We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A prayer request for my baby!

 This is Carlee as most of you know. She turned 3 in October.  She is a Little Person.  She has the best kind of Dwarfism there is to have.  She has Achondroplasia.  She has not had a single health issue.  So when she quit eating last week I took her to the Dr.  Ears were fine, strep test was negative.  No fever, nothing.  They said sometimes with bladder issues babies will quit eating and they may not know to say that their stomach hurts.  Which is really their bladder??  So we had to get a pee sample.  I made her sit on her potty until she did it.  She screamed and cried it sucked a whole lot.  She refuses to use the potty chair.  Today the Dr called to tell me she has a urinary tract infection.    They think this also may be why she won't pee in the potty, not just because she is the most stubborn baby you will ever set your two eyes on  LOL  So she started 10 days of antibiotics tonight.  Then on the 22nd she has to go back to Children's Hospital and have an ultra sound on her kidney's followed by a VCUG.  I called my sister and completely fell apart about this.  I hate that she has been in pain and I just thought she was being stubborn.  I hate that I beg her every. damn. day. to use the potty.  She screams and cries and I never make her [except to get the sample] but I hate that I keep bugging her and she didn't know to tell me it hurts.  I hope once again she shows them that she is fine.  We used to go to a team of specialists.  We paid 5 Dr's copays plus the hospital copay every month!  They all told us how perfect she was so we quit going.  Our regular Dr. only charges us one copay and she tells us how perfect Carlee is.  :)  I do not like Children's Hospital and all and I HATE that I have to take Carlee there.  I want her kidney's to function perfectly and I want this to be nothing more that a waste of time again.
To keep this scrappy.  LOL  This is the last page of her 4th album I just finished.  She isn't even a month old here.  LOL  So by her first birthday I should have about 44 sixty page albums completed LOL  Do you see how cute she is?  With the 3 of us taking pictures of every thing she did there is lots of scrapping to do LOL

Thanks for stopping by today!  Please pray for Carlee that her kidneys are just fine.  I can't keep falling apart about this.  Like my sister said they don't give really sick babies 10 days of antibiotics at home.  All I have to do is be sure to get the next 10 days of doses in her to get this UTI fixed.  THEN I can worry about what the US and X-rays show.  I see lots of snuggle time coming up.  YIPPEE!!  That's my favorite!


Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Oh, Noelle! Don't beat yourself up over the potty things. I know as moms, that is the first thing we want to do when something goes awry with our kids, but we are human!
I will keep your sweet little Carlee in my prayers. She has a smile that melts my heart every sing time I see a photo of her. I had a deformity in one of my ureters as a baby and toddler and lived with UTI's for about 5 years! I remember going to the hospital for ultrasounds and all that jazz, but nothing really traumatizing! I ended up being a nurse, so nothing they did made me fear hospitals, doctors and everything that goes along with it!
Think positive thoughts, girl!


Kathy said...

Prayers going out for your precious Carlee! She is the cutest little 3 year old I have 3 kids and I know how hard it is when they are sick. Especially when they don't know how to communicate to you what hurts them. Don't be too hard on yourself, she'll get the potty thing when she is ready. Looking forward to more posts with her pretty little face!

And Oh My! You sure have been a busy scrapper!

Emily Leiphart said...

Noelle, Carlee is the sweetest! What a precious little girl you have! Please don't be too hard on yourself. It's hard for toddlers to communicate many things, most of all emotions and pain. I've had really bad UTIs and one kidney infection which damaged one of my kidneys so I know how much pain it can cause but the doctors say that one infection is not the end of the world. I hope that Carlee's kidneys were not affected. Your layout of Carlee as an infant is beautiful! Big hugs to you and Carlee!!!

NoraAnne said...

Oh Noelle, I just saw this post-BUG HUGS and prayers are being sent your way. I'm so sorry that you are going through this, being a mom and worrying about your children is one of the most heartwrenching feelings in the entire world. And i'm sure this is another one of those times when you are missing your mom more than ever. Give Carlee an extra hug and lots of snuggles, it will make you both feel better :)
xx, Mors

Erin said...

I hope that Carlee is feeling better! Kids are stubborn. You can't beat yourself up over it. Carlee is lucky to have such a wonderful and caring mom!

cajunsis said...

Noelle, I just saw this post, I am sick myself with the sinus ick. Poor adorable Carly! I am sorry she was sick with a bladder infection, but glad they found out. You are a supermom, but not a ESP mom - you had no idea that little tyke was sick!

Jeremy used to be MEAN when he was sick - I just thought it was his red hair showing, but he would get so mean I realized this is not my son! I took him in and he would have something very wrong like a abscessed ear!

Don't beat yourself up - you will learn her 'signs' and she will get big enough to tell you. Sending prayers up for perfect kidneys for your perfect girl. Love ya!