We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Can we talk about glue please?

Last night I swear to you I almost had a fit like a 3 year old.
I am a scrapper, a card maker, I have a LOT of glue.
Now, what I expect when I squeeze a tube of glue is for it to come out and be sticky.  So I can complete my project.  That seems to me like glue's job right?
Both my glossy and my matte Glossy Accents are clogged.  Even with a needle I can't get  the glue out.  My Fabri-Tac, My Magic Scraps and my Zip Dry are clogged.  I was trying to glue chipboard back together, I just wanted a little amount of sticky in there so I could squeeze it shut and it would seal back together.   My ATG gun, foam dots, glue dots, killer tape won't work.  I needed glue. 
What type of glue do you use?
Why can't someone invent a glue dispenser that works again.  One use for all this glue is getting pricey LOL  I soaked all the lids in hot soapy water over night.  Now I'm thinking the glue will be dry at the top of the bottles and I'll have to throw it all on the trash  LOL  I might just do that any way, I am so annoyed with all this useless stuff  LOL  I used Morgan's Elmers glue and it worked perfectly BTW!  LOL
So let's talk, what type of liquid glue do you use? Can you use it again?  Or is it a huge giant mess when you try to use it again?  LOL  Is Elmer's acid free?  It's like 50 cents LOL  AND it comes out over and over and over until the bottle is empty!  :)  Bring on the back to school sales!  LOL


Carisa said...

Girlfriend, let me talk to you about glue....Helmar is ALL I USE!!! I was smiling at your clogged tips b/c I have been there and done that....Helmar has this fabulous tip that DOES NOT GET CLOGGED!!! It's like a twisty tip - the coolest glue tip I've ever see actually. In the RARE event that it does get clogged or more than likely goopy - it pops off and you just peel the glue out. It's awesome - and I use it for all our fabulous papercrafty needs! I tell you what...when you get your ippity stamps - give me a call, I'll bring over all my helmar and we'll play! :D I'm sure you'll be a helmar girl by the end of the day!!!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

I hear you about the glossy accents. Every time I go to use it I have to unclog it with a pin. My all time favorite glue is Tombow Mono. It's cheap, it never clogs, and I love that it has two ends-one for fine work and one for when you just need to spread mass glue all over the place. Oh, and it also has this wonderful citrus smell-yeah...I am a glue sniffer! LOL! That is my only glue advice to you. It is my go to glue! :)

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

I've been using the same bottle of Glossy Accents for about 3 years now. I keep an extra long straight pin tucked in the top of my rolling tote, and it takes care of that and my Fabri-Tac as well. Both of these are clogged up about every time I use them , but one stick and swirl with the straight pin and they are flowing again. I used glass headed straight pins for quilting - they are super thin and extra long. My guess is that the pin you're using might not be long enough??

I'll have to look into the helmar glue. Sounds good!


NoraAnne said...

Boy I have missed a lot here on your blog. That's what I get for barely being on the computer for 3 days! I don't have any advice for your except that someone told me to put a straight pin with a pearl at the top in the glue and leave it there and it won't get clogged. Not sure if it works or not!

Sandy O said...

I use Aleene's tacky glue as well as her other glues. It is really inexpensive and I have never had a problem with it. For a REALLY strong glue, I use e6000, it works great for just about anything.