We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

NO MORE WAITING!!! We get to show the new stamps TODAY!

I am so excited I almost can't contain myself!  Here they are!  Aren't they FANTASTIC????
I already ordered and they will be on their way SOON!  As soon as I get my shipping notice I will let you all know!  You can order them anytime HERE
These flowers are going to emboss beautifully and be easy to cut out!  I can't wait!! 
I love the flower and the banner!!   
I love everything single thing about this set!  The leaves are going to be super fun to paper piece!  I am so excited! 
This will fun to paper piece too!  I already have Bryan's Father's Day card sketched out in my head! 
I saved the BEST for LAST!  I ADORE this set!  I love pennants!  How cute are they??  I ADORE the saying: You're Kind Of A Big Deal!  How totally cute is that?  I just happen to have a whole ton of peeps that really are kind of a big deal  :)

My poor mailman!  He has about a week until I tackle him in the yard for not delivering the stamps *SNICKER*  I may or may not be the reason why we have had about 7 mail carriers in the 6 years we have owned this house :)
Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you love this release as much as I do!  Please feel free to pre-order HERE.  I will update as I get my shipped notice and when they arrive and when I have shipped them all to you guys!!  :)  Thank you so much!

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