We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

40% off all the stamps and FREE itty bitty's!

Sales like this make my heart rate speed up!!  40% off all the stamps except 2 co-brands!
40% off {ippity}
FREE itty bitty's!  One for every $20.00 you spend!! 
We did our taxes yesterday.
We are getting a refund.
I feel stamps in my future!  :)

It's SNEAK PEEK Time!! {ippity}'s April release ROCKS!!!

I'm not much of a tease, because I don't like to be teased LOL  I want to see the stamps and right now works well for me LOL  However, now we can only show you sneak peeks until our release which is always the 2nd Thursday of each month!
You will LOVE these stamps!  It is a fantastic release!
You will love this set! 
Thanks for stopping by today!  :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I think Morgan should try out for the Unity DT!

My girl can whip out a card in no time!!
She used the butterfly from Devoted.  It is on sale for $21.60.  I have it in stock.  25 yards of free twine and free shipping!

The sentiment is from Heartfelt Sympathy.  We are LOVING the sentiment sets!
It is only $8.99 for 9 perfect sentiments.  One says love you to the moon and back.  Carlee tells me this 100 times a day and it is the best sentence I have ever heard!
You can get the Twine HERE.  $2.50 for 25 yards and free shipping!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I LOVE Your Face!!

I actually welled up last night scrapping this beautiful baby!

I really wish that glare was not on her eye.  Thank goodness it isn't there is real life!
Now, the yellowed picture on the left is awful!  However it shoes the whole outfit with the hat and booties and matching pants so cute I can't even stand it!  I'm sorry to brag.  I just love my babies!

I have kissed those lips so many times, I can't help myself.  She might be thinking we take too many pictures??

My journaling block is from one of my favorite {ippity} sets.  A Moment in Time.  $24.00 and on sale for $21.60.  Free Twine and Free shipping!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

No pictures of tonight's event!

That does not mean Mama isn't going to scrap it any way!!

I used Me & My Big Ideas stamps on Morgan and Mick.  *snicker* 
The chipboard clothes came with the stamp set LOL

I used without YOU what would I DO? {SMAK Jan 2012} I LOVE these Kits of the Month 
They are so PERFECT for all my Scrapbook pages. 
Have you signed up yet??  You really should!  They are the best stamps EVER!!
Did you all get your orders placed?  I cut mine more than in half!  I am very proud of myself for having a little tiny bit of restraint LOL  I didn't like it, not even a little bit!  LOL
Go shop, the 55% off sale ends tomorrow!
Thank you for stopping by!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friends with Flair Friday!! With a *ANOTHER* KILLER Sale!!

I thought I had a lot of the stamps from the sale.  I do have a lot of the stamps that are on sale.  HOW is my cart over $250?  *GASP*  How am I ever supposed to decide what to order?  Here is what I do.  I throw everything in my cart and then I decide which sets have the most stamps that I *HAVE* to have.  Then my stinkin' cart looks exactly the same and I go to work on Bryan telling him how great the sale is and how much I love every single set....
I used my March Kit of the Month From Head To Soul.  *swoon*  This months kit is so totally perfect I LOVE it!
I can't wait to use the banner and the harlequin and the chicks OK, all of it LOL 
Sadly, I have too many sympathy cards to make. 
...my thoughts are with you is a perfect set.  I knew I would use these on every card!
Are you shopping today with me??
Don't forget to link up with us for Friends With Flair.  There are PRIZES!
If you order any {ippity} I would love to be your chick!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

55% off!! Just typing that makes my heart rate speed up!!

Lucky for my checking account I ADORE Marah Johnson, Melody Ross, Iron Orchid and Simple Stories!  I have been collecting them as they come out so I might not have to order every single set and stalk the postman.  LOL  I know I really want the Travel Notes, I do not have a map stamp of any kind and I road trip all the time!  SCORE!!!  I also really need year.o.graphy calendarI could totally do this all night long *snicker*
Oh, how I LOVE a Unity sale!
PS When Lisa gets back she is not going to get mad!  No one at Unity ever gets mad.  They are the BEST!  She may or may not mutter under her breath that the Peeps are killin' her, but she won't be mad.  LOL
Psst.  The $2.95 shipping makes me down right GIDDY!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A dose of Carlee cuteness!

I LOVE scrapping this baby!

