have the itty bitty one too!  They are AWESOME on my desk and make me smile every time I reach for something!  The flowers are from a recent Hobby Lobby haul I don't remember who made them I put them all in a jar on my flower shelf.  The bird is from Recollections, I love him!  The alpha letters are by Glitz the turquoise lines made it so I would pay any amount for them!  LOL  Lucky for me Michael's had a 40% off alpha sticker sale!
Here is a close up so you can see everything a little bit better.

I make all of my cards from a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  I buy A6 envelopes though.  They give me more room for thicker cards and so things can hang off the edge.  A .46 cent stamp still mails them!
Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Please don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win 2 free itty bitty's!!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Growing In Unity Day TWO!!

Hi Peeps!  Thank you for coming back today!!
Today's card is a special one.
My sweet Mother-in-law sent home her favorite bible as a gift for me, isn't it beautiful?  Such a special gift I can't make a card nice enough for a family heirloom like that. 
But I tried.  I used Half of Her Doily on the black paper with clear embossing and I LOVE it.  It is so pretty in real life you can't believe it.  I was worried because the paper is textured, it still turned out so perfect. 
It is hard to tell but I embossed the pink strip of paper with a Lifestyle Crafts folder named Doily.  The sentiment is from Thank You Words and the butterflies *swoon* are from the June 2012 KOM Sweet Summer Love.  I wish I could say my 5 year old cut them out, but that would be a fib.  I cut them out and I just don't cut very well....   LOL  The flat back pearls are by Recollections and I spent such a long time getting them all stuck on.  PHEW! They are so tiny and my craft knife kept flinging them all over!  Someone tell me an easier way please LOL
This is a sketch.  An awesome sketch.  Sadly I have no idea where it came from.  I right click on them and if there is more than one I paste them in word and forgot all about writing down where I got it.  The sketch is an oval instead of a circle and the butterflies are stars.  The pearls are dotted lines and on all 4 sides.
Please remember to leave a comment this week, Carlee will be picking a winner for 2 free itty bitty's! 
Thanks so much for stopping by today.
PS I am not over how much I love that name tag the fabulous Kelli made me <3 font="">

Monday, June 24, 2013

It is my Growing In Unity WEEK!!! YIPPPEE!!!!!!!

It is always so exciting and such an honor to be the GIU girl!
You may or may not have noticed I LOVE Unity!  I LOVE the girls and the stamps and every single thing about them  <3 font="">
Guest Designer *SWOON* 
OK, almost enough gushing!  LOL

Unity's KOM is one of my favorite things.  Month after month the images are always so amazing.  I made this card using April's You Make My Heart Puffy
Seriously, I love every single image!  I could just kiss that darling flower giving panda!
When you get to be the GIU gal you get a free stamp set *so exciting*  But even better, YOU get to pick 2 free itty bitties!  If you have some itty bitties already you know that name does not speak the truth!  They are usually giant.  On the rare occasion one is itty I always say out loud awwwww because it is so cute and shocking LOL
So please leave me a comment.  At the end of the week I will have Carlee pick a winner!
Ok the card details are lots of washi by Darice, Target and Paper Studio.  The sequins are from Hobby Lobby with brown Studio G glitter glue.  The twine is mine.  Red and brown together.  Washi tape as pattern paper is pretty fun I have to say!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Carla sharing Carlee!!

Hey, Friends! This is Carla, Noelle's big sister. I took this picture of our girl Carlee today, and I thought you'd like a peek! The photo is a little overexposed, but it's so adorable, I had to share it anyway!

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's official! I only post for FWF now LOL

Hi Peeps!  I actually am here to post my 5 projects for Growing in Unity and these table announcements were in the download from the camera so I thought I would do a quick post!
One of my fave things about Unity is how often I turn to their stamps!  We were at the church garage sale [you should see my living room!  Polly Pocket EXPLOSION!] and Morgan's youth group leader said Hey Noelle!  I need something cute, some signs for the DZone table tomorrow at the Splash and Dash 5K.  I said no problem!  I came home and made these.
Please excuse the awful pics LOL  I took them to remind myself what I had already done for her for the next event.
This is the only one that has a Unity stamp, but seriously how cute is it?  I used Do Not Bend and it was on my desk I had not even put it away yet how perfect!  This weekend it is on sale as well for only $4.  It is an itty bitty but it is not small!  That sign is 11" wide and 7.5" tall.  As usual, it embosses beautifully.  The font is Hippie Chick by CuttleBug
This one has my all time favorite font Spicy Chicken!  I love it because my awesome husband Bryan went to the local scrap store one day before a weekend crop and bought it for me.  He said in his super heavy Texan drawl "HEY!  My wife is goin' croppin' with y'all this weekend and and I wanted to surprise her.  She really wants some new funky chicken thing.  Well she deserves it.  If I buy it can you set it wherever she is going to sit so she is surprised?"  After my girlfriends picked themselves up off the floor laughing their heads off knowing very well the new Spicy Chicken Quickutz font was my favorite of the new release LOL  I LOVE that man and all these years later it is still my favorite font and I use it every chance I get! 
 This one has a ton of QK fonts Vixon, Metro, Maddie and Blossom.
This one has the DZone logo and it makes me smile every time I look at it.
Thanks so much for stopping by today and remember, grab some Unity and stamp it on anything it will always work perfectly!  There is something for every project you need!  <3 font="">

Friday, May 31, 2013

A super fun shopping haul!!

RUN!  Don't walk to your nearest Hobby Lobby!
 All Paper Studio is 50% off!  $2.99 for 3 rolls SCORE!!  There is not as much tape as a normal roll so don't ever buy it for full price!
 TONS of clearance, they are almost giving stuff away!
 The above die looks pretty fun I will make a card soon with it!
 $7.19 for Tim dies!  SCORE!!
 $5.99 for large punches.  I can't remember the last time I bought a punch.  Well except border punches.
 Fun brads!  50% off
 Webster's Pages beautiful trims for $2.51
 Flowers 50% off.  I am going to Glimmer Mist the white ones!
 I thought the borders would be darling on cards and each sheet will make about 18 cards I'm guessing!  The envelope seals are going on Morgan's thank you cards.  Those butterflies are so beautiful and I think they were $1.49 BEFORE the 50% off!
 Embossing folders half off!  The bottom one had a rectangle and it says celebrate.  I can't wait to swipe some ink over that!
The Tim folders are such a PERFECT size for Project Life!
 50% off!
50% off I love these wood stamps total eye candy!
 Fun bottle caps!  I have both of these in albums one for each girl and these will be so cute in them!!
 These I got at Archivers for 50% off!
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE dies with matching stamps.
These wood veneer chevrons make me happy just looking at them!
ALL of this awesome loot for under $230.!  I paid cash and still have $105. for another sale!  SCORE!! 
I love watching haul videos!  I have ZERO desire to learn how to use my flip and get a video on my blog LOL  I always mean to take pictures to share great deals and never get it done.  Wednesday I took the pics as I put things away and then decided not to blog about it because blogging just isn't my favorite think lately LOL  But then yesterday I told my all time favorite person, my sister to get her fine self to Hobby Lobby and call me as soon as she got home!  So while she told me everything she bought I emailed her all these pictures.  It was so fun I thought what the heck I will do a quick blog post!  :)
Seeing and talking about what we bought is almost as fun as shopping together!  So RUN to HL and let me know whaty you find!  I think after my PT appt. today I might go to my other HL and see what they have on clearance!
Happy Shopping!
Thanks for looking :)