We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How about we talk punches?

Do you love them?  Really dislike them?
About 14 years ago I began collecting them.  I used them on every page for YEARS!  I had over a 1000 of them.  I even had a little punchies website with my pal Ang!
Well today, I have such weak wrists I can't really even write legibly anymore LOL
However I still know how to work a punch, well I might add without trying to toot my own horn!
Except these two gems I got on clearance when I returned a bunch of stuff I didn't use for all the baby cards I posted yesterday.
EK calls this a Dimensional Punch Carnation. 
Isn't that flower pretty? 
Mine look like something the cat drug in! 
I did master the dimensional part though!  What would one use this on? 
I can READ!  I did what they said only I wrapped it around a tiny little needle thing to try to make the hole in the middle smaller.  Didn't really help right? 
OK, onto punch #2.  Martha Stewart made this one! 
It is called Embossed Petals!  What does that mean? 
That maybe the super cute flower would be embossed around the holes and above the scallops? 
Oh, you can't SEE the flowers?  That is not my poor photography skills and not even my very weak hands.  I have some serious junk in my trunk and I STOOD on the punch.
So....please tell me how YOU use these lovely little punches.  I seem to be a wee bit challenged with these two!
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Carisa said...

OMG!!! LMAO, I love your posts. Bring them over. I can help you with the rolled one. I am posting a video today.

Linda said...

Love the flowers that you made. I can't help you though as I don't have many punches!!!!!! You are very crafty experiment and it will come to you !!!!!!

get rid of snoring said...

Here all are excellent bloom which is developed by you.

NoraAnne said...

Sometimes those ones that are supposed to emboss only work on really thin paper...my only guess! As for the other one, I don't have it, but I just came across a different way to use it than a flower! Check this out, kinda cute:
and you crack me up, girl! :)