We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Scrap Room Part 1

This is looking OUT of my room. I purged all of this stuff. I'll be making a post to swap or sell all of it soon.

This is coming into the room. I used to have a small addiction to punches. Luckily I got over that. LOL My room is on the right, Morgan's room is on the left.

This is the door where I store all my Cricut carts. That bottom shelf is jars of fibers. i have a fiber mess I need help with. I'll be posting that soon. Those 2 containers are packed full of all the wrappers of the stamps I have separated into the CD cases. One day I just might wake up and decide I want those stamps in all their original packaging again. Sadly, that's how I roll. :-)

This is behind the door. My Expression that I got as a thanks for having my baby gift from Bryan when Carlee was born. Have I mentioned how much I love this man? If not, I will now. I love him a whole bunch! See those Sizzix alphabets on the bottom shelf? I got those for $9.97 at Michael's at Christmas time. I had to stop hanging out on the Cricut Message board. Those people are such enablers LOL Man I miss them! I need to get a money tree and be active over there again LOL I have stashed my SU! mounted stamps all over the room. I am unmounting them as fast as I can so I didn't keep the 2 shelves they took up reserved for them. I just stashed them in random spots while they wait their turn to be moved into a CD case. BTW, yes that is a pink fluffy slipper and a pair of pink flip flops. This room was my bedroom THREE years ago *GASP* LOL I really need to carry the shoes upstairs and put punches in the shoe tree but I have not worn any of these shoes since before I was pregnant with Carlee. They probably don't even fit. LOL The chest of drawers is full of stuff that needs to be altered, storage containers and things like that.

This is my ribbon shelf that I just finished organizing. I had my ribbon on the rod above my desk and in the CD holder that the dollar stamps are now in. BUT I could not stand the empty rolls stuck in the middle and I didn't like guessing how much ribbon to cut off to take to my last crop. When I had all the rolls on the CD holder I knocked it over not once, or even twice but THREE times. It was maddening I tell you LOL I had it set up super wobbly on that brown table in the hall way and my My Mind's Eye paper stacks kept knocking it over when I would pull one out. The third time I left all the ribbon all over the floor for days. Carlee was in HEAVEN playing with all of it. I said ugly things to it as I lived in denial over the mess for the THIRD time LOL So I went to the thrift store in search of BIG clear glass jars so my ribbon could now be considered eye candy instead of bad names with it all over the floor LOL I don't like the piles of ribbon but those have not been used yet. I thought I might try to use up some of the ribbon already in the jars and open the new rolls as I make room. Here are some close up shots so you can see better.

This is the top shelf. Brown and Pink yumminess, my two favorite colors! The basket has all of Morgan's monkey stamps in it.

The second shelf is white, purple, blue and green.

The third shelf is printed. I need more glass containers.

The bottom shelf is more SU! that needs to be unmounted, carded ribbon that I have not sorted yet, the SU's stamps already in CD cases, my See-D's stamps that come in long CD type cases, QK stamps in metal tins and my Unity stamps in Scraponizers.

Here are the House Mouse cute as can be stamps to the left.

And Morgan's Changito stamps to the right.
So there is the first part of my room! I hope something helps you and I welcome any suggestions you might have to help me organize a little better!
Thanks for looking!


Ang said...

Awesome job girly!

cajunsis said...

You did a great job! This depresses me though - I my scrapping so darned much :-( Looking at your fancy room just makes me want to stomp... lol... Oh well, I am taking tons of pictures to scrap when I get home, right? Lovely work lady lu.