We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I made my own laundry soap!

My very cool sister taught me how!
4 lbs.  $2.12

4 lbs. $2.98

4 lbs. $3.24

.97¢ x 3

It cut pretty easily.

However it broke my Cuisinart!  DANGIT! 

So I chopped up the rest of the bar, that was no fun!

Then I grated the next bar and broke the handle off my grater.  DANGIT!

The pieces seems so big.  Would they disolve in the water?

So I used the little side. 
Good Golly I grated for an hour! 
I kept dumping it in the bucket! 
Then I shook it up!
Our clothes smell like heaven on earth.
$14.19 in supplies
1 Cuisinart
1 grater
It is 8.5¢ A LOAD!!  My sister made it and gave some to her Mother in law and to me and she has a family of 4 sometimes 5 and her batch lasted her for FOUR MONTHS!   
Make it, you won't be sorry!  I promise!  Now I am going to spend all my laundry soap money on new stamps!  *wink*wink*


Cajunrose said...

I might try that someday. I made homemade liquid soap that my husband just about refuses to use because the texture strongly resembles something else. ;)

Patricia said...

Baahahaha!! I love your post! you made me LOL the whole way through! You are a hoot, Noelle!! (And not just because you own a million owl stamps! LOL!)

On a more serious note, does this soap work in the front load machines? Anyway to have more money for stamps sound good to me!!

By the way, Cajunrose made me LOL with her comment too!!!

Carisa said...

where the heck did you find the washing soda? i was looking for that everywhere for when we were using clothe diapers but then i gave up when trey had a never ending rash. *sigh* so now we're back to disposables and perhaps i should try this route to save money on laundry now that i can.

Carisa said...

although i'm concerned b/c it doesn't look that easy to do.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

You are an industrious little thing, Noelle! This post made me laugh. My question is, will it get out little boy stains x3? If it does, than I am all over it! :0)

Eyelash Enhancer said...

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