We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thanks Coach!! + A personal {ippity} sale

Morgan, Coach Genson and Lauren 
I LOVE watching Morgan play volley ball I could do it every day!
Her coach was awesome, I will miss him!  I hope she finds a teacher in high school that is as good as he was through her Jr. High years. 
They took the trophy and Morgan made the final point!  Pretty exciting.  I didn't really know I was one of 'those' Moms.  But I am!  My feet left the bleachers I yelled and screamed and it was so exciting!!
I didn't get any pictures of the other coach but he too was also awesome!  These banners are from Champ
Goodbye Powell, no more Pumas for us until Carlee gets to 6th grade!  The above picture is totally going in Carlee's 8th grade yearbook won't that be fun?
OK, now for the sale details read below!!
With last months release I decided not to stock {ippity} in the house anymore.  I can still order {ippity} if you want me to mail it to you.  I just decided keeping 1 or usually 2 of every set here isn't a good idea anymore.  Ordering from Unity is so easy and then you get to pick from all the Unity stamps too!  Plus the amazing sales Ang. is always having!  [Did you shop the garage sale yet?]
So to clean out my stock I am going to do some creative sales!  I can't sell stamps below 10% off.  So I only have one The Best left.  It is on sale for $21.60.  I'll pay the shipping and you can pick out not the usual 1 color of 25 yards of twine but 3 colors!!  So that is like a coupon for $7.50 off and free US shipping!  SCORE!!  This is one of my favorite {ippity} sets!!
So let me know if you can't live another day without owning The Best!  It is an AWESOME set!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Click HERE if you want to see what I have up for trade!!


Nora Anne said...

I love Morgan's volleyball pictures! and the one of her and Carlee is adorable, especially thinking about it going in Carlee's yearbook later on! You're always thinking, aren't ya?!?! :D
I just made a card for Neil using the Champ set for all his little t-ball players to sign at the last game :) Love the pennant stamp!

Emily Keaton said...

Great photos and what a sweet card you made!! It's totally OK to be one of "those" moms. Reading that made me giggle!! Enjoy your proud momma moment. :)

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