We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

At 12:01 you can see the new sets!

Here is one more sneak peek! 
This card is another project gone bad LOL  But wait until you see the one I am almost finished with!
I didn't leave room for the pull tab at the bottom  oops!
Then when I started to check it to see if it pulled out smoothly and I totally belly ache laughed. 
I could not be a bigger dork!
See all those dragonflies?  LOL  A LOT of the time, I bag an idea and start over.  If you ever get a card from me, go ahead tear it apart you will see what I mean  LOL

I decided I love the printed backs.  I had never even thought of it! The one I'm working on now has polka dots!  Fun huh?  So this one will be headed for the round file but you may have noticed the VERY COOL stamps right?  :)
Come back after midnight Colorado time!  I think  LOL  I'll schedule the post for 12:01 on the 5th of July but Blogger might be in a different time  zone!
Thanks for stopping by!  It sure is nice to have the Internet back!  I actually caught up at work today!  *GASP*  Who does that?  LOL

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Nora Anne said...

LOL! so the dragonflies are gathering around the lightbulbs, right?! Don't they do that?! Love this! I can't wait to see the sets again tomorrow. I can't find my email :)
Glad your internet is back and that your work is caught up!