We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

To all of you Unity Lovers, you might feel like shopping!!

I just placed my order!  If you spend $100.00 you get 3 free kits are you kidding me???
Just My Type Alpha G
Autumn Pals UK-420A
Beach Days & Sun Rays UK-396A
I can't wait to show  you all the love you deserve!!
I always write a little love letter in the comment section in case anyone working with my order might forget how much I think they totally ROCK!  The sale prices are so low, they have to be so busy they are barely keeping their heads above water! 
Those awesome flowers above??  A new {ippity} set!
60% off!!  Get on over to Unity and check it out!!
Dream To BE!  Swoon, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
This was for a chick challenge.  However becasue I get in my craft zone I guess and can't follow a challenge to save my life I used a new stamp I was not allowed to show yet!  LOL  But at least I played even it was all alone  LOL
The amazing banner is from Love In An Instant
The twine is mine.  It is free with every order from my other blog Noelle Loves {ippity} or $2.50 for 25 yards and I'll pay the shipping!

OK, one more thing. Stamp of the Week!  A little surprise in your mail box every week!  How GREAT is that?? The butterflies leaving the envelope?  FREE!!  Man I love that!!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!! 
Happy Friday!

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