We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I just want you all to know how much SEVERAL companies I am sure you love ROCK!!

I have all the stickles, the craft mat, embossing powder, distress ink pads, scissors, fragments etc.  So many Ranger/Tim Holtz products.  I honestly love all of them and use them often.  His scissors are by far the best on the market if you don't have them go buy them.  They are actually Tonic but still they rock too!  Any ways.  My crackle paint dried up.  I wrote to them asking if I could add water.  I was thinking it might need mineral oil or something.  I know next to nothing about paint and know nothing about what makes it crackle.  They said yes a very small amount of warm water at a time and to use a craft stick to stir it instead of shake it.  They also requested a list of all the colors I have because they are going to replace them all.

Customer Service like that just amazes me all the time!  I want everyone to know when  a company treats me so well!  I have 4 other companies I have personally dealt with that were also fantastic! 

I have a ton of Unity/{ippity} stamps and some how air got trapped inside.  I tried to brayer it out and the sticky on the foam is so good air can't even escape!  They replaced them immediately!  SUPER STELLAR company!  So stellar I proudly sell their stamps!

I bought Morgan a clock by Walnut Hallow to decorate.  She immediately lost a round piece that was crucial to get the hands on it.  I contacted them asking if I could buy parts. They sent a set of parts at no charge.  I told them Morgan lost it!  It was not their fault at all and they sent it any ways.  Stellar company!

Cookbookin which is now PJK Designs.  They have a ton of really cute stuff and I am addicted to making cookbooks!  I opened a package of charms and they were vacuum sealed.  All the paint stuck to the plastic.  I just used them plain silver they were still darling.  I just wrote to them and told them, just so they would know that packaging really didn't work.  I told them I still used them and they were super cute.  They sent me a TON of them, not packed the same way either!  That was years ago so the deets are foggy but I think there were 4 in the pack and they sent me like 20.  I almost fell over!  Stellar Company!

And last but certainly not least Martha Stewart.  A few years ago they packaged her stamps with a sheet of like cling wrap instead of acrylic and there were dents all over the stamps.  They didn't come out.  The impressions are permanent.  They stamp almost vintage looking now and some of them are actually cooler looking than if it was a crisp stamp.  They said my two sets were no longer made and to please let them know 2 newer sets that I didn't have and they sent me those!

I am super impressed that in all these years I have been scrapping I have had so few bad products.  When there is an issue these companies are so dang good they take care of it immediately!

OH!  I forgot Provo Craft!  I bought a 2 set pack of Embossing Folders from Hobby Lobby.  They were both the same instead of two different ones.  I called both my HL's to exchange them and they were gone.  So I contacted PC and they sent me a new one with two different folders!

I just thought I would share so many companies stand behind their product and treat their customers REALLY well!   That must be why I buy so much loot LOL  I love supporting them  ;)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Happy scrappin'!


NoraAnne said...

It's great to hear the positive feedback about these companies that we all know and love!

Jen said...

Awesome way to recognize 'stellar' companies Noelle!!!