We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


It was, however totally stinkin' sketchy!! LOL  But I lived through my internet being down  LOL
It worked fine this AM and I actually worked!  We decided to take the girls to a late lunch and feed our old neighbor's cats, and grocery shop!  We did it in record speed, Morgan needed to be at Youth Group by 5:30.  Well that was cancelled, we just didn't know.  We were so happy to be done with errands and have plenty of tine to work, read email etc  LOL 
Only for the first time with Q we were denied LOL  They have made me MAD, MAD, MAD with their changes over the years, but I have never been totally denied! 
We didn't like it at all.   I decided Bryan is a real pain for my scrappin' time when he can't be amused with his hunting message boards!  LOL  He and Carlee chased me around the house "getting'" me.  I just wanted to cut orders or go make a card  LOL  
Lucky for me, my Peeps ROCK and we made the best of it LOL
I have some cards ready to post, but it must wait!  I had to check SCS, my mail, you know!  I can't blog this late!   
The new {ippity} stamps ROCK!  I just need you to trust me on this :)
See ya' tomorrow!  :)


Emily Keaton said...

So glad you survived, Noelle! Can't wait to see the new {ippity}!!

Carla said...

Who is Q and why were you denied? Why didn't you have internet? Do I really have to read about these things on your blog?