We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Personality: LOVE Yours! My 2nd submission for the Unity DT call!

Hi!  Have you guys submitted anything for the Unity DT call yet?  Angela is probably buried in submissions!  I have the Unity Blog open so I can link to it and Bob Marley is singing Don't worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright..... is playing how appropriate LOL  I was in such a tizzy over submitting to this call. HA!  WHY?  Are you guys?  WHY?  It's all about the fun and the love of a stamp company.  4 of us are going to make it.  The rest of us are going to say DANG those lucky talented girls and get to admire their work.  This is my message to you......   Don't worry!   'Bout a thing, 'Cause every little thing is gonna be alright!  :)
I couldn't decide on a tag or a card for my second submission so I combined them  LOL  I started out with a tag that came in one either SMAK or KOM I think.  Unity is so generous with their gifts, I can't keep track of where things came from!  They have these tags available to purchase as well. 
10 for $2.99 Smokin' Deal!  I used 3 different stamps on the tag.  From the kit A Love Beyond Measure. [you can see the entire kit below it is FANTASTIC]  I picked that as my prize when I did Growing In Unity!   
The top part is the square postage one, then the notebook one and the personality.  I LOVE the font!  I love that the a is off kilter sort of like me.  I have been sick for a week and I feel a lot like that a  LOL
Picture of a love BEYOND MEASURE 
That heart says choose happy.  Do you love that or what?  That is from an inspired by Ang set called {...Love survives everything}
Picture of Love Survives Everything
The pink lace ribbon is by Decorative Trim
The red and brown twine is mine and available HERE.   The pink is from Doodlebug.
The brad is from My Mind's Eye Lush
The paper is from MME's Love Nest
The border punch is Martha's embossed Petals [only it does not emboss so you just get the holes and scallop border]
OK, that is it for me!  I am back to work.
Please take advantage of our Leap Day Sale!  I posted all about it last night.  You can see that HERE!
Thanks for swinging by today!   

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We are LEAPIN' Peeps!! HAPPY LEAP DAY!!!

TWENTY-NINE!!  kits are marked down UNDER $9.00! 
If that isn't enough, if you order you will get a coupon for 29% off  our {ippity}and Unity release the following week!  YIPPEE!!!!!!  How perfect is that?  Something tells me I will NEED the Unity release so I better go order LOL
The deals are amazing!!
That is just page one!  of THREE!!!
Page 2 of THREE  YIPPEE!!!!
Get over there my cart is loaded!  :)
I already own a lot of these and they are all AWESOME!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another page for my Pennant album!

Hi Guys!  This is one of the 2 things I am submitting to Unity for their DT call!
I love this Pennant album!
I REALLY love this darling baby! 
I started with my new Unity stamp Memory & a Photo!  It is HUGE!  5 3/4" wide and 4" tall.  Unity stamps are PERFECT for scrapbooking!  I embossed it and it turned out PERFECT as usual! 
Here is a close up and in case you are as nosy as me, you want to know what it says!
title: What we do all day long!
location: The chair in the l.r.
date: every day!  all day!!
notes: 116 Days!  Thank you for being the object of my obsession!!  I LOVE You!
I added a bunch of bling in all the o's and under the picture.  The middle heart is a button, the other 2 I cut out of the card in KOM 01/12 Heart and Soul. 
Carlee loved to nurse and stare at us.  I promise you she never missed a thing.  This is still true today 4 years later! {Not the nursing part LOL}
If you are a fan of tickets get on over to unity and you will not be disappointed! {that link only shows the sets with Ticket in the name!  TONS of other sets have tickets in them!  A girl can never have too many tickets!
These 3 are also from 01/12 KOM!  The clip, brad and metallic heart are from my stash. 
I also cut this heart out of the same card from that Kit Of The Month.  I LOVE that banner, this might be my favorite stamp right now and honestly I have not used  it as a card yet!  LOL  The flowers, brad and bling are also from my stash.  Clcik HERE to see the current Kit of the Month!  I LOVE it!
Last but certainly not least, I also love this little cluster of hearts from an {ippity} set Loads of Love.  I embossed it in UTEE twice, it is so fun to see UTEE melt on these hearts!  If you order Loads of Love you will have to pick a chick to do so.  I would LOVE to be your chick!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
I am sick and a little grumpy and just talking about my baby, {ippity} and Unity made me feel better! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

30% off!! 10 free sentiment stamps!! AND a $10.00 off coupon code!! AND a DT call!

