We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sassy the Huntress

I have the greatest cat in the world. My sister says she is a Main Coon. We got her from the Denver Dumb Friend's League. She is enormous and VERY fluffy. When we brought her home she fit in my Mom's robe pocket. Then she started to grow and get fluffy. REALLY fluffy and REALLY big. LOL

Whatever room I am in she is in, she's my girl, I am her person. When Carlee was born she just decided to love Carlee and have be her tiny person. If Carlee isn't paying attention, Sassy can knock her over with a loving head butt to pet herself. LOL

Sassafras couldn't really sit in my lap when I nursed Carlee when we first came home. It was too crowded. Sassy is REALLY hairy too. So she sat on the side table right next to us. That happened to have a fish tank on it. How convenient for her LOL She spent HOURS slapping my Mom's fish. There are also frogs that hang out on the bottom of the tank and she loves them too. She knocked over the clock several times and whatever I happened to be drinking. I finally had to move the fish tank. Now it is in the dining room on a table with another fish tank and NOTHING to knock over. There is a chair next to the table so she can sleep in the chair when she needs to rest after an hour of hunting!

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