We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Well 2010 was pretty fun for me!  I have no regrets and am looking forward to 2011!  :)
I've seen lots of posts about favorite layouts, cards, pictures, blog posts, etc.
I just have 3 favorite people and 2 favorite cats.  Here they are.
 Carlee the swimmer sportin' her Snooki poof!
 This one is just to show you how big Sassy is.  She is as big as Carlee.  They are the best of friends! 
 This is Bryan.  He is the best man in the entire world!
 This is Morgan who is 13 and she gets prettier every day!
 Here is a good picture of Sassy hanging with her favorite kid!
Last, but not least, Cali.  Who was the worst kitten in history.  LOL

I made all my goals for 2010.  I wanted to do 365 pages and I did 367. 
I wanted to make 100 cards and I did 200!

  For 2011 I have some goals.  I'd like to exercise more, eat less, drink less beer and scrap more pages!  :)  Oh and keep the house a little cleaner.

I think I'll keep the same goals 365 pages and 100 cards.  I want to make less cards and more pages this year.  I am 4 years behind on the girls albums LOL  So I am not going to up the card total.  The page total was hard to accomplish.

Thanks for swinging by my blog!  I hope 2011 is fantastic for all of you!

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