We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

I am totally throwing in the towel on challenges!

I like to pretend I am a reasonable intelligent girl.  I can do just about anything most people can.  Right?  EXCEPT a challenge LOL  This fantastic Unity KIT OF THE MONTH SKETCH CHALLENGE has been on my desk for a month!  I finally made it last night so happy I still had 24 hours to skid on over to the blog and link it up!  Naturally the day got away, work, Halloween, etc.  I come barreling back here to snap a quick picture and do a blog post.  Easy as pie right?  I save the sketch to the computer so I can show the sketch like a good blogger.  That was when I noticed I used  {IPPITY} stamps!  LOL  One tiny little rule and I can't get it done LOL
Now, keep in mind with the Unity order I got on Saturday, I completed my mission!  I have all of the Unity KOM kits!  June of 2008 through October 2011  That took a very long time.  One would think I could have grabbed a KOM since I have a few.  Nope.  I spaced the entire challenge and happily made the sketch  LOL 
Here it is,  it all it's glory.  Just a sketch with some DARLING {ippity} stamps, New Season, New Wonder.  LOL  Maybe I'll try again in November!  LOL  The prize is huge!  Check it out!  Try to remember to use a KIT OF THE MONTH!  It is the rule!  LOL

Happy Halloween
That went over as well as my challenge.
Carlee was so excited to Trick-or-Treat all day long!  The big girls were going to do their thing and Bryan and I were going to take Carlee and all of a sudden she screamed she was not trick-or-treating!  She might be Little, but that one is MIGHTY!  We did not trick-or-treat!


Emily Keaton said...

Hi, Noelle!! Cute card for the sketch--even if it does use the "wrong" stamps!! (If I were judging, I'd sure let that pass. Too bad it's not up to me ;) Well, even if Carlee didn't go out to trick-or-treat, she sure was cute in her costume!!

Natalia said...

This is GORGEOUS!!! I am soooo in love with the colors...the design...the stamps...everything! I'm not the person who make cards, I can't do it, I don't have any ideas to mix papers:( I preffer felt and soutache jewellery. Have you ever heard about soutache?

pozdrawiam ciepło z Polski:)

Carisa said...

well, you did a fab job with the sketch even if you did manage to use the "wrong" stamps! LOL keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya? B/c I did manage to enter this one. LOL

carlee is too cute. i wish i could've skipped the whole trick or treating thing. i just don't get it. LOL but the girls had fun and so did trey so that's all that matters!

NoraAnne said...

Well, even though you didn't follow the rules, you came up with a fabulous card :) I love it! Keep up with the sorta challenges! :)
Morgan and Carlee look so cute, I love how you caught them in action! Looks like the jailbird is trying to steal the cute little lady bug! :)

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

I agree with Nora Anne...love that photo of big sis trying to calm down little sis. Maybe Carlee was afraid she may run into that big, pizza loving, very loud mouse? LOL! Couldn't resist.
Just so ya, know...Luke was totally not into it this year. He wanted to pass out candy. He made it down one side of our street and said, "mommy I have enough candy. If I get any more it will give me a terrible headache. I need to go back and help daddy". Really? what is wrong with these kids? I was all about Halloween and ALL of the candy.

Audrey said...

Funny...sounds like something I would do! But, you do have a wonderful project as the result of your "mistake." Keep entering those challenges. You do such wonderful work!!