We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My new Scraprooms!

I didn't change a thing on this wall.  This is my eye candy wall.  Prima flowers make me happy.  I bought most of these when my Mom passed away.  My sister healed with paper, I healed with flowers and we did our shopping together on a road trip I will never forget!  :) 
This is my Besties spot!  She is a mess LMAO! 
This is DD Morgan's spot.  She is an even bigger mess  LMAO  :) 
This is my spot and I am the biggest mess you ever laid your eyes on!  LMAO 
This is to my left.  All the CD cases on the wooden rack are dollar stamps separated by theme.  On the white shelves are the things I am working on.  Every baby thing and every cookbook thing.  Plus some wood mounted stamps that I might not unmount.  The wooden spinner shelves are already different.  Do all of you change things so fast you can't even get a blog post finished before you 'fix' something LOL  Now, my Embossing powder is on top and the black paper holders that hold my Creative Cuts and More stuff are behind me.  Those shelves have unmounted SU, brands that come in CD cases and CD's so we can sing like we know how to carry a tune! LOL 
This is behind me.  The wood shelf is My Mind's Eye.  My most favorite paper makers EVER!  I hoard it but I use it too  LOL 
There is my Unity collection and drawers with my clear stamps that have been cataloged. 
Here is where I used to sit.It's now a catch all spot LOL  You can see two Uniquely Unity kits if you look closely!  I plan to keep cataloging here and make stuff in my new spot. 
Someone got a very nice Unity order too  :) 
Remember all those stamps that were all over the place?  Well that is no longer [except for the ones in CD cases already and unmounted stamps]  All of these need to be cataloged and filed away.  I'll never be able to finish it.  I did 6 more sets last night.  I have to keep on keeping on and don't worry, buying has stopped.  I don't care how cute they are, I can't catalog anymore LOL 
This was a BRILLIANT idea I had!  This is where my feet go.  i put this box there so as I finish with something I can just put it in there and then put it away later.  It's not working for me LOL  I just keep piling on the floor all over the table move over to the catch all table etc.  LOL  So I have to clean up every night.  It's the only way it will work for me!   
This is my other eye candy spot.  :) 
My ribbon is such a mess.  Carlee loves rolling all the rolls all over the house!  LOL  The SU sets need to be unmounted.  I can't see that happening any time soon  LOL  The clear bin is a new work project!  I am going to log all of Terry's stamps so they fit in one book by set not by subject!  So it won't take very long except those are just the SU sets that begin with A and the first part of B  LOL  That paper section will grow and grow!
Here is a better look at my ribbon mess.  I love the glass jars!  Bestie is always buying me beautiful ones she finds at the 2nd hand stores!  I hope to have enough huge jars to have all the rolls contained.  LOL 
My Cricut carts need to go, but I'm not that into it LOL  My Cricut is in the other room but I don't mind the walk, I like to pretend it is exercise LOL 
I need to hang a curtain over this mess.  It just keeps getting worse!  LOL 
Here is the paper.  Sorry the picture is so bad. 
Scraps and my sewing machine. 
A TV for Carlee to watch movies on, my Cricut and Morgan's scrap loot. 
I can't have the camera and not take her picture!  She doesn't care if she is in Jammie's and has bed head!  LOL 
The die cut station that works awesomely!  I messed it up on NSD in about 5 minutes LOL 
The paper scraps!  Working for Creative Cuts and More makes a TON of scraps LOL  We use so many of them every single time we scrap and every time I head over there they hand me more and more LOL  That beer box is totally over flowing!  I need to file it but it bores me so I thought the box isn't that ugly.  After all I ADORE Coors Light!  LOL
So there it is!  We LOVE it and have already had so much fun scrapping into wee hours of the night.  Morgan loves her own space and I love having her spend so much time in there with me!  I'm thinking about having groceries delivered and finding a mail that will work for paper so I never have to leave again!  LOL
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NoraAnne said...

OMG! Noelle, this is just incredibly awesome! I just can't believe how much STUFF you have! LOL! I thought I had a lot, but my stash pales in comparison! LOL! I love it! It's great how you use every single inch of space :) and I can imagine the laughter that comes out of that room :) I think your Prima wall is my favorite!!!!!!! We used the same method of healing, I shopped and I shopped and I scrapped and I scrapped more than I ever have in my life :) Thank you so much for the tour! I just love it and as soon as I win the lottery I will be flying in once a month for all night cropping sessions! Carlee and Luke will have a ball playing together!

Carla said...

I've seen it up close and personal, and it's awesome! When are you going to come do mine?

Jan Garber said...

Geez, let me know when you decide to have an online "yard sale". I have not seen anyone have so many goodies! It made me realize how very little I have in comparison! I forwarded this blog post to my hubby! LOL

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

WOW, Noelle! You are amazing. I wish I could come scrap in your newly organized room. I LOVE your eye candy wall!
And of course...my favorite part of your room is Carlee in her jammies with bed head. She is the cutest and makes bed head and jammies look oh, so fashionable!


Cajunrose said...

LOVE your space! I really really like your cricut cart storage..I may have to do that. I'm outgrowing my space for them!