We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I remember 9*11*01 like it was yesterday.  It was the worst and continues to be the worst for everyone involved. 

Today I just so happened to do two totally random acts of kindness.  They didn't cost me a cent.  Truth be told if I am going to be totally honest which I always try to be, they made my life easier.  Less to take to the Good Will after the sale ended.

  Today involved 2 customers from yesterday's garage sales.  One was 7.  She wanted a particular movie and I thought Morgan might have it.  I got her Mom's number [only I got it wrong] and when Morgan found the much wanted movie I guess I decided I was on a mission.  I tracked down 2 other peeps from my Cookie Mom days 3 years ago.  They made the magic happen.  I collected all the books and all the movies and gave them all to that girl.

Then another random lady came yesterday and was up to amazing good causes.  She even called in her sister-in-law.  Today she came back with a different cause.  A new Mom decided to not give her baby up for adoption and she had nothing!  I gave her everything I was taking to the Good Will.  This lady was a Littleton Public School teacher.  We had totally discussed Carlee being a Little Person and how I should address her not being able to get on a toilet by herself.  So when she said "Can I ask you something"?  I said SURE!  assuming it was about Carlee being an LP.  She said May I just hug you?
I was so gross!  About 8 hours of sweat and bruises and dirt and water and diet coke and cupcakes [a whole other story]  This woman hugged my neck like I was a famous person.

And without sounding full of conceit and being self absorbed, that my friends is what we need to do every day.  If we could just help out in the tiniest bit every day, imagine the hugs and happiness we could create!  I did not plan ANY of it.  It just simply happened and it was PERFECT.
BTW, I made $16.00 in cash today.  A MILLION in my heart & totally worth every second!
So tomorrow, hardly even try to help just one person.  If we ALL do this things will be so much better!
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stefani said...

You are such a kind person N. :-)

NoraAnne said...

okay, i'll be right back cause I have to grab my tissues.........i'm back. This post tugs at my heart strings :) You are so right, it's the little kindnesses in the every day that count and that make the world a better place! Hugs :) and I'm glad you got something out of all of your hard work!

Unknown said...

What a kind and amazing momma you are Noelle! These are gifts that are priceless and we should all treasure these moments! Just being able to do something for someone out of the kindness of your heart is sooo worth it! A big {{hug}} and smile coming to you from Arizona dearie!