We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm reading! Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

I haven't done one of these posts in a while but I just finished listening to a PHENOMENAL book and wanted to share!
I do not discuss controversal subjects.  Period.  I don't talk politics. I don't do any of that stuff.  I don't care what your opinion is and we all think differently and I love you just the same. 
Your and you in general not one particular you or yours LOL
Listen to this book.  It is amazing!   I LOVED it!  Every time a CD ended I was RUNNING to wherever I left the rest of them to get the next one.  I was annoyed [all though, they don't know it, LOL] when my Peeps needed me to talk to them instead of listen to the book  LOL
I am a happily married to the best man on earth!  I honestly don't even know if i know a gay person.  Because I don't care who my peeps sleep with.  I just sleep with Bryan and that is all that matters to me!  OK, that is all I am going to say about it.  Please don't bash me for loving this book.  :)  It is very well written, VERY interesting and VERY well covered from every opinion out there and I loved it!  If you want to know more about it, you can watch these two clips.

I listened to this book and cried my eyes out through the entire damn thing.  I loved it.  My BFF was killed by a drunk driver the summer before our senior year.  She was leaving my house after we had a sleepover.  It was the worst and completely changed my entire life.  So you may not bawl your eyes out through the whole book, but you should read it.  It's a good one!
You can read more about it here:
Next up, is:
Now, I have the funniest Sandra Brown story EVER!  I used to listen to books in the car.  After this I stopped that and went back to music LOL
We used to have this amazing wholesale place called Rogers that we got a lot of our supplies from.  They had these super fun yearly shows.  I got to meet Tim Holtz there!  So any ways, the parking at this particular hotel is a nightmare.  It has this steep ramp that goes around and around.  Well I pulled straight into a spot from the ramp.  It's snowing and freezing.  I go have the best day and naturally leave late to pick up Morgan.  Well I back up and full forward about 6 times and I can not get my stupid land yacht Taurus out of the parking spot.  I can't back down the ramp and the big cement wall is threatening to dent the side if I turn the wheel.  So I finally see this sweet older man.  I jump out and beg him to get my car out of this jam.  I'm late to pick up my girl!  So he gets in and goes back and forth and back and forth another 6-8 times.  Finally there is enough room to turn the wheel and get out of the stinkin' spot.  He gets out and is sort of laughing and pats my shoulder and tells me to drive carefully, the roads are slick.  I am thinking as I am driving down the stupid ramp, well that was not very nice of him to laugh at my predicament now was it?  Just as I finish my thought I tune into the Sandra Brown book playing.  OH MY GOSH it is the worst $ex scene you have ever heard!  LMAO  That poor man had to listen to this very detailed sex scene the entire time he went back and forth with this OMG I am late picking up my daughter lady standing there in a panic!  That was when I started praying outloud, Please GOD never ever let me cross paths with that man again.  He must think I am some sort of a pervert.  I'll bet he is calling Child Protection Services right now!  LOL
Thanks for stopping by today and let me know what I should listen to next!  :)


Patricia said...

OMG!!! Noelle!!! You freakin' crack me up!!! That poor man!! LOL! Ha ha ha!!

Judy said...

ok I had to stop reading your post Noelle, because I'm reading Night Road by Kritin Hannah now... I know, I know it is such compelling and heart wrenching. A really good read.
Have a great day.

Judy said...

ok I had to stop reading your post Noelle, because I'm reading Night Road by Kritin Hannah now... I know, I know it is such compelling and heart wrenching. A really good read.
Have a great day.

Jeanne said...

Ok thanks Noelle... I spit CF Diet Coke everywhere... too funny... my mom is looking at me like I am crazy... thanks for the giggles!!!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

I LOVE Kristin Hannah!!!! Have you read Winter Garden? OMGOSH! It is one of my favorites by her, but I have never read anything I didn't love that she has written. I will have to check out the other books, too. I need some good books for the beach! :)

Audrey said...

Hi Noelle~Just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, I'm very lucky to hang out with Colleen and Nora Anne! They are amazing! I'm glad you had fun with the challenge! I am a bit addicted to punches as well. I recently have branched out of my supply closet a bit and now have 1/2 a desk filled with punches! Don't have a scrap room, so I make do as well as I can. Don't find much time to read, unfortunately, but listen to a lot of books in the van. :)

Carisa said...

omg, you are a riot! i can't wait to pick up these books - i have read jodi picoult before and loved it so will definately have to start with that one. Going to go see if I can get them for my nook! :D