Seriously if you LOVE the best stamps on the planet and you LOVE a bargain, get on over to UNITY!!!
You will not regret it!

It just keeps getting better doesn't it?
Have YOU seen THIS???
Here is my take.  I spent like a week worried sick over the mere thought of trying out for the DT.  Ask  any of my friends i can't stop talking about it to anyone who will listen. [and possibly those who won't]   WHY?  It would be like a dream come true for this kid.  I have LOVED Unity for years.  I LOVE being an {ippity} chick.  I LOVE all the peeps inside of Unity. 
I have never tried out for a DT before.
I have never used a digital stamp before.
Hundreds if not thousands of other peeps just like me are going to try out.
Here is what I decided.
I can't get on the team if I don't try.
If I don't make it what will change?  Not a thing.  I get to keep my SMAK and KOM.  I get to still be an {ippity} chick.  I still get to do everything I do every day now.  NOTHING changes!  I am so on this!  I am EXCITED!!
You should join me!  If you are using Unity or {ippity} you have a great chance of getting on the team!
Here is my favorite part:
I know this is BACKWARDS - but I am going to be UPFRONT with what I am NOT LOOKING FOR.
{please be honest with yourself when reading my thoughts below}

please don't apply if you are not up for spontaneous requests! CHECK!
please don't apply if you run on rigid schedules and numerous TIGHT deadlines.  CHECK!
please don't apply if you expect me to be months ahead of things. CHECK!
please don't apply if you only do well with a leader, we are ALL leaders on the team. CHECK!
please don't apply if you are not flexible.  CHECK!
please don't apply if you love drama. CHECK!

hee, hee.
please don't apply if you expect EVERYONE on the team to do the SAME amount of work. CHECK!
please don't apply if you ask a million questions about every request i make.
i KNOW what i want, when i want it - NOT MONTHS ahead of time.
sometimes only days.

Come join me!
If we make it we can dance on the table tops together and clink our beer bottles together!  If we don't make it we can still dance and clink and make whatever strikes our fancy anytime we want just like we do now!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Growing In Unity WINNER!!!!

Sorry guys, Carlee Rae is FOUR!  Some days she acts like a GRUMPY four year old!  LOL
Today is that day!  She flat out refused to help me.  Something about she ALREADY DID THAT!
So I got busy on my own!  I'm not any where near as cute as she is but I can console you with this I am a LOT, A WHOLE LOT less GRUMPY!  LOL
I can not believe how many comments there were!  I did a TON of punching
26 comments on Monday
25 on Tuesday
27 on Wednesday
23 on Thursday
and 31 on Friday!
I numbered them this time I thought the names would take far too long!  LOL 
I needed a bigger container, my Glimmer Box was perfect!  It is just a recycled Priority box.  It is so beautiful!  LOL  Some day I might cut it up and make cards out of it LOL  I wish you could see the shimmer!  LOL 
And the winner is Day #1, comment 21
                            FABulous! I think that will be quite a versatile stamp!
THANK YOU everyone for coming to my blog all week!  This has been BIG FUN and I appreciate all of your comments and compliments more than you know!
If you ordered and chose me as your chick an even BIGGER THANK YOU!!!
Truth be told.... we are ALL winners for loving Unity/{ippity} so much!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Winner time from the L.O.V.E. {ippity} blog hop!

Miss Carlee Rae does not do anything half way!
She picked out pretty paper!
She punched 10 out.  There were 9 entries on the hop and one more the next day! 
I wrote all the names on them. 
I forgot to leave out my fellow chicks.  You girls get Carlee's LOVE!  She absolutely did not like like pulling your names!  Truth be told I have not seen these again you are tucked away some where special to be held onto by these darling paws!  LUCKIES!! 
I swear I am going to unmount that awful pile of SU stamps just to clean up my scraproom!  LOL   Maybe I'll just put them away and use them as they are instead of leaving them out to try to make myself unmount them.  It hurts my fingers!  I do not like doing it and it took me a LONG time mounting all of them.   LOL 
These are all the toys I talked about.  They are everywhere!  Carlee is without a doubt the messiest kid I have ever met and I love her any way!  Even as I hit the floor tripping over all of them  LOL
Where Carlee goes, MY cat goes.  I've been replaced.... 
Pam you won!
Love it Noelle!!

