We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thrift Store Finds! REALLY GREAT DEALS!!

On my birthday our local Goodwill stores put their entire store on sale for 50% off! I LOVE that! I went to two of them baby free so I could really dig around. LOVE IT!
YEP! That is a brand new EK punch $1.99 after the sale .99 cents SCORE!!!

TONS of bobbins [is that what they are called? Sewing is new to me] .99 cents. A whopping .49 with the sale! SCORE!!!
A WHOLE BAG OF NOTIONS!!!!!!!! $4.99. $2.49 after the sale and look what was in it! Going through it was so much fun!

Vintage little boxes. Needles and a tool thing for the sewing machine. The red egg thing? NO CLUE?? What is that??

An old cute little box filled to the brim with fun stuff! Scissors, lace, buttons.....

Umm...... a piece of a bra just in case she needed it later???? You get some odd things in a good thrift store find LOL
Look at these little gems. I think I'll make my sister a turtle neck. LOL

I can now do a quick little surgery should the need arise. I could have used the pair on the right to get the bead out of Carlee's nose earlier in the day! A little bleach to sterilize........

and SURGICAL SILK!! Who knew? Now I am prepared to stitch up people too!

A recipe for salt free pickles! I've been meaning to find a pickle recipe forever! :-)

Look at all this lace! There is a ton of it and it is so clean and I forgot to say I tore a hole in the bag and smelled it! NO SMOKE! Cigarette smell is a deal breaker for me.

LOL When I took the picture I thought that was a ruler LOL It's not LOL It's a hole scaler! Can you believe I lived 42 years without these things?

Lots more lace!
Ribbon and seam binding?? I'll slap it on a card like it's ribbon I think!

More little treasures. I think I'll use those snazzy button clasps on my sister's turtle neck. TEST TUBES! Again, how have I survived without all these treasures?? :-)

A vintage little box of things. Some of the things I have never seen before.......

These I will decorate Carla's turtle neck with! Roses, butterflies, an anchor and the dogs!

She will love the Poodles. She really loves dogs! LOL


A cute little sewing kit.

The treasures in the bottom of the box. That tool is a screwdriver. I love how she pinned her lace with an open safety pin. Pretty clever idea! A tiny little ruler.
Here is the red egg thing again. I can't figure out what it is for. Does anyone know? It had to do something right?
All that for $2.49! SCORE!!! Man I love thrift stores. I really wanted it to be full of buttons! What a dream come true that will be one day!
I'm off to work on my sister's new shirt. LOL


mustangkayla said...

Wowza...check out all those goodies! That was one heck of a find! Wow...you make me want to run out to one...only we dont' have one here! Can you beleive that? No thrift store here! :(

Anonymous said...

it's an egg separator

Heather said...

Just for the record...I'm still laughing about the egg separator.

Cajunrose said...

WOW!!! That's incredible!!!

For the record, I didn't know you were blogging. I don't know how I missed it..but I did. I have a lot to catch up on!!