We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Please help me organize these stamps.

I was lucky enough to go shopping with my BFF and we found these KI stamps for $0.97 cents! Because of their size, I am going to treat them just like I do the dollar stamps I collect.

These are the dollar stamps that are waiting to be sorted.

This I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! In the CD cases are all my dollar stamps or even small sets divided up. All the words are with the other words, sayings are with the other says, food is with the food and flowers are with the flowers. I use them WAY more now. I used the baseball card holders for a couple of years and I never used them. Now I use them all the time. It works perfectly for me and I am not bothered even a little bit that I don't know who made what stamp. LOL

These hang in front of my above my big table where I sit most of the time. There is no order. I have no idea what is where. These are here simply because they are short LOL They fit above my jars of embellishments that are sorted by color. Bryan made me this too for my ribbon. But I decided I needed a great ribbon sort of 2010 which you will see in a future post.

These stamps are here in my My Sentiments Exactly stamp case because their cases are hard plastic and thick.

These stamps are in this bin because I have not hung them on the curtain hooks in the closet yet. Or maybe I have hung them, then used them and threw them in here instead of hanging them back up again. There is no order what so ever.

These stamps are hung on the nifty little thing my fabulous husband, Bryan made me. I made one on my own with a twist to tighten rod thing that fell down. Repeatedly. It made me shout ugly words. Repeatedly. He fixed it permanently. I love him. A lot!

These are the hooks I found to hang my stamps. I got these super cute pink ones from Target on clearance for a great price like $1.89 or something. Then one day at Savers [a local thrift store that I LOVE] I found 2 packs of bronze hooks for $1.99 and I had a 20% off coupon. What's better than cheap storage solutions? :-) However I would love to find them in plastic. The metal ones are really heavy. They are solid and too heavy for the thin rod on my desk. The rod on my desk is going to break and I think there just may be more ugly words. If you ever see any in plastic please call me and tell me where to go. If I don't have that store please buy me 50 of them and I'll paypal you and RAK you for trusting me. :-)
So, let's hear your suggestions on organizing these stamps I adore so much. All my Baby sets and Recipe sets are not mixed in with these. They are sorted elsewhere in my room which you will see in future posts. I spend an insane amount of time rifling through these sets and then end up over at the cheap stamps rack grabbing a CD case labeled cupcakes. KWIM?
How are your sets sorted? Do you just know what you are looking for? Do you waste a lot of time looking through them for one that strikes your fancy? Let's get organized! YIPPEE!!

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