We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Growing In Unity WINNER!!!!

Sorry guys, Carlee Rae is FOUR!  Some days she acts like a GRUMPY four year old!  LOL
Today is that day!  She flat out refused to help me.  Something about she ALREADY DID THAT!
So I got busy on my own!  I'm not any where near as cute as she is but I can console you with this I am a LOT, A WHOLE LOT less GRUMPY!  LOL
I can not believe how many comments there were!  I did a TON of punching
26 comments on Monday
25 on Tuesday
27 on Wednesday
23 on Thursday
and 31 on Friday!
I numbered them this time I thought the names would take far too long!  LOL 
I needed a bigger container, my Glimmer Box was perfect!  It is just a recycled Priority box.  It is so beautiful!  LOL  Some day I might cut it up and make cards out of it LOL  I wish you could see the shimmer!  LOL 
And the winner is Day #1, comment 21
                            FABulous! I think that will be quite a versatile stamp!
THANK YOU everyone for coming to my blog all week!  This has been BIG FUN and I appreciate all of your comments and compliments more than you know!
If you ordered and chose me as your chick an even BIGGER THANK YOU!!!
Truth be told.... we are ALL winners for loving Unity/{ippity} so much!!


SHartl said...

Congrats to JenMarie! So funny how your daughter was "done with that!"!!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Congrats to Jen Marie! Sorry to hear your sweet girl has the grumps today. I had a grumpy boy last night. I told him that I think he had "Grumperoni pizza" instead of pepperoni pizza for dinner, and he got so mad he went to bed without letting me kiss him goodnight!!! Thankfully, he woke up a happy little man this morning! Hope Carlee is better tomorrow.