My 'girls' and I say CONGRATS!!!!!!
Please pick 2 colors of twine
You can pick from:
thankful for YOU
Loads Of Love
All Things Are Possible
Thanks For All Things
Pain and Pride
Do What Makes You Happy
Happy Are Those
Sweet On You
"Bee" Better Together
Wise Guy
I am out of Gurnsey Gingham and Faith Begins.  I am going to order this weekend so if your heart was set on one of those please let me know and I will order it! 
Thanks for hopping with us ladies!  That was fun!
I am off to hunt Pam down and email her the list!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Growing in Unity Day FIVE! Along with Friends With flair!

Oh How I LOVE a fun FRIDAY!  :)
Today is BIG!
First, it is my sister's birthday!  I love her like no other.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLA! xoxoxoxoxoxo
Second, Growing in Unity!  The final day!  Thank you all for visiting my blog all week!  I have had a super time and I hope you were inspired by one of my cards or laughed a little more!  I am going to go follow all of your blogs and see what you are all up too VERY soon!
Third, it is Friends With Flair!   Another chance to win more stamps!  RUN!  Go link up your Unity/{ippity} project!
I LOVE Fabulous Girl!  Embossing it, coloring it and cutting is out is BIG fun!
I also love that wide ribbon more than I should!  *snicker*  It's from Michael's.  The brand is Celebrate it and it is 5 yards and 1 1/2 thick it was on clearance and I had a 20% off ribbon coupon SCORE!!!  The bling is Recollections.
You want to know what I love about this {ippity} itty bitty?  TWO sentiments!  Seriously?  You are fabulous can be used a million different ways.  The other good thing is Carla can see her birthday card on time here!  Once I mail it she can see it in real life!  LOL
Thanks so much for spending the week with me!  I've had a blast! 
Good Luck on the stamps!  Miss Carlee Rae will be picking a winner on Saturday some time!

Growing in Unity Day FOUR!

WOW!  I had no idea how much fun I would have this week.
Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and laughing at all the shenanigans that go on around here!
Today I got to watch my neighbors baby.  He is so yummy. We love him like he is ours.  We watch him every week.  Carlee and I were singing Row, Row, Row your Boat.... he scrunched up his face and burst into tears!
So please add singing to the list of things we can't do.....  LOL  If you want to hear awesome singing go buy an Adele CD LOL
Now if you want to eat some of that cookie or play with my stamps come on over, I'll even make you a sandwich  LOL
Friendship Rainbow makes me HAPPY!  Anything to do with friendship is a bonus in my book! 
I have the BEST friends.  Isn't it funny how when you are just about to crack a text, email, or call can save you?  I embossed this, shocked?  I piled on so much stickles and glossy accents it almost curled perfectly!  I bent it just a little put on a pop up dot under the exact middle of the stamps and let it dry.  The 'wave' I wanted is perfect!
It takes all I have not to slather ink over everything.  My guess is if one was asked to describe my style it would not be clean and simple.  Simple yes!  The clean throws me off.  But adding all the color made it work for me.  Clean and colorful I can do  :)
Start stalking Unity, That Ang can't stand to not have a killer sale. 
I would love to know, if you are loving the new way of ordering or if you prefer to order straight from your favorite {ippity}chick?
This is the first release I did not stock all the sets.  I'm uncomfortable   LOL
Please be honest and let me know!
Thanks for stopping by today.  You guys ROCK!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Growing in Unity Day THREE!