I started with the heart that I LOVE from the March SMAK kit True Story.  But I simply could let leave out a single picture.  I LOVE them all so I piled them ALL on and decided anyone who looked at the album I would tell them the red there, those are very cool hearts!  LOL
SMAK is my favorite monthly kit!  I LOVE KOM too but SMAK had me at Hello, the stamps call out to me while i try to sleep  LOL  I plan my next layout in my head around the stamps LOL
  You should go sign up for SMAK if you have not already done so!  You will get a 25% off coupon for all of your unity orders every single month!  So the killer sales Ang puts on.... add your code it works often on her sales.  Then if you spend $35.  [has there ever been an order under $35.?]  You get to pick a free stamp set that is $29.00 or under!  My free sets each month make me giddy like a kid on Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by today!
PS  Morgan took all these pictures.  Yes I got to hold Carlee but she is doing all the darling looks for her sister, whom she worships!  *swoon*

Saturday, March 17, 2012

More cards by my favorite card maker!!

Morgan is back tonight with more of her awesome Thank you cards!
She used Just Wanted To Say on this.  
And the fantastic butterfly from Devoted again. 
With more twine
My Mind's Eye Paper [she is no dummy]  With butterfly die-cuts!! 
This one she used Straight From the Heart and topped it off with Stickles! 
Last but certainly not least the dragonfly from Bold Insight is her FAV! 
It is $25.00 and on sale for $9.77!  Can you even believe that?  Go get it! 
Don't you LOVE it?
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friends with Flair Friday!! With a KILLER Sale!!

Have you ordered yet?  Good Gravy I can't even believe the deals!
SEVENTEEN kits marked down to $9.77
itty bitty's for $2.77 and under

If you spend $17. you get the darling brand new owl on a mushroom stamp for FREE!  Spend $37. and you get the darling brand new birthday stamp too!  *SWOON*
OK, back to FWF, I used Be Brave Branch Out   I love this stamp!
  I would also love to be your chick if you need it!
  I used the Spellbinder die that matches Blossom Stackers.  The sentiment is from Everything Extraordinary, which is retired.  I hope you have it!  :)
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Happy St. Patrick's Day Shopping!!  Enjoy the LUCKY YOU sale!  I think we are the lucky ones!
Please link up and join us with FWF, you could win STAMPS!!

How do you feel about free stamps??

Pretty good right?  Free UNITY stamps??  EVEN BETTER!!!
SEVENTEEN kits marked down to $9.77 & under???  GASP  itty bitty's for $2.77 and under??  SERIOUSLY??
Spend $17. you get that darling brand new owl on the mushroom stamp  for FREE!  *swoon*  I love owls!!  Spend $37. and you get the darling birthday stamp too!  My guess is these are itty bitty's!  That is $13.00 of free stamps!  For buying totally discounted Unity stamps?
Go shop!  I'll meet you there! 
If you need any {ippity} I would LOVE to be your chick!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We have my all time favorite guest designer today!

I sure wish I could post a picture of her LOL  But this is a new work computer and we didn't transfer my pictures because they are all backed up and safe on Carbonite!
It's Morgan!  She is beautiful.  She is a stellar volleyball player and I LOVE it when she makes stuff with me!  She had to make a ton of thank you cards because so many people have donated for her mission trip!
She LOVES this dragonfly from Bold Insight
The sentiment is from Just Wanted to Say
The Butterfly is from Devoted.  
The pink twine is from DoodleBug. 

The brown twine is from us.  You can get it here.
Thanks for stopping by today! 
If you order from Unity, I would love to be your chick!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have *BIG* News!! Carlee Rae LOVES Gum!!

