We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Do YOU Store Your Punches?

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YIPPEE!!  Christina did another Show us your.... post!  I LOVE these posts!  Head on over there and link up! 
I can tell you, don't store them like I do  LOL
I used to be addicted to punches!  Every Sunday Bryan, his son Trey and I would head over to Michael's armed with cash and coupons and come home with 3 new ones LOL  These are on the hall.  One night these shelves are going to break and Bryan is going to race down here to shoot the punches all over the floor  LOL
When I need one of these I have to take so many down to get the one I need.  Then I leave them all over the floor and it's a big mess trying to get in and out of the rooms.  This system doesn't work well.  Don't try it LOL
Now this one, this is my old desk.  The basket filled up months ago so now I just pile them where ever they will fit.  I have to dig around and the scrape off my nail polish.  They look bad too.  Don't do this either!  LOL
I'll be stalking this thread all day long!  So let me see how you store YOUR punches!  My system isn't really working so well  LOL
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Linda said...

Oh my you have a lot you need to number them and the binds so you can find them. LOL I try not to buy them with the idea that my Cricut can cut it by the punch is so much easier. Thanks for saying how not to do it. LOL you are funny.
I wouldn't use them it I put them away or too far from my desk. I gave up on nail polish a long time ago. hee hee.

Susan said...

It's punch heaven! I have to say, you may see a mess but all I see is a ton of fun!


the purple muse said...

Okay! You bust me up!! I can't believe your shelves are still standing! And I have a trade for you {pic on right} I have a 14 yog, 9 yob, and 11 mob, take your pic;-)


Lisa said...

holy punches batman!!

Patricia said...

I am in complete awe...can I come to your house?!

Jeanne said...

ROFL Noelle... you are so funny... I can see Bryan running downstairs and shooting your punches... lol thanks for the giggle...

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

We should all go to one another's place to play with their punches.
I should have stock in Rubbermaid since my punches & most of my other craft items are in Rubbermaid plastic containers. I do have them sorted. I have most of the names written on them with Sharpie). I bought majority of these before I had the Cricut.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Carissa said...

You are hilarious! I just love how honest you are about how your storage is NOT working. Good luck finding a way to store them. I am so jealous cause I have about 1/16 the amount of punches you have!

patti west said...

Noelle...you are too freakin' funny!!! The comment you left me about my purse and a baby bag had me ROFL!!! Thanks for coming by and making me laugh! I don't have as many punches as you do - mine are in a big, deep kitchen drawer that I have in my craft room. hugs, patti

Melisa Waldorf said...

That's it, you have motivated me. My DH built me a wonderful punch board that hangs on the wall because I was always complaining about how they were too heavy for my plastic drawers. I got rid of a BUNCH of older ones, because I'm trying to keep the rule to it has to fit on the punch board, ha! I think he just needs to build me another punch board! I'm off to take photo's and try to post later this week. Have a blessed week! Melisa