We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

55% off!! Just typing that makes my heart rate speed up!!

Lucky for my checking account I ADORE Marah Johnson, Melody Ross, Iron Orchid and Simple Stories!  I have been collecting them as they come out so I might not have to order every single set and stalk the postman.  LOL  I know I really want the Travel Notes, I do not have a map stamp of any kind and I road trip all the time!  SCORE!!!  I also really need year.o.graphy calendarI could totally do this all night long *snicker*
Oh, how I LOVE a Unity sale!
PS When Lisa gets back she is not going to get mad!  No one at Unity ever gets mad.  They are the BEST!  She may or may not mutter under her breath that the Peeps are killin' her, but she won't be mad.  LOL
Psst.  The $2.95 shipping makes me down right GIDDY!


Idol Lash said...

Lucky for my checking account I ADORE Marah Johnson, Melody Ross, Iron Orchid and Simple Stories!

NoraAnne said...

LOL! I hear you :) I'm still contemplating an order! My wishlist is just TOOOOOOOOOO long! I wish I had that many OOOOO's in my checking account! LOL! Then I could purchase everything on the LOOOOOOOOOOng list! LOL!