Last week she asked me When will I be big enough to chew gum?  I said Right now Girlfriend!
We started with half a stick.  My Mom always gave me a half of a stick and I hated it LOL  But she had 4 mouths to insert gum into at this moment I only had one. 
I had to ask.  How is it?  I couldn't tell.  LOL 
She LOVED it!
I kept saying, Don't swallow it, may I see it? 
 I said Are you ready for the whole piece? She spit that half out so fast it was UNREAL! 
  LOL   You might want to notice the perfect aim.  Right on the Diet Coke can! 
Whole is absolutely better! 
Only watermelon will do. 
The next trip to the store she gets any flavor she wants that isn't minty.
Mint burns a girl's tongue and tastes like stinky cat-food!
Just so you know :)


Come on!  This is going to be so much fun!  I will be late because Morgan has a volleyball game but I'll be there as soon as I can!  YIPPEE!!!!!  I'll take a cold Coors Light and one of every stamp offered please!
See ya' there!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


And all of you that are NOT friends with me on FaceBook have NO IDEA what I am talking about LOL
Long story short version:
Christmas day.  I am washing dishes.  Morgan is making cookies and Bryan is carving the turkey I think.  It WAS over 3 months ago  LOL
Our 4 year old Carlee walks over to our 29 gallon fish tank, it is right at her eye level and she shouts:  IT'S CHRISTMAS FISHES!!
That was when Bryan, Morgan and I hit the kitchen floor.
She obviously has NO idea what the B word is that rhymes with fishes and she has never heard that phrase. We don't really talk like that.  Yes we say naughty words but not in that phrase type of way. 
So we have totally over used the phrase for MONTHS!  I have been known to shout DINNER IS READY FISHES!  I texted both Bryan and Morgan as fast as I could after I knew they were at their destinations HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FISHES!!  It just isn't getting old.  So we are all 12.  We are laughing!  LOL
IT'S FWF FISHES!!!  Are you playing??  There are prizes!  Get on it!  :)
One day *I* will win 100 random Unity stamps.  On that day I will buy a billboard!!   It will say:
I WON 100 UNITY STAMPS FISHES!   OK, so maybe I will just paint it on the living room wall!!  LOL
OK, back to why you are here.  Longest. story. ever. Right?  LOL
Did you make the release party?  We have so much fun chatting and playing Bingo!  I seriously laughed until I cried!  AND that is with people I have never met before!  Sure I knew a lot of them, but unity draws in FUNNY Peeps!  I can only compare it to a HUGE slumber party!  Only no one is left out and has chocolate on their face when it is over.  Well some might because they were typing too fast to grab a napkin  LOL  I was typing so much I would have starved to death if I was hungry!
OK, my Dream A Little Dream Princess looks a little red eyed.  She is NOT!  she has brown eyes  LOL  Like Carlee!  I was going to put it on her scrapbook page but it ended up not fitting.  It has tons of Glossy Accents, Stickles and a glitter pen!  She looks BEAUTIFUL, it just did not picture well. 
I would very much LOVE to be your chick!
Thank you!!
The ENTIRE release $38.00 MUCH less if you use your KOM, SMAK, or previous order coupon code!  YIPPEE!!!  Happy Shopping!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome to our {ippity} you are fabulous blog hop!

Hey!!  Thanks so much for hopping with us today!
I hope you are arriving from Joan's Blog!  She does amazing work doesn't she?  If not, you will want to start from the beginning HERE.
As you have seen we are all giving you a word today from 2 fabulous {ippity} quotes!
You need to get each word and at the end of the hop find the {ippity} set that has that quote and you get an extra chance to win {ippity} stamps!  YIPPEE!!!!!!!!
If you know me at all you know cupcake's are one of my top 5 favorite stamps!  I simply can't say NO to them.  I buy them every chance I get!
I wish you could see this card in real life.  It looks like a sticker!  It embossed PERFECTLY!  I traced everything with a clear gel pen and it really makes it shine.  I colored everything with gel pens.  Some glaze and some glitter!   I love those pens!  Pair them up with Bazzil Bling and you have serious SPARKLE which I LOVE!! 
is Barbara!  Get ready to be WOW'd!  I have seen her amazing cards and you are going to LOVE them too!!
Did you see my word?  NO?  You did right?  :)  I cracked up when I saw my word was no.  I have heard more than once, Do you EVER say NO?  Now I can say YES I DO!  LOL  It is here in writing you don't have to ask my girls any more to get the truth  LOL
Thank you so much for hopping with us today!
Here are all the stamps from this release.  SO FANTASTIC!!!  I love ALL of them!
Counts As A Fruit
Something Groovy
Raining Happy
Be Brave Branch Out
Dream A Little Dream

You can order these stamps directly from Unity, or from me!  They have been ordered and are on their way!  When that box arrives I will not be out of any of the {ippity} sets!
Thank you for picking me as your chick!