We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh How I LOVE mini albums!!

September 2012
Creative Cuts and More
Exciting News!!!
Dianne Neary has joined CC&M and is designing some wonderful new mini album kits. She will also be teaching classes with the kits. 
The first class will be this Saturday Sept 29th
Creative Cuts & More
Dear Noelle,
CC&M wants to remind you how excited we are to be joining up with Dianne Neary to offer classes in Parker Colorado. The first class will be this Saturday Sept 29th. Dianne has designed two new mini album kits for Creative Cuts & More, a Pumpkin Mini Album and a Christmas Mini Album. You will get to choose which album you would like to do in this class.
Both of these great kits feature products from Simple Stories.   
These two  mini album kits will also be available for sale at the classes and after Oct 1st on the CC&M web site.
The class will be $40.00 and includes lunch. Additional kits will be $35.00 each plus tax. On the web site they will be $35.00 plus shipping and tax if in Colorado.
The class will be held at Hobby Lobby on Parker Road in Parker on Saturday Sept 29th starting at 9:15 am.
Bring your photos and get started on this great mini album.
Space is limited so please rsvp for the class.
Please call CC&M at 303-840-1744 or e-mail
customerservice @creativecutsandmore.com
Also please feel free to e-mail or call with any questions. 
Here are a few photos from these great kits.
Pumpkin Album - Front View
Pumpkin Album-Front View
Pumpkin Album - Side View
Pumpkin Album-Side View
Pumpkin Album - All Pages
Pumpkin Album
Christmas Album - Front View
Christmas Album-Front View
Christmas Album - Side View
Christmas Album-Side View
Christmas Album - All Pages
Christmas Album
These albums will also make great gifts.
Keep your eye out we will be introducing more new mini album kits plus lots of new albums etc.
Check out our over 800 samples on the Gallery.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Wednesday Peeps!!

Today we are featuring Halloween Greetings!!
I could seriously decorate her all day long!!  The more bling the better is what I always go with!! 
The Tuxedo Favor Box is so CUTE it's from Creative Cuts & More!
The Bazzil Bling is bad for pics but I am shocked that I can't get her hair to look better.  I am not tootin' my own horn or anything, but I colored it in black, then covered it in Glossy Accents!  Go try it now!  It is BEAUTIFUL!  She has "hair commercial" hair!!  I wonder if Glossy Accents could help my crazy mess?  LOL  Her dress is also covered in GA the light purple part and it is so pretty over the Bazzil Bling paper!  Truth be told, her face is the only part of the entire stamp that isn't colored and/or coated in GA or Stickles!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to head over to our Blog and see the amazing things my fellow Chicks have made.  They are all AMAZING!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another FAB. Feature Wednesday!!

Hi Peeps!  This is going to be short and sweet!  I am meeting BFF at the gym for our first 6:00 AM workout!  SCORE!!!  We will be in skinny jeans in no time!  We are sick of being fat and she is the perfect person to keep me going when I just want to quit.  AND if I miss a workout she will be mad that I ditched her so I am going to get their early LOL
OK back to our FAB Feature, I have to get in bed!  LOL
We are featuring That's Creepy!
As usual the Bazzil Bling does not take good pictures for me.  It is so shimmery and beautiful I just don't care to be honest LOL  The paper is so worth the bad pictures LOL
That awesome ribbon came from the wrapping of a great book my friend Crystal gave Carlee last year.  I save EVERY single ribbon that I can picture on a card.  I love Target's pajamas that come folded and wrapped in ribbon at Christmas.  There is SO much of it!  However once I hit the skinny jeans I understand I will be getting less free ribbon on smaller jammies and I am so OK with it!  LOL  Stickles and bling from my stash.

Today will be a super sad day for me.  It is my Mom's birthday.  I lost her 6 years ago and honest to GOD it still feels like it was yesterday.  She was an amazing Mom, truly the best friend I ever had!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  I hope you are partying like a Rock Star!
Thanks for stopping by today!
See ya' soon!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Wednesday, time for another Fabolous Feature!

