We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Want to know about my morning? LOL

First, I live in Colorado and winter is here.  DANGIT!  LOL
Second, I stay up as late as I can.  I get an hour or two just for me if I stay up late.
That may or may not be over rated.  LOL  I also love sleeping in!  Most days I hit the floor running.  I have to make Bryan's breakfast, lunch and dinner because he works so many hours and pack it in a cooler.  I always make Morgan's lunch.  She will not buy.
I actually do this happily!  My teeth are clean and I get 'er done!  LOL
But then at 7:20 on a regular day Bryan takes Morgan to school.  I pour my first cup of coffee while the garage door closes and head down to read my mail and then get to work.
That. Did. Not.
There was the LOUDEST noise!   I can't even tell you the noise, one day you will have to hear it yourself.  It was so loud and so fast I let out a yell.  Not even a dirty word and jumped and the coffee in my hand left the mug and landed right back in it.  LOL
This 'branch' is bigger than a tree at the park.  It just fell off. The branch is 10+ inches in diameter. 
Can you see the POWER LINE under it??  Obviously we still have power.  LOL  So we are on the list behind everyone else.  We just can't go in the back yard LOL
Bryan took the pictures, I wish he had taken one of the tree.  But I am too chicken to go out and re-do it.  I think the tree is about 53 years old.  Poor thing.  This snow was super heavy!
I hope they are busy restoring power to those that lost it and they will come tomorrow!
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stefani said...

Is this in your backyard? Thank goodness it did not fall on the roof!

Carisa said...

Holy CRAP, Noelle!!!! I'm SO glad it landed down in your yard and not on your house. SOOO glad you and the fam are ok. Whoa!!! That is CRAZY!!! The girls were playing under that tree!!! LOL You see it on the news and stuff but NEVER fathom it will actually happen to ya. *hugs* Stay Safe! Glad ya'll still have power.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

OMG! That is crazy. I am so glad it didn't hit your house. I can't even believe all of that snow you have already. It just seems surreal! LOL!

Glad you are okay, sweetie.