We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If you LOVE Unity, get on over there!

Seriously, this is a SCREAMING deal.  At this moment I have all eleven KOM's I don't own in my cart LOL  I am going to tell Bryan that is ELEVEN free itty bitties, a $66. savings!  HELLO!  I would be insane not to check out right?  Plus a darling cupcake stamp I NEED.  Head over to Unity!  Tell me what you are getting LOL  Plus I am a KOM'er.  I'll get a free kit that is under $29.  That is like a $94. sale.  My Mom raised a very smart girl don't you know?
I LOVE the grab bags.  I drive my friends CRAZY texting pictures of the stamps to see where they came from, because you know, what if I already have them?  Then I get on Unity's FaceBook page and swap with those girls for Unity I don't have!  Be sure to become a fan of their page too!  They are always giving away stamps.  The thing I miss the most about working full time is following all the Uniity Lover's blogs and being inspired by all their amazing work!  Plus all the challenges!  Do you know they give away 100 random stamps and a free kit?  I seriously think 100 random stamps could send me into a total tizzy LOL  I'd probably roll around in them for just a minute and only when the baby wasn't looking LOL
Thanks for stopping by and I promise to get more active soon!  I never ever thought I would say this,
I miss blogging.  *GASP*

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Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

GROAN...I am trying to be good girl when it comes to my spending. Off to check out these deals, though....