We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


And all of you that are NOT friends with me on FaceBook have NO IDEA what I am talking about LOL
Long story short version:
Christmas day.  I am washing dishes.  Morgan is making cookies and Bryan is carving the turkey I think.  It WAS over 3 months ago  LOL
Our 4 year old Carlee walks over to our 29 gallon fish tank, it is right at her eye level and she shouts:  IT'S CHRISTMAS FISHES!!
That was when Bryan, Morgan and I hit the kitchen floor.
She obviously has NO idea what the B word is that rhymes with fishes and she has never heard that phrase. We don't really talk like that.  Yes we say naughty words but not in that phrase type of way. 
So we have totally over used the phrase for MONTHS!  I have been known to shout DINNER IS READY FISHES!  I texted both Bryan and Morgan as fast as I could after I knew they were at their destinations HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FISHES!!  It just isn't getting old.  So we are all 12.  We are laughing!  LOL
IT'S FWF FISHES!!!  Are you playing??  There are prizes!  Get on it!  :)
One day *I* will win 100 random Unity stamps.  On that day I will buy a billboard!!   It will say:
I WON 100 UNITY STAMPS FISHES!   OK, so maybe I will just paint it on the living room wall!!  LOL
OK, back to why you are here.  Longest. story. ever. Right?  LOL
Did you make the release party?  We have so much fun chatting and playing Bingo!  I seriously laughed until I cried!  AND that is with people I have never met before!  Sure I knew a lot of them, but unity draws in FUNNY Peeps!  I can only compare it to a HUGE slumber party!  Only no one is left out and has chocolate on their face when it is over.  Well some might because they were typing too fast to grab a napkin  LOL  I was typing so much I would have starved to death if I was hungry!
OK, my Dream A Little Dream Princess looks a little red eyed.  She is NOT!  she has brown eyes  LOL  Like Carlee!  I was going to put it on her scrapbook page but it ended up not fitting.  It has tons of Glossy Accents, Stickles and a glitter pen!  She looks BEAUTIFUL, it just did not picture well. 
I would very much LOVE to be your chick!
Thank you!!
The ENTIRE release $38.00 MUCH less if you use your KOM, SMAK, or previous order coupon code!  YIPPEE!!!  Happy Shopping!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!


Lori said...

Great to see one of the new stamps in action...very cute.

Ruby said...

Cute card.

Rachel B said...

Beautiful card! have a great weekend.

NoraAnne said...

You crack me up!!!! and your card is beautiful! TGIF fishes!

Crystal said...

That story is Hilarious!!! Cute card too!

BloomingPink said...

Cute Card Fishes!


Your daughter has created some new slang! And it's going to be all the rave of delaware, cuz I'm going to be using it! (well, not like I have THAT much influence, but just sayin')

Linda said...

your card has very pretty colors.

Amber S said...

Oh...what an entertaining post! I must find some way to work this into my vocabulary. How funny!

Jen said...

What a great story!! :) Gorgeous card, too. :)

Michelle said...

neat card! love the story!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Okay, first off-I don't think her eyes look red! They are totally brown and beautiful! Great card, Noelle!
Second...Your story had me laughing my butt off! My neighbor and I have a little joke about that phrase. We were drinking martinis on the patio last summer. Nuff said! I think it is adorable that she was wishing the fish Merry Christmas and I can imagine that you all just about died when you heard her say that. :)

Gwen said...

Great card & don't kids say the funniest stuff? !!

jennifer mitten said...

This is my favorite new Ippity set! See fishes? LOL