We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So after a year of blogging, I feel comfortable enough to share...

the ugliest card on the planet!  LOL
Sometimes things just keep going from bad to worse.  Even in the card making world.  I adore squares.  Anyone who knows me, knows this.  Well I wanted to use some crackle paint.  It had dried up so I added some water and got to painting my little heart out!  When these little gems dried the were rolled up like little new leaves.  It took a lot of glue dots [4 for each square] and glossy accents to get them flat.  I was so involved getting them to stick I some how missed how ugly the card was.  Well butterflies can fix just about anything right?  So I embossed and cut and carefully attached their little bodies so their wings could still flutter.  Then I stitched their little trails.....  Well then I wrote my sister a lovely letter, threw on the ribbon and mailed it off.  I thought at least it will make her LOL when she opens it.  LOL If you too would like to take a shot at the worlds ugliest card.  Get a card, some crackle paint, a square punch, some Basic Grey paper, some brownie AC EP, a black pen and Now & Always {ippty} stamp set and throw it all together.  LOL  If you are only interested in darling cards don't use it all at the same time!  LOL
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NoraAnne said...

I am cracking up laughing at this post! Life is better if we can make fun of ourselves! and the two little pez men just finish off the photo perfectly!
Hope your sister enjoys her letter and beautiful handmade card! ;)

cajunsis said...

I like your card! I hope your sister gives you a great big smile for effort! The letter will make her day - they are hard to come by these days. She will probably frame both of them!