Hi Peeps!  How was your Valentines Day?
Mine was PERFECT!  I have to share how funny my husband is!
He is a jewelry man, he has given me so many pieces of jewelry and I always LOVE them.  He then went to buying gift cards to scrapbook stores [until they all closed] to now saying Just check out at Unity LOL  That man KNOWS what I LOVE!!
Well today for fun, he wanted to surprise me!
I can not tell you how big this cookie is!  It must be like 16 x 16!  It is the largest cookie I have EVER seen!  I find this so romantic, the gesture is so sweet.  I am not much of a cookie fan truth be told.  He knows this.  Honestly in the last 16 years I am not sure he has ever even seen me eat a cookie.  We LOVE root beer floats and ice cream in any form.  He was actually disappointed that we did not have vanilla ice-cream to put on this cookie LOL  But everyone loves a heart cookie, and with a love note??? SWOON!  {side note, the cookie is AWESOME it is so soft and so perfect I am going to demand one next year! I think I lost my ice-cream birthday cake fans and they are going to want giant yummy cookies for their birthday from now on!}
I know, I know, you want the funny part!  I HAVE to build it up so you get how funny the man I adore really is!  The girls are asking about my favorite gifts ever from him and I am finishing up getting dinner on the table.  Bryan is back in our room changing clothes so I shout down the hall... HONEY, I think this is the first food you have ever given me!    Our house is small he can hear what the girls and I are talking about.  He responds with "YOU SHOULD LOOK IN THE REFRIGERATOR"!
THAT man makes me laugh!
He makes me laugh until I cry all the time!
About 30 minutes later he was putting away the dry dishes [our dishwasher is broken and I am not talking about ME  LOL]
He asked me where the garlic press went.  [So maybe he only helps on Valentines Day LOL]  I'M KIDDING!!  He says "Where does this go?"  I say "In the drawer."  He says, "OK, I'll play your SILLY little game!  Which drawer?"
That was when I hit the floor.
Seriously our house is a total mess.  I can keep you from starving to death but you will rarely, if EVER shout THAT WAS THE BEST MEAL EVER!  You will not go home thinking, I am going to decorate like she did!!  What will happen is you will LAUGH quite possibly until you cry.  You might also fall down over a toy.  I still have bruises from a completely stellar digger I took over a princess cash register in front of Morgan's friend I had never met a couple of weeks ago! 
Now, seriously!!  If you want PERFECTION go to Unity and buy some stamps!  Get an embossing gun and some brown powder, it goes with EVERYTHING!  I'd also bet my stamps you will laugh until you cry there too! :)  I will need to be present to keep up my end of the deal.
This is the card that posted on Unity's Blog today!  So easy and so fun!  Embossing the sucker from Sucks To Get Old, is BIG FUN!  I love cutting it out and popping it up.  At the release party we had a HUGE chat with a ton of people.  Coloring came up and I acted like a coward and didn't talk.  BUT I read... like a maniac.  I made this card with Sharpies and Bic permanent markers, thanks to those ladies!  I seriously said OUTLOUD, the worst case scenario is I get to emboss more suckers!  I went to town!  I colored the sticks, the bows, and the solid stripes!  I stamped them all on printed Kraft paper!  So easy, so fast!  If you need me I'll be embossing and coloring.... if I don't like the color of the Sharpie, I'll be adding my glitter pen and fixing it!  SO MUCH FUN!!  The GOOD LUCK with that is from the {ippity} itty bitty Preggo-GOOD LUCK!
Thank you so much for stopping by and please go stamp!  You will love it!  It is even better if you buy {ippity}and emboss!  Please pick me as your chick and please come over for a slice of cookie! Most importantly, if you see my way above average husband, and his funny, love letter giant cookie givin', so DANG much fun to look at self , PLEASE tell him how much I love him!  I do not think he has ever even seen my blog! 
See you tomorrow!  Leave  comment for the chance to win 2 itty bitty's!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Growing in Unity Day TWO!

Happy Valentines Day PEEPS!
How about some of my favorite HEARTS??!!
"Bee" Better Together!
House A Home
Loads of Love 
Moon Beams and Heart Strings 
Straight From The Heart 
Your Friendship, My Cup of Tea!
THESE are just the {ippity} ones, and not all of them  LOL
Don't forget to leave a comment.  2 free itty bitty's could be yours!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Growing In Unity!!

