We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration Photos Challenge (Part 1)

I really love Kristina's blog. She does GREAT card videos, make-up videos and she has a cool cat! This week she is doing a fun challenge, you should go look and join it.
I am entering this picture of Carlee. Look how stinkin' YUMMY she is. Her sissy built her this castle. Sissy helped her get her favorite stuffed toys and pillow and it was complete! She was so happy with it! I do love the color of the blocks and the Pooh Bear on her dress, but I love this picture mostly for other reasons. My 12 year old Morgan wore this dress when she was 12 months old. Carlee is 2 and 1/2 and now she can wear it. Those blocks are how we bought baby wipes for Morgan when she was in diapers 12 years ago! Every kid that has come over in the last 12 years has played with these blocks. They are the BEST and it was a sad day when they were discontinued. I wish I could find 100 more. I can remember my nephew Sky making Morgan a huge royal chair and she would sit in it with a tiara on LOL.
Well, there was a nice trip down memory lane for me LOL Go upload one of your favorite pictures, so far there are a bunch of super great ones! It will be hard to vote when the time comes!

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Kathy said...

She is too cute! This picture and your story of the "blocks" brings back soo many memories. My oldest (now 14 1/2) had soo many of those blocks. Both myself and my mom would collect them for her to play with. And I have apicture of her the exact same way. I would build her forts and add pillow and blankets for her and her stuffies to play in. I have since passed along all the blocks to another child to play with. This makes me want to dig up old pics. Thanks!