We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Scrap Room! Part 2

Here is where I work. This is the left side of my desk. I opened and dumped ALL of my tiny embellishments and sorted them by color last year. It was AWESOME and I really love it. I use things WAY more often now. See that star box lid in the back on the left? I just dump the jar into that and root through it.
This is the middle of my table. My adhesive is in the basket, my fav. pens are in the jars and my most used ink is in the tape holder.
This is the right side of my table. Those plastic shelves have all my memoriabila in the file folders by month. The basket has some punches I always reach for.This is under my table to the left. The plastic bin is all My Mind's Eye baby, girly or sister stuff that will go into Carlee's albums. Behind that is stickers and stuff by theme. In the black bag there are baby girl page kits for C's album.
The middle bin is more stickers etc, also by theme in alpha order. The next bin is my scraps sorted by color and also in alpha order.
This is the right end under the table, the rest of my scraps, more stickers, my Coluzzle templates and things like that.

Here is a bigger picture of the corner. The top shelf is pictures of people who inspire me. My Mom, my Dad, my Sister, and my Husband. The middle shelf is old books to make paper flowers and a bunch od sketches I always print. The bottom shelf has a bunch of junk and needs to be cleaned out really LOL
Here is a better picture of the clear shelves. Half of the stuff should probably be put away LOL
This is my Made By shelf. I am going to unmount these one day.... The two pieces of paper are things that make me happy. A note from my husband and one from my sister.

This is the rest of my ribbon colors.

OK, the next post will be the next wall. Thanks for looking at my little piece of heaven on earth. :-)

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Ang said...

I love the way your room is organized! I need to organize more into smaller elements. I have a ton of plastic containers which works great but it would work better if sorted by themes!