Hi Everyone!  This week it is my turn to be the GIU girl!  YIPPEE!!!!
At the end of the week I get to pick one winner from all of this weeks comments and you get to pick 2 free itty bitty's of your choice from the Unity website!  Good Luck with THAT!  There are a TON of them!! 309 to be exact! They are all FABULOUS!!  You can pick {ippity} itty bitty's too!!  We have 16 now I think!  It might take all week to make the decision so you might want to get started now!  I have been thinking about putting all of them in my wish list and then as I collect them take them off.  That way I can just pick the top few with each order.  There isn't one I don't want and that is the only real problem!  *snicker*
I used My Kitchen To Yours and it is my FAVORITE!!  Do you see how well it embossed, so shiny and perfect!!  I cut the spoons from a QK die called Mixing Bowl and spoon.  They are cut in silver metallic paper that is why they look weird.
I have to come clean here.  I really dislike cooking.  If I didn't have a husband and kiddos I would live on salad and sandwiches.  Lucky for me I have a family so I cook.  I like it only a little better than the clean up which I also do.  What I do like is scrapbooking!  So I scrap all the recipes I try that we like.  It makes me happy to look at this while I suffer through each meal  LOL
I think I have 7 binders of recipes.  Any one new that sees my baker's rack would assume I love to cook.  HA!  So not true!
Thanks for stopping by today!  Please come by all week.  Be sure to start picking itty bitty's now so if you win it won't take a week to decide!
I would LOVE to be your {ippity} chick!
PS this recipe is so good I did a blog post on it a long time ago.  You can print it HERE.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Did you make the party?

That was my first party at Split Coast and I had a blast!
Phyllis Harris joined us and I learned something VERY cool!  She does the artwork for Highlights magazine!  Who doesn't love that magazine?  At 43 I can spend all day hunting down the hidden pictures!  I also mentioned that Miss Emma needs a CAT!  Sadly Emma and her Daddy are allergic to cats but she loves all animals so hopefully we will get a cat soon!
You can get her newest release in a bundle HERE for only $40.00!!
If you look HERE you can see her fabulous older sets and they are all on sale!  How great is that?

You can get the {ippity} release in a bundle Here as well!  Only $24.00 for 5 itty bitty's!  That is $4.80 a set!  What a screaming deal!

I think this one is my favorite!  I have already made 2 cards with it! 
Or maybe this on is my favorite.  I have made 2 cards with it and used the sucker EIGHT times  LOL  I love embossing it and cutting it out LOL 
If I had to pick one for a favorite for the Phyllis Harris release I think it would be this one.  Emma reminds me so much of Carlee and Sassy is almost as big as Brandy LOL
That is a case of paper, her favorite spot.  She has dented the lid in  LOL  Please excuse the giant mess of SU stamps that need to be unmounted and the strips of paper Carlee insists on pulling out of the trash to play with Sassy.
Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome to our L.O.V.E {ippity} Blog hop!! + The February release!!

I hope you arrived here From Jen's Blog.    Her work is AWESOME right?  If you didn't you should start from the begining at the {ippity} Blog so you don't miss anything!!  There are PRIZES!  Unity will be giving away two {ippity} itty bitty's!
Here is the deal!  You have to link up with us!  You have a week to make something involving L.O.V.E!  Not a Valentine if you don't want to!  Not an I Love you just because if you don't want to!
{Did you know i LOVE Unity/{ippity}?  It's true!
Here is my take on the challenge.
L.  letters from Liz Hicks SMAK add on they spell out love
O. ovals in the O and the obvious oval
V. I tried to look vintage.  Maybe a fail but not an epic one right?  :)
E. Emboss, [big shocker, my favorite]
The suckers are from Sucks to get Old
The saying is from Sweet On You.
I can't link you to the exact stamps, you have to pick a chick to see the {ippity} stamps.
I would LOVE to be your chick!
I am giving away a prize to a person who leaves a comment on this post sometime in the next week. 
You can pick any of the $6.00 {ippity} stamps I have in stock and not one, but two colors of your choice for 25 yards each of twine.
Please leave me a comment that you did the hop.  If you don't want to do the hop please leave me a comment that you joined the challenge and please link me to your project so I can see what you came up with.  If you don't feel like hopping, or playing leave me a comment any way.  You can still win.  You can enter as many times as you want.  I will email a list of the stamps I have in stock when Carlee Rae picks the winner! [I do NOT have this month's release in stock. I have all of the others but one] She is the one on the right with the thumbs up picture! She is a CHAMP at picking winners!
Now, it is time to hop on over to Mary's Blog! Get ready to LOVE what you see!
Thank you for joining us!