We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A few little sneak peeks!

So you know that job I told you about yesterday?  It's perfect!  No new wardrobe for the office, no sitter for Carlee.  I was in my pajamas until 4:30 and when I finally showered I got right back into clean pajamas and went back at it!
Well you know how training goes.  Everything that never happens always happens.  LOL  I got frustrated a couple of times and you have to spend so much time on the phone getting things worked out.  I am promised soon I can do this and watch TV at the same time.  I can't wait for that LOL  I already miss listening to my books!  LOL
So any way, by the time I got to my room the only good thing that happened was having a beer with my pal Andrea while we texted on her Birthday!
I made some really ugly stuff last night LOL  I could not get it together to save my life LOL
I'm trying to make some masculine cards for a friend of mine and I really am awful at it LOL
That bottom strip of DP??  I had to attach that to the front of the card because the border punch I used looked way too feminine so I cut it off.  I wanted a little color in it and I really thought I could make this MME paper work.  Well I couldn't LOL  I thought a strip of the same paper instead of a ribbon would work.  Well, it didn't LOL  But do you see those STAMPS??  Those work and boy do they work well!  :) 
Now with AMAZING stamp, [did you know I have an addiction to butterflies?  I do!] I thought if I use black on orange I can get the Monarch look.  [Side note I was a Monarch in 5th grade in Pacific Grove, CA!  In the butterfly parade!  I rocked the look if I don't say so myself LMAO 
However something made me thing if I went with the lighter orange and used textured cardstock it would work better.  Again, it didn't LOL  But the stamp is VERY cool and I like it's messy look on textured, I will do this again only with a real orange, nothing summery LOL 
This was when I said I am done.  I'm going to bed.  NOTHING is coming together for me.   I wanted clean and simple.  Only the glittery EP is crap.  It doesn't melt well and pretty much bad EP ruins everything in my card making world LOL
So thanks for stopping by to see my ugly stuff today LOL  I sure appreciate it!  :)
Come back later for something that isn't ugly LOL  On the 5th, I can show you the full sets and ship them out!  They will be on sale for 10% off.  I have free shipping and 25 yards of free twine in the color of your choice!


Emily Keaton said...

Oh, you are such a tease with these sneak peeks, Noelle! Can't wait to see the whole sets!!

Carla said...

These are not ugly, but I so know what you mean about trying and trying to fix a card and still hating it when it's all over. Oh well, an ugly card was still fun times spent in the stamp room, right?