We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

hello, hello, hello!!!

 Have I ever mentioned I *LOVE* kit of the month?  Well I do.  It is such an am amazing deal and getting the kits every month makes me so happy my Peeps know when a brown envelope arrives on the porch RUN it to Mom because they make her in such a great mood!  LOL  THIS KIT seems to be my favorite!
Picture of LOVE in an INSTANT {KOM 5/12}
I have used every stamp except the crown and a few sentiments.  I can't leave it alone!!
OK, enough about KOM I could talk about it all night long but my goal here is to let you know about the world's BEST sale!!
This is our last {ippity}release.  I will very much miss the way it is, but I welcome the new way.  I ADORE Unity however we combine {ippity} and Unity will be perfect for me!
Our final release is an excellent one!  I have made some great stuff with these, but I can't show you!  LOL  I am preparing for Growing in Unity on Monday!  So you will see them all soon!
This Bundle Pack is a screamin' deal!  Instead of $44.50 it is on sale for $29.99 SCORE!!! 
 Next up, how do you feel about fall?  I always welcome it.  I sort of dread the snow but love that it is not hot as blue blazes!!  LOL
Check out the Holiday Stamps on a HUGE sale!!  $12.00 and UNDER!!  *gasp* My cart runneth over and I am not sure I can swing it.  dangit!  LOL
How about a Free itty bitty?  Free is great right?? 
If that isn't enough a 35% off coupon for your next Unity purchase.
Man I love a great Unity sale. 
OH MY GOSH!  While linking all these up I saw September's KOM!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
Picture of Kit of the Month SUBSCRIPTION -{the Vintage Touch September 2012}
I have a big thing for butterflies and keys.  I LOVE the vintage feel and the made just for you with the scissors.  CUTE!  $31.00 and this will just show up at your house every month!  SWOON!!
Thanks for stopping by today!!