This week we have 2 sets!
I used the sentiment from Totally Happy.
I think the Santa from naughty. nice. not sure. probably makes everyone totally happy!!
It has been too long since I shared anything personal and this is my blog right??  LOL
Reading books makes a girl REALLY sleepy. 
Super hard plastic slides make fine pillows! 
Thin hard plastic totes are fine foot rests!
(look close at her left ankle, Sissy made her an ankle bracelet) 
We thought she *should* be very uncomfortable so we moved her right after I snapped the pictures LOL
When you are almost 5 you are still made of rubber!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Winner, Winner!!

Growing In Unity was BIG fun!!
Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments, each of them was very much appreciated!!
I had Carlee pick her favorite day Monday-Friday.  She picked Monday because it is a Mommy Day.  Awwww my sweet girl!
Then I had her pick her favorite number 1-17.  She picked 17 because it is the biggest!!
Ruby left the 17th comment on Monday so she is the winner!  I left a comment on her blog to let her know!! 
I picked this beautiful set!!
Provencial Collection - Aux Elegantes
I love the butterfly.  A girl can never have too many Unity butterflies!!  The frame is so beautiful and the card is really fun!  OK I love the whole set!  LOL
I think you should all go sign up to be the Growing In Unity person!!  Click HERE to get where you need to go over at SCS!
Thanks again for all the sweet comments!  It was a super fun week!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Growing In Unity Day 5!! AND FWF!!

Hi Peeps!  For my final GIU post I am sharing a composition notebook I altered for Monica over at Unity.
Isn't it funny you don't notice things until you see a picture?  I forgot to ink the dividers I made!  LOL  *gasp*  Oh well I mailed it un-inked LOL
Be sure to head on over to the Unity FAB. Blog and join us for FWF!  There are prizes there too! 
 I used Marah Johnson's Embracing Hope for the front.
On the back I used Faith, Hope, Love...
I have mentioned how GREAT KOM is right???  LOL
Thank you so much for all your sweet comments.  They are very much appreciated.
I'll have Carlee pick a winner on Monday for the 2 itty bitty's.
Have a great weekend!
This has been such a fun week!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Growing In Unity Day 4!!

I am posting this Wednesday night just in case I get a wild hair and go  back to bed again tomorrow LOL
naughty. nice. not sure.  LOL  I ADORE this set!  It totally cracks me up.  I love popping up some of the words in sentiments
I can't wait to use the Santa, having the mouth be a separate stamps was BRILLIANT you can make Santa's look to match the sentiment you picked!
I had an urge to paper piece and I LOVE this penguin from Creative Cuts.  I also got the card from there.  You can see it HERE.  The filigree is my favorite window card.
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Don't forget a comment gets your name entered for 2 free itty bitty's.  BIG FUN!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Fabulous Feature Wednesday!!

If you are looking for my Growing In Unity Day 3 post please click HERE
This week we are featuring an old favorite of mine!

Fall For You I love that bird but I had never used the pumpkins before. *gasp* So I introduced them to my Versamark and everyone got along just fine!  LOL
Last night when I was cutting the banners i said quit using a banner on everything in my head and glued them down  LOL
I love them!
Please head on over to our blog to see all the amazing cards my fellow chicks made.  Those girls are loaded with talent!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

Growing In Unity Day 3!!

Hi Peeps!!  I am posting a little late this morning.  Usually I get up at 5:30 and make Bryan and Morgan a lunch and do a couple of things like start laundry and unload the dishwasher and am down here for a cup of coffee and work by 6:30.  Today I decided no way I am way too tired and I jumped back into bed and slept until 9:30  LOL  Yesterday was crazy I was up at 4:30 and stayed up until midnight.
Enough of that you are here for the Unity not how tired and lazy I am  LOL
 Do you love this witch?  Halloween Greetings, Angie and Joslyn did an amazing job!  I used to dislike the faceless stamps, they are growing on me.  Plus every time I use one I giggle over what my nephew said when he was about 4 or 5.  He was looking at one of my sisters cards and he said Hey Mom, give me a pen and I'll fix this for you.  LOL  It was one of those sexy looking stamps I would love to see her with a 4 year old hand drawn face.  I would have given him the pen  LOL
I dropped that negative into the trash and mid air I thought that would be perfect for the inside and I dug it back out LOL  It was a scrap too, sometimes you just get lucky!
Don't be making fun of my coloring skills.  Instead go bug Carisa to make time for me so she can teach me how to color.  LOL
The frame is a Spellbinder one it looks like this:
It is even named Polka Dot Frame.  I was going to cut it in orange black and purple and swap out the dots but they don't cut??  Maybe I am supposed to emboss them?  But I don't know how to do that really?  Do any of you have any pointers for me?
Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Please be sure to leave a comment I get to pick a winner for 2 itty bittys!  YAHOOO!!!!
PS If you can just go back to bed one day this week, it really messing with the house cleaning and if you work from home like I do you will be a little behind, but man I feel great!  I'll bet I am not a grump today!  LOL

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Growing In Unity Day 2!!

We LOVE Uncle D!  He moved here when Carlee was almost 6 weeks old.  I remember the first day he arrived and asked if we just had the one cat [Cali gets on people, they know we have her immediately].  I said No, we have 2 but you will never see Sassy she is so shy.  About 5 minutes later Sassy was out and rubbing on him!  Even the cats love him!  LOL
I LOVE SMAK!!  I reach for my SMAK kits every time I make a page!  This one uses January's without YOU what would I DO?
 I embossed Urban Chevron in white on brown cardstock and then cut the letters using Roxy by Quickutz.  The D is popped up a little because I glued 3 D's together.
Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Don't forget at the end of the week Carlee will pick a winner from all the comments and the winner gets 2 itty bitty's of their choice!  YIPPEE!!!!!
And if you feel a shopping urge coming on after the long weekend, head on over to Unity and stock up.  These two are a MUST!   

Monday, September 3, 2012

Growing in Unity Day 1!!

I totally love being the Growing In Unity gal! 
Me + Unity = LOVE
Please be sure to leave a comment every day this week because Carlee Rae is a fantastic prize picker and it could be you that wins 2 free itty bitty stamps from Unity!!  *swoon*
I can not lie to you peeps.  I am not feeling this card!  LOL
I am so far from in the Christmas Spirit it is unreal.  I have no idea why?  Maybe it is too early for me??  LOL  The red paper the sleigh is stamped on is stardream it is so beautiful you can not even believe it.  The snow is velvet paper and this was my first and last time stamping on it.  It didn't turn out as crisp as I like it to.  I also was not sure if it would emboss well or not?  I used glossy accents and stickles all over it and it is so bling-y in real life it can make a girl drool!  LOL
Please head over to SCS and read how you can sign up to be a GIU Peep too!!  You get to pick a free stamp set and play with Unity all week long.  What could be better than that??
Thank you so much for stopping by tonight!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

hello, hello, hello!!!

 Have I ever mentioned I *LOVE* kit of the month?  Well I do.  It is such an am amazing deal and getting the kits every month makes me so happy my Peeps know when a brown envelope arrives on the porch RUN it to Mom because they make her in such a great mood!  LOL  THIS KIT seems to be my favorite!
Picture of LOVE in an INSTANT {KOM 5/12}
I have used every stamp except the crown and a few sentiments.  I can't leave it alone!!
OK, enough about KOM I could talk about it all night long but my goal here is to let you know about the world's BEST sale!!
This is our last {ippity}release.  I will very much miss the way it is, but I welcome the new way.  I ADORE Unity however we combine {ippity} and Unity will be perfect for me!
Our final release is an excellent one!  I have made some great stuff with these, but I can't show you!  LOL  I am preparing for Growing in Unity on Monday!  So you will see them all soon!
This Bundle Pack is a screamin' deal!  Instead of $44.50 it is on sale for $29.99 SCORE!!! 
 Next up, how do you feel about fall?  I always welcome it.  I sort of dread the snow but love that it is not hot as blue blazes!!  LOL
Check out the Holiday Stamps on a HUGE sale!!  $12.00 and UNDER!!  *gasp* My cart runneth over and I am not sure I can swing it.  dangit!  LOL
How about a Free itty bitty?  Free is great right?? 
If that isn't enough a 35% off coupon for your next Unity purchase.
Man I love a great Unity sale. 
OH MY GOSH!  While linking all these up I saw September's KOM!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
Picture of Kit of the Month SUBSCRIPTION -{the Vintage Touch September 2012}
I have a big thing for butterflies and keys.  I LOVE the vintage feel and the made just for you with the scissors.  CUTE!  $31.00 and this will just show up at your house every month!  SWOON!!
Thanks for stopping by today!!