We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

How I organize my UNITY and an update on the GREAT cataloging project of 2011

Lots of pictures coming up!  Be sure you have a fresh drink!  :)
This is my scrap chair, Sassy keeps it warm  :) 
These are my unity wood, I love them out! 
 4 beautiful shelves of Unity *swoon*
 It starts with {ippity}these are in release order.
 This tiny section needs to be blended in I think LOL  They are add-ons to KOM or SMAK
 SMAK I keep them in date order.
 Stamp of the Week, I think I might put these will the other Itty Bitty's what do you guys do?
 This bin has the sets that have Spellbinders, I think I am going to get rid of them and mix them back in and put the dies with all the other dies.  What do you guys do?
The next shelf the first stufftainer is all the awesome singles from grab bags etc. that belong to sets I don't own, no real way to organize them and I won't catalog them either in hopes I get the whole set one day.  :)  Then I have less magazine holders than I need so I just alternate them from their sides to standing up.  The first are full sheet sets and I only separate them because I know I can't squeeze more in there if I move things around. 
 Next up is Unity in order as they will fit.  :)
Then we start with Authentique.... 
 We end with Websters Pages!
The bottom shelf is almost all Kit of the Month and then Unity single stamps and then regular itty bittys.  The co-branded ib's are with their company.  Please tell me how you organize your Unity!
Next is the cataloging of all the other brands it has been a VERY  long project!  LOL 
Here is the stack I am working on. Look how curled up the strips of post it notes are!
 Princess page is almost full!  
I store them in alpha order divided with pages from this Tag Album
 Here are two drawers open, I keep the stamps pushed up with things like a box of candles that I looked for all over for MONTHS. *gasp* I can't wait until this is finished LOL 
 Here is the completed book.  I have not decorated it or anything and I need to make permanent tabs
Sorry about the glare, in an earlier cataloging post I mentioned that I was worried the Stazon showing through would make it so I needed to ad blank paper between all the pages.  I do not have to do that back to back they work perfectly!  These pages are under 'things' how appropriate right?  LOL
 This box is the stamps that are finished but they need a tag decorated and labeled.
 This is what is left!  The photo box has stamps too big to fit into the drawers.  I guess I am going to buy Amuse DVD holders to store them.  I need them in the drawers so everything is together and easy to find.  All that I have left to do is Inkadinkado, TPC Studio and Hero Arts letters and calendar sets.  I can't wait to be finished and start on my Unity!  I know my Unity so well I thought I would save it for last.  Now I am excited because stamping all the sets separated into the catalog REALLY help you make better use of all the stamps you own.  I can't wait to see all of Unity's butterflies, tickets, owls all the food for recipes pages all together!!
So is my girl!  :)  Thanks for stopping by!
Link me up please so I can see how you organize your stamps!  Are you cataloging them??  How do YOU know what you have?


Caity Sue said...

I have been in the process of organizing mine for the last year or two. I have removed the rubber from the wood and applied a sticky adhesive to the back and put them in CD cases based on categories (floral, love, military, etc). I can get 4-6 in a CD case unless the stamps are large. It looks really good!!!
Caity Sue

A Scrap-a-Teeny Girl said...

Wow Noelle! You've got a LOT of stamps!!! I wanna come play & so does Maggie!
So well organized!!!! You rock!

Nora Anne said...

Thanks for sharing!!!! I think I am going to go with the magazine holders. My stash is not nearly as impressive as yours! LOL! So I won't have to buy a zillion files. You def need that new vinyl that Unity made :)
Luke just looked over my shoulder at the picture of Carlee and said "What the heck?!!? She is trying to be a scary monster!" LOL! She is so adorable :)

Anonymous said...


wartrol cream said...

The first are full sheet sets and I only separate them because I know I can't squeeze more in there if I move things around.

Anonymous said...

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Clean house said...

I have not decorated it or anything and I need to make permanent tabs.She is trying to be a scary monster!" LOL! She is so adorable :)

hangnail said...

Unity wood is the looking so fancy and attracting on this stuff and its structure is also well defined as simple and cheap.

Jan Garber said...

Miss your posts, Sweetie! Hope all is ok on the homefront!