We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Cropping Corner a.k.a.

my favorite place on earth! I think I started working there in 2004. I am one of the lucky few that gets to go to work and have fun all day long. Pat, the owner of Cropping Corner is way more than a boss to me. She is my go-to gal. One of my most favorite people. I call her all the time with pesky questions like "Did you know canned pumpkin is seasonal?" Or If a recipe calls for cooked chicken "How do I cook the chicken?" Or "OH MY GAWD I AM PREGNANT!" I am still not sure why I called and yelled at her when the test turned positive but I did LOL I call her for everything. She didn't choose to be my person but she has accepted the position! :-) I am 3 years behind in Morgan's album. This is back in January of 2007. She is only 9 here. Look how cute she is! She used to love going to work with me. She would draw pictures about how much she loved the Cropping Corner. She took all these pictures. Except the stickles one, they were too high to get a good shot I can remember her saying LOL She loved the punch wall. [We have over a thousand punches here at the house, that love is genetic I'm pretty sure LOL]
I had fun looking at all the old stuff we used to carry. The font is Spicy Chicken a Quickutz Revolution set. The second I saw this I fell in love with it. I could not stop talking about it. It was $199.00 and I just couldn't justify the expense. Well Bryan the best DH on earth kept hearing me talk about it. So he goes to Freeze Frame [a local scrap store that I miss SO VERY MUCH!] and tells them he would like to buy his wife "The Funky Chicken" and would they surprise her at the weekend crop we were all going too. How awesome is he? Kim and Lori however were rolling on the floor once they figured out he wanted to buy Spicy Chicken and that I was his wife. Everyone loves Bryan he is really funny even when he doesn't mean to be :-)

These flower cluster came about because last weekend I was scrappin' with my BFF Heather and she made some on her page. So I C.A.S.E.'d her. She has such great ideas and makes me life much easier with I just copy everything she does. :-) I am pretty sure all the flowers are Prima except for the metal one which a a Making Memories grommet setter I HAD to have and it is such JUNK! I couldn't even use the tools I just did it with a hammer. If only we all had the cash we have blown one bad tools..... LOL
The journaling says: "Mom's favorite place on earth! I am so lucky to love my job! You get to come with me and most days you aren't that bored!" 01-04-07
Thanks for looking! I hope you guys love your job too! :-)
What useless too have you bought and wish you hadn't? The Provo Craft Sew Mini? The Making Memories Grommet Setter? The EK Fasenator in BOTH sizes? The Basic Grey Slot tool?? I could go on and on.......

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