We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Unity up for TRADE!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

Hi Peeps!  I have a ton of Unity I want to trade!  Used does not bother me in the least, ink stains don't bother me either.  [very much, i would never leave ink on a Unity stamp GASP  LOL]
Make me an offer! noellereese@q.com
I really hope these links work.  I made this is word and my guess is it didn't copy and paste well  :(

Picnic Blanket new but I bought 2, the white is removed and the picture is cut out http://www.unitystampco.com/product/511-picnic-blanket.aspx 
Owl Always Love You new but I bought 2, the white is removed and the picture is cut out http://www.unitystampco.com/product/29-owl-always-love-you.aspx 

Bitty Regards itty bitty this was a freebie with KOM and SMAK it is not on the website,  The sayings are welcome home, you are loved, proud of you, thoughts and prayers and miss you.
Scalloped Details this came without packaging and it is also in Scrapbook Your Story and I don’t need two.  It is new but the white has been peeled off http://unitystampco.com/product/503-scalloped-details.aspx unmounted
 ACE of Spades This is new but the picture is cut out and the white is gone.  It is also in U. R. (…etc, etc, etc)  http://unitystampco.com/product/490-ace-of-spades.aspx
Good Luck, Remember This http://unitystampco.com/product/1560-good-luck-remember-this.aspx  This was sold as a bitty itty bitty it didn't have packaging and it is only the box with the bicycle.  The mustache is not included
 Grow Your Wings http://unitystampco.com/product/1113-grow-your-wings-mr-itty-bitty.aspx This is also new but it was in my case no backing and the label was folded.  I love it so much I think I thought I needed one in each itty bitty container.

Love is Everything new but came naked http://unitystampco.com/product/59-love-is-everything.aspx
 Year-o-Graphy don't forget new came naked http://unitystampco.com/product/1377-yearography-dont-forget.aspx

The Paper Crafts magazine that took me months to find I ended up with 3 LOL It has winter wishes in it.  http://stampingsoftheshug.blogspot.com/2010/11/winter-wishes.html look at my friend Angie’s beautiful card she used it on!!
These are all random stamps.  They might be used they might be new I could have gotten them in a grab bag or traded for them and since then bought the whole kit.  They are all fantastic though!!

Cosmo Cricket:
Mitten Weather Icons http://unitystampco.com/product/272-mitten-weather-icons.aspx I love Santa and Let it snow

Donna Downey Create Today http://unitystampco.com/product/189-create-today.aspx artists create from emotional truth

Jillibean Soup:
Favorite Sentiments http://unitystampco.com/product/1235-favorite-sentiments.aspx awesome! and the to From tag with the pinwheel
Spotted Owl Soup http://unitystampco.com/product/809-spotted-owl-soup.aspx the star and the celebr8

Echo Park:

Iron Orchid Designs:
Beloved Collection- Be Still http://unitystampco.com/product/920-beloved-collection-be-still.aspx The border stamp

Kit Of The Month 08/08 Remember Happens: http://www.unitystampco.com/product/618-remember-happiness.aspx Friends for Life

Kit Of The Month 08/09 Following My Heart Can’t find a pic. You make my heart flutter

Kit Of The Month 01/10 Savor The Journey Can’t find a pic. The butterfly

Kit Of The Month 04/10 Together We Bloom Can’t find pic. Tomorrow is another Day

Kit Of The Month 07/10 Happily Ever After I’m not looking for a pic.  LOL the word fall

Kit Of The Month 08/10 All You Need I’m not looking for a pic.  LOL Little Thinks Make Me Happy

Kit Of The Month 11/10  Picture Perfect I’m not looking for a pic LOL  Like how much you mean to me

Kit Of The Month 12/10 Just Be You I’m not looking for a pic LOL  Snow Days Are Happy Days

Kit Of The Month 03/11 Just You http://unitystampco.com/product/944-just-you-kom-311.aspx the trio of roses I swapped for this and it is stained with black ink *gasp*

Kit Of The Month 09/11 All Seasons The round postmark that says FEB14 PAID

Kit Of The Month 01/12 Heart and Soul http://unitystampco.com/product/1549-heart-and-soul-kom-112.aspx The Kisses 25¢ ticket

Random Amazing Unity kits:

Birdie Inspiration http://unitystampco.com/product/83-birdie-inspiration.aspx the circle other things change us but we start and end with family

Stylin’ Stars http://www.unitystampco.com/product/287-stylin-stars.aspx the big star with the hearts in it and the bottom middle one with the houndstooth

Wonderful You http://www.simonsaysstamp.com/servlet/the-25912/Unity-WONDERFUL-YOU-Cling/Detail The dress form on the top right, the flowers on the bottom in the middle

Spring http://unitystampco.com/product/760-spring.aspx the chick that is so cute I cannot stand it!!
And maybe these too but I can't find them!  Want to help me??  :)
The long one is like a row of cute tags
a polka dotted raindrop
a journaling scroll
inspire and create
i am an artist [looks Donna Downey like to me]
for the memories
my werewolf can beat your vampire
today & every day

Sassy will not get in Carlee's stroller so instead she is pushing and pulling her all over the scrapbook room in a copy paper box and oddly enough Sassy loves it!
 Sassy probably weighs 5 pounds less than Carlee and the box is totally beat up because Sassy is SO HEAVY!!  LOL

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