We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today's Cards!

 I completed all 8 of Creations With Christina [and Terri]'s challenges.

I also got 5 of the TWENTY plus challenges for Unity done!  LOL  I have big plans for the rest, but all the blog posts are really pushing me back to just scrapping the girls LOL. 

I also have a secret to share!  That middle make a wish card with the 3 circles with gifts and cake?  That was for a Unity challenge.  Only I totally got confused and used Kelli Panni stamps LMAO  DORK!  So then I switched over to Unity and I tried to stamp the Rock On card above.  Only I wanted to emboss.  It turned into a big hot mess!  I wanted to pitch the whole shootin' match in the trash.  Then I thought I might actually like the hot messy mess....... 

You may or may not see this card again!  That is all I have to say about that!  LOL

I need to do a blog post on every card I make to complete the challenge.  You may or may not get them.  LOL  Blogging is not a quick, easy thing for me.  Plus once I post on top of the other post no one will see it.  BUT  I want the prizes  LOL  Can you imagine winning any of the 8 prizes from Creations With Christina?  Or an ENTIRE YEAR of Kit Of The Month from Unity??

I'll keep on keeping on  LOL  I have 2 weeks for Unity and forever for Creations With Cristina.  Maybe I can do it?  LOL

More soon, LOL

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Steph Zerbe said...

Hot messy mess! You crack me up! You were a busy bee today! I only finished one! BUMMER! But I hope to join in on the Unity fun. Can't wait to see the rest!!