We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My DD Morgan, the Volley Ball STUD!

Today's post is all about my biggest girl!  I am having SO MUCH FUN going to her games!  She plays so well and it makes me so proud I am constantly welling up like a blubbering fool!!  LOL
And while I am tooting my own horn about how great my kid is I am going to throw in she is ONE point away from being back on the honor roll!  Smart and a stellar VB player YIPPEE!!!

I love how supportive the girls are of one another. 

She served the winning point!  I may or may not have stood up and shouted a little :) 

Her BFF, Lauren.
Thanks for letting me brag on Morgan today.  Sometimes she acts like a 13 year old and won't let me take pictures so I feel like everything is always about Carlee the HAM that loves to have her picture taken  LOL
These pics are from the first game and the kids on the other team are near and dear to my heart! I have known them all since Kindergarten!  It was tough to not cheer [out-loud] for them!  There are so many schools they get split up once they hit Jr. High!  I can't wait for the next game!  :)


June Houck said...

Volleyball games are so much fun to watch. I'm glad your dd is united with her elementary friends. Congrats on her making the honor roll too!

NoraAnne said...

Woohoo!!! Way to go Morgan! I love the pictures! She looks so tall and grown up, I can't believe she is 13 (sorry, it's true!)

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Congrats to Morgan for the game winning point/serve. I played volley ball in junior high and then switched to cheering in high school. Volley ball is so much fun! We always have heated backyard volley ball matches in the backyard with neighbors during the summer (after some adult beverages, of course)!

Carla said...

Give her a big hug and a kiss for me! I'm so proud of her, but I'm not a bit surprised